Christmas Countdown! 5 weeks to Christmas Eve!

Christmas Countdown!
Christmas Countdown with Santa Claus!

The Christmas Countdown continues at the North Pole!

And of course everyone at the North Pole is getting excited as the time goes by.

I’m so excited I even made up another one of my silly little Christmas rhymes.  Would you like to read it?

Just 5 weeks today?
Why it’s Christmas Eve!

Do you love Santa?
Do you believe?
And do you love Christmas,
And the gifts you receive?

Are you excited?
Just 5 weeks to go,
Til I make my big flight,
through the night and the snow!

The elves are quite busy,
preparing my sled.
Getting everything ready,
like a nose that is red

But you can come watch me
at the North Pole.
It’s quite entertaining,
I put on a show!

I have my own webcam
It is quite a treat
with toys that I make
and cookies I eat

So do please come watch me
My site is so fun,
my site is the bomb!

HHHOL and keep counting down to Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. The elves even made a fun Christmas Countdown webpage.  You can watch the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and even seconds go by until Christmas.  (And tweet to your friends about it too!)

P.P.S. Do you like doing the Christmas Countdown?  How do you do the Christmas Countdown where you live? What do you love the most about Christmas?  I love to read what you write (even if I can’t always reply to your lovely messages).

You can leave a message for me.  Or, scroll down to see what others have written!

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76 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Countdown! 5 weeks to Christmas Eve!”

  1. Dear Santa Claus See you On Christmas EVE Is on DECEMBER Sunday 12-24-17 See Than I Love, you So Much Thank you Joshua Watkins

  2. your elf is good at making toys I what dsagree I like you and miss claus because you broth funny and also good cople to grather and donner is nice

  3. I wanted to know if I am on the nice list. I relly like your hat I have the same one,For chistmas I relly love my .Do love yours like I like my’n.


  4. What i love most about Christmas is giving presents. I love to see the look on their faces when they open it! It brings warth to my heart <3<3<3<3<3<3

  5. Dear Santa Claus, I had just gotten your letter in the mail today thanks for it! I also wanted to say that you give lots of boys and girls around the world presents on Christmas Eve. You don’t really get anything in return. This is personally from me because I love you and the gifts that I receive so I keep all of your letters with me for inspiration so I hope you keep this one. MY WHOLE FAMILY SAYS THANKYOU SANTA! FOR THE JOB YOU HAVE DONE! Have a Merry Christmas
    Your Friend,
    Jack Lindsey

  6. I love Christmas it’s my favorite holiday! I love so very much because I get to spend time with my family and freinds! Christmas is the best I have an elf on the shelf too! He watches me every day he’s the best! I love santa and my elf!

  7. I love the Christmas countdown! What I like the most about Christmas is:
    1. I really like getting presents from Santa.
    2. Its God’s Birthday too!
    3. I get to hangout and spend lots of time with my family.
    4. I get to play with my toys and my cousins.

  8. Nice poem, santa! yes, Christmas is my FAV. holiday because winter starts. I LUV winter! 23 more days ’til Christmas!

  9. Hi santa,Are you really real my friends say your not but i think you are!!PS is it true you give kids coal?PPS i want an iPad mini for christmas!!!

  10. My favorite thing about Christmas besides giving presents is your blog. I wait all year just to read your blog and write things. I know your a busy man, but I love that I can write answers to your question and read them. TY Santa for having this blog.

  11. hey Santa how u doing eating cookies still me to I love cookies they’re my fav sweet and I want all the stuff from justice(I literally mean all.)

  12. Sir there is being a 12 year old girl being naughty :(.
    What a nuisance. They live some where in lindfeild and i think their street is nelson rd or maybe Tyron rd

  13. Hi Santa, Lucky the Shih Tzu from Sarnia here!
    Did u know Treasure and I could be on the road to being mommy and daddy? Treasure is possibly pregnant with our first litter of pups!!

    I’d like sleigh runners for our convertible wagon
    lots of squeaky toys made out of cloth no toys that have a plastic water bottle inside you can fill up and freeze…too dangerous for us little pups
    a warm full length winter coat and xx small booties in red
    treats: denta stix,nutri twists, milkbone dog cookies, cesar double delights
    Cesar’s fillet mingnon wet dog food
    Two pillows: one for my crate and one for my sleigh/wagon and buggy
    two extra warm blankets (same as above)

    Merry Christmas

  14. Santa,you are the best person in the world.
    I have a Christmas Joke for you and here it is,Knock,knock (who’s there) Christmas tree (Christmas tree who) The Christmas tree danced around on Christmas day.

