Scout Elves are fast! Click to find out about their little secrets!

Santa scout elves
One of Santa’s scout elves?

Did you ever wonder why hardly anyone ever sees one of my scout elves?

My silly little poem about scout elves might help!  🙂

Elves are fast.
Elves are cool.
They watch all
the kids at school!

Elves are fast,
And sneaky too.
Elves are good at watching you!

Elves are quick.
They are slick.
Elves tell all to Ol’ Saint Nick!

Sherlock elf is the boss.
Did you brush?
Did you floss?

Give a hug?
Or make a fist?
Different one
Means a different list!

Yes, if you’re Naughty,
or if you’re Nice,
You’re on my List
I’ll check it twice!

Can you spot Santa’s Scout Elves?

My elves are good
at watching you!
They like to watch
all you do.
But maybe you could spot one too?

If you listen,
If you hurry,
You might see things
that are blurry!

If you look
behind a shelf,
You might catch a tiny elf.

Looking far,
Looking near,
You might see a pointy ear.

But elves are fast.
Elves are quick.
Elves are smart.
They know the tricks!

Elves are very
Hard to see
And that is why
I say to thee…

You may try
You may be keen
But I’m telling you
Scout elves won’t be seen!  🙂

Now some of my scout elves are extra sneaky.  They come right into your home before Christmas and just sit there watching you!  Of course, elves will be elves so they usually get into mischief each night.  Maybe you could share a photo of the trouble your elf got into.  I’ll bet everyone would like to see that!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Quite often my scout elves tell me they think someone might have seen them.  Have you ever seen an elf?  Do you have a photo of your scout elf doing something silly?  Scroll down to leave your message and photo for me or to see what others have written!

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51 special messages to Santa about “Scout Elves are fast! Click to find out about their little secrets!”

  1. I have seen many elves they are very fun to see and, well Hey! I just saw a cluster of elves on the top of a couch and i saw another behind a shelf! I saw another elf right here! and another and another!! The place where i saw the most is here. Such a funny spot!

  2. hi santa i have never seen one but also i am really thankful for the presents (BTW THANKS FOR THE GIFTS FROM LAST YEAR)

  3. No Santa I have. It seen an elf before in real real life and if I seen I would have tried to look only in the North Pole and online but I’m being nice try at least and can I have lol surprise kitty k O. M.g.,honeylicious o.m.g,po b.b o.m.g ,and rainbow high doll

  4. Hello Santa, we have seen shadows and sparks moving around Adri’s house. Adri noticed that a clue wasn’t in the poem. It is about the moustache and the beard. Please give us a clue about them. We have been searching for a scout elf for a very very long time. But we have not seen one yet.

    Love Tia and Adri

  5. I have seen an scout elf but I only saw it’s ear. I also did not get my camera fast enough☹️ no one believes me but I know what I saw.

  6. My name is Nevaeh I am 12 and I was in foster but my parents are working really hard to get us back. I have 2 sister Iyla and Samantha plus I am really trying to not fight with them.
    I love my family

  7. My Elf on the Shelf’s name is Elvus, & he’s really sneaky! We never saw him before, except when he comes out for Christmas. My sister Lily saw an elf spying on us before, but it was a substitute elf that lives in our attic. (PS Santa, when my stepdad was working in the attic, one of the substitute elves bit him. It was either becuause it’s a Naughty elf, or my stepdad has been Naughty himself. Either way, please fire who bit him!! & don’t assign him another home.)

  8. Dear Santa I love you very much I wish I could see you and the elf’s I like them very much do you know the wise old Elf

  9. hello santa i’m not quite sure if i was bad or good but…all i wanted to say is that i wish christmas would go faster and is i was bad i’m really sorry but if i’m nice i apreaciate the presents! and but christmas is not about the presents it’s about god love and not sometimes but fun! tell those silly scout elves i said hi! have a good day!

  10. Hello Santa Christmas is my favorite time my favorite part is seeing family and friends and talking to you Santa

  11. Santa please don’t think me making a fist is bad. I only do that when I’m in a lot of pain. Lately the pain level is ok, but I just wanted you to understand why I make little fists. Also I am not naughty when I don’t hug people nor is any little kid naughty when they do that. Some of them like me have not learned to do that.

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