A ride in Santa’s sleigh

ride in Santas sleigh
Pudding dreaming of going for a ride in Santa’s sleigh

I’m sure everyone has heard of the world-famous “Santa’s sleigh”.

Many people ask if they can go for a ride in Santa’s sleigh.

Well, today there was a little Pudding in it.

(And I don’t think she enjoyed going for a ride!)

Read on to find out what happened…

Pudding the Christmas cat was very busy today.  She helped Mrs Claus to put some frosting on a big batch of Christmas treats.  Then she also checked the taste to make sure it was just right!

She helped the elves to wrap up some Christmas presents.  (But she did not help with the sticky tape this time!)  She helped me to check the latest names on my ‘naughty or nice’ list.  And then she had a game of chase with Hiccup and Hurkle the North Pole mice.

After all of that, she was ready for a big snooze.  She went to the reindeer barn to find a cosy spot.  “Ah ha! That looks comfy,” she thought.

The elves had been busy checking over my sleigh.  They had given it a good wash and polish.  It was twinkly clean and shiny.

They had also plumped up my special seat cushion.  My cushion keeps me comfy every Christmas Eve.  Flying around the world is a long journey you know!

Pudding thought my special seat cushion was the perfect place for a snooze.

Pudding Goes For An Unexpected Ride In Santa’s Sleigh

What Pudding did not know was that Santa’s sleigh was about to go for a test flight!

The reindeer took it out for a short flight to check everything was working as it should.  HHHOL! Can you imagine Pudding’s surprise when she woke up?  She was flying through the air in Santa’s sleigh!

“Meow!” she cried.  “Get me down!”

Finally, the reindeer landed.  “Everything is in order,” they told the elves.  “But Santa’s cushion might need some repairs.”

Pudding had been so scared she had stuck her claws tightly into my cushion!  Never mind.  It will soon be mended and ready for the big night.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Would you like to fly in Santa’s sleigh? Would you dig your claws into my cushion? You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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59 special messages to Santa about “A ride in Santa’s sleigh”

  1. Dear Santa what will you like under the Christmas tree for you to eat and drink because I think you’ll be very hungry on the way around the world thank you so much you’re the best love you

  2. Dear Santa my sister wants to ride on your slave with you and I just think that so impossible and seasons and she’s asleep and she won’t even know that you’re there you are the best centre in the world thank you

  3. OMG! I have never heard of pudding I am sooooooo sorry! I will leave a can of wet food for you to bring to her. I am not surprised she did that! My cat storm was outside today and my mom was at home in the car and she heard a “THUMP!!!” And storm was getting on top of the car and slid down the windshield!!!

  4. Hi Santa Im Rhianna and yes i would like to ride in your sleigh i mean who wouldn’t. I would never stick my claw in your sleigh I Love you <3

  5. I would like to ride in your sleigh I would record when we ride like record the reindeer so people really see that your reindeers can fly

  6. I thing cats are cute, especially ones named Pudding!!!! Santa, I was in very much shock when I heard he was flying!!!

  7. I would want to go for a ride in Santa sleigh it would be fun I wouldn’t put a hole in his seat if my dog went she might though or my bird douse your sleigh ever have a bird land on it

  8. i like your story it is 2014 this year and is almost my birth day it is march 5 today and it will be in 3 day i hope your christmas is great i loved my christmas preasants last year love you by

  9. LOL… OMG funny! But poor pudding she must have been scared so much you should give her some christmas pudding for a little sorry gift

    ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;]


  10. I would love to ride in your slay! It would be fun to do. I love doing stuff like that (hang gliding). It would just be like another extreme sport like that!

  11. sorry ’bout that Santa. Why do kids “not like” you? Whoever said that they don’t like Santa thats called “bullying” and bullying isn’t cool so put some water on that fire so like chill,seriously. Yeah that’s right I’m sticking up for him. And whoever is reading this should too.

  12. Santa last year you said I couldn’t ride in your sleigh because of some law! And now your letting people ride in it?!?!?! That is like so not fair. And yes I’ll take that ride!

  13. Santa I love you so so so much but Santa can I pretty pretty please have a MacBook pro that is my only wish.
    love from Darcy

  14. i hate u so much because u never get me expensive toys and jewllery i hate hate hate hate hate hate YOU so much!!!

    And i am not sorry

  15. It would be nice to ride in your slay because I would help with the reindeer when you take the presents.can you get clumsy to tell me how it is to be an elf.

  16. i love you santa and you are the best.can i have your atougraph?yesterday morning i was fighting with my mom.i am sorry.please do not put me on the naghty list pplleeeaaase?

  17. Hello Santa!!! I am so excited for Christmas! My two big sisters are worshipping at the Christmas Eve service in Church. Please let them get big presents because they deserve it…….:)

  18. Oh goodness, what a suprise I hope you get it repaired before Christmas.P.S. Eeddy (my elf on the shelf)is the best I love her so much!oh and she has been in the funniest places yet.


  19. That sure is funny Santa. If pudding gets in your sleigh on Christmas Eve make sure she doesn’t fall out cause if she did she might get hurt.

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