  15. hi mumber me your my rock star you and i have the biggest night EVER!!! And remumber im going to leave you some cookies and milk and i know your fav cookies.

    ps. i saw a name exactully like my namE!!!

  16. dear santa, chrismas is fun. you are the best. i hope you got my letter. i know you are watching me. but i ben good.the other thing seaicl about chrismas is that it is jesus birthday.p.s. i love you p.p.s november 26 th at 2:58

  17. I really want a dog a Golden tretrever plz.I love you. I want an iPod too, but I want a dog more.
    I like both ,buy dog will be the best gift.oh I asked my parents and they said yes.

  18. Y’all r so cute. I love santa he so jolly. Why I’ve meet him before. He loves each and every one of you sooo very much. I’m 11. Hope y’all have a peace full 5 more weeks till the big day. Don’t forget to count your blessings on Xmas day now
    Sincerely Emily from Orlando
    P.s don’t forget to be thank ful in a couple days AND always. Some kids don’t have the opertunity to see santa or get many gifts

  19. hi Santa, watching right now Santa Claus the movie and it’s my favorite. Over the years we either gave the poem about you, The Night Before Christmas, because I can’t find it. Don’t forget my writing set with the traditional ink and that book of sermons by John Henry Cardinal Newman. All these years and I still believe and love you, I guess dressing up like you for my dad’s place of work for the town’s Christmas Light Parade for many years helped me to always believe. If you could, drop on by on December 6th to celebrate St. Nicholas Day, and fill our shoes with goodies? We celebrate it every year and also Christmas.
    Your Friend,

  20. Dear,Santa claus. how are things goimg up there in the NORTH POLE,I know what I want for Christmas. what I want is a zoomer robot dog.a book of lots of christmas stickers to put in my book. and a $100.00 wal-mart card so I can goodies with it. I love you. love from,barbara you are my number one person in the world.

  21. I wanted to stay up last night to watch my favorate christmas movie of all time,but it was 10:00 and an hour past my bedtime…I was pretty mad.please get me the movie on dvd!!! it’s called “love under the christmas table ” or something like that.

    p.s. do you,mrs.claus, and the elves watch christmas movies together in your free time?

  22. Hi Santa I cant wait to see you my mommy said she saw you at the mall yesterday and she waved but you didn’t wave back because a child was on your lap !I hope I can sit on your lap one time my mommy’s also going to see you at her work party and I might be coming to !I love you Santa clause and my mommy’s writing this by the way .Hope olive is doing well my mommy said she was born last year and I didn’t no that this is my first year using this site my mom new about it for a while now and so ya I hope ill see you soon she said 11 years or so so ya Santa im going to go and email you now bye !!


  23. So I have this really good BFF and her name is Pratiti. I want o give her a christmas gift but I do not know what to give her… Can you help me?
    P.S. She is from India.
    P.P.S. I want to give her something very big..

  24. santa i beileve in you and i hop so you give me iphone 4 , furby hat and a make up set and im angle on the top ps i love you santa

  25. I am really really excited for Christmas every day when I check to see how many days there are I do a little dance because I am so excited!!

  26. I love Christmas hint the word it has CHRIST in it so that means it shouldn’t be about santa and presents eventhough all that stuff is nice it should be about our GOD!!

  27. I love Christmas because this is the day my Christ was born! Jesus is so important to me and he wouldn’t even be mentioned if it wasn’t for this day! The music puts me in a great mood and makes me feel amazing! My favourite thing TO DO is spending time with family in a place where I belong. Coming downstairs on Christmas morning is the best childhood memory that anyone could ever have! Thanks for everything you do on Christmas, Santa!


  28. Dear Santa Claus, I love you, you are so nice. I think Rudolph should be voted to guide Santa’s sleigh on the big night. I love all your reindeer and I saw your video. you are great. I love you bye.

  29. Santa, I vote that rudolph should like cookies and milk. If he disappoints me I will forgive him because I know that it’s the right thing to do. For my love for you I will give you a new kind of milk. Chocolate milk.

  30. but i have one question shouldnt rudolph guide your sleigh because he nose is so bright and its like a flashlight so you can see during the night on christmas eve?

  31. i am so excited i cant wait to make my ginger bread house and make you cookkies i am so thankful that you give me presents and my parents give me presents to !!

  32. hi santa ! its me chloe!from glasgow in scotland. just what to know if that i am on the nice list because, i have been trying to be good and nice to my family and friends, even in school ! i think your elfs might know that ! just what to know , because i have tryed very hard even ask my mum and dad ! so i just what to know . thank you for reading this and i hope i hear from you soon bye ! xxx

  33. Santa I am so happy everyone at the north pole is working hard so you can deliver them the rudolph should guide your sliegh

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