Christmas Pudding Reindeer Rolling!

Reindeer rolling after a Christmas pudding!
Reindeer rolling after a Christmas pudding!

Welcome friends for another year of the Santa Claus Christmas Blog!

Today was the first day of the Reindeer Games.  The Games are going to be a little different this year.  The reindeer have been learning about strange sports from around the world.  Rudolph learned about a sport in England called ‘cheese rolling’.  A big round cheese rolls down a steep hill and people chase after it.  They try to catch the cheese but it rolls very fast.  Most of the people fall over!  In the Reindeer Games it is going to be ‘Christmas pudding rolling’.

All of the reindeer climbed to the top of a snowy hill. The Christmas pudding started to roll. All of the reindeer chased after it. The pudding rolled faster and faster. Rudolph ran REALLY fast and made a dive for the pudding. He landed on top of it. HOORAY! But wait … the pudding did not stop. It kept on rolling. Rudolph was now rolling with it!

“HELP!” cried Rudolph. “I can’t stop!”

The other reindeer were now chasing after a Rudolph pudding!  Dancer ran faster and faster.  She dived on the Rudolph pudding.  She caught it.  HOORAY!  But uh-oh … it did not stop.  It was still rolling.  It was now a Rudolph and Dancer pudding!

“HELP!” cried Rudolph and Dancer. “We can’t stop!”

“We’re coming” called the others.  They all made a dive for the Rudