A Christmas camel, flying reindeer and magic keys

A Christmas camel
A Christmas Camel

Have you ever heard of a Christmas camel?

Well, today Scunner the Grumpy Elf, told me all about a Christmas camel he found in Egypt.

Scunner was in Egypt looking for my magic key.

You can read his email below:

Dear Santa

Wow. What an adventure we have had in Egypt. It was a long flight but the Professor was sure that the key was still there. When we arrived we flew over these big pointed buildings and a statue of a lion with a man’s face. Birly wanted to land and take some photographs but the Professor said that we had to go much further.

So we started flying above this huge big river. I don’t know what the river was called. Glaikit said that it must be the Amazon but he’s awfy daft.

A Christmas Camel?

Anyway the SPS started bleeping like mad and the Professor told us to land. We were in the middle of a desert and there were loads of camels. Birly saw a pair of antlers in the middle of them all. We had found the reindeer that has your magic key.

I told everyone that we had to be quiet so we didn’t scare him away. So Birly, Glaikit and I started creeping across the sand. We were very quiet until I heard Glaikit starting to scream.

He had put a carrot in his back pocket to try and lure the reindeer. One of the camels had seen it and tried to take it from his pocket but had also taken a mouthful of his troosers.

The reindeer heard the commotion and took off again. The camel ran off in the different direction. We had to go after Glaikit and the camel. It took us two hours to catch him. Camel’s run awfy fast at times.

Glaikit waved to his new pal Humphrey the camel as we took off.

Speak soon Santa


I wonder where the reindeer and my key will end up next?

Santa Claus

P.S. Have you ever been bit in the bum by a camel? Are you getting worried for Scunner? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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15 special messages to Santa about “A Christmas camel, flying reindeer and magic keys”

  1. Hello Santa how are you going? Well I heard that my nan went and seen you and the reindeers! Well only 82 days til Christmas Ho Ho Ho!

  2. Well i was gonna say that you are a big help to me because i always wanna see you in like in christmas eve i cant wait to hear u say ho ho ho it always say that u are watching me because i am your friend and we always will.

  3. OW! S.O.R.E!!!Maybe ask a child to come with you to help catch him? P.S I hope Glaikit`s bottom is alright!Love Lily.

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