The Littlest Elf, Mouse and the Elf Gym. A Santa story for you!

The Littlest Elf and the North Pole elf gym
The Littlest Elf and the elf gym

Christmas elves love their Elf Gym, even the littlest elf.  After all, it is good to play and have fun every day.  The elf gym has monkey bars and slides.  It has swinging balls and rides.  It even has tunnels, with candy cane outsides!

Yes, the elves love playing in their gym.  It is quite a sight to see!  Elves swinging like monkeys.  Elves hanging like monkeys from monkey bars.

The elves swing from one side of their gym all the way to the other side.  And then they swing back again.  They use the monkey bars to swing to a toadstool.  Then they hop to another toadstool.  And then they jump to a monkey bar!  Such silly elves!

But, there is one little elf.  Her name is Mouse.  She is just a little too small to grab the monkey bars.  The big elves are really nice.  They always help her reach the monkey bars.  But, you can tell she really wants to swing on them all by herself.

Every morning she wakes up extra early.  She wakes up before the other elves do.  She sneaks into the Elf Gym.  I am the only one who knows she sneaks in.

And every morning she practices.  She practices on the monkey bars.  Then she practices on the toadstools.  She keeps trying and trying.  But every day she falls, splat, on the ground.  And every day she just misses the next toadstool.  But every day Mouse the Elf gets just a little bit better.

Well, I had to leave the North Pole for a while.  Then I was extra busy.  I had not seen Mouse the Elf in the Elf Gym for quite some time.

The Littlest Elf succeeds!

Then, one day, the Head Elf came running to see me.  “Santa, Santa” he said, “you have to come quick.  You have to come to the Elf Gym.  You have to see Mouse”.

“Oh, no”, I thought.  “Did Mouse fall off the monkey bars?  Did she get hurt?”

But, when I got to the Elf Gym, there was Mouse.  She was swinging from monkey bar to monkey bar.  She was bouncing off the toadstools.  Why, she was the fastest little monkey bar elf in the whole gym!

She came running to me.  Then she asked me, “Did you see me Santa Claus, did you?”  I told her, “Yes, Mouse, I did!  I also know you have been waking up extra early.  Mouse, I know you have been practising every day.  I am so very, very proud of you, Mouse!”

Then Mouse said, “Santa, I am glad I kept trying.  I fell so many times.  I wanted to stop trying.  But I kept trying!  And look at what I can do now!”

All the elves were very proud of Mouse too.  That night they held a big Christmas parade for her.  Mrs. Claus made an extra special treat for Mouse too!

Mouse the Littlest Elf is still the best elf on the monkey bars.  But she still wakes up early.  And she still sneaks into the Elf Gym to practice.  And I am still the only one who knows she does it.  🙂

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Does the elf gym sound like fun?  Are you proud of the littlest elf? What things have you done that you are proud of?  You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!

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16 special messages to Santa about “The Littlest Elf, Mouse and the Elf Gym. A Santa story for you!”

  1. Hello Santa, how are you! I’m excited for Christmas and most of all I’m excited for christy my Elf to come home this year!

  2. Hi Santa this is Amy
    I like this sotre I am very porld.
    I am in second grid in high school I am very proud
    It is Christmas eve tomorrow and Christmas day tomorrow as wll

  3. Santa is going to get fit for christmas. He is going to be working on those abs. He will be up to 30 minutes on a trailmeal.

  4. dear santa
    merry chirstmas carrot apple juice milk cookie
    t shirt elf blue elves shoe blue pj red elf
    from jade merry chirstmas

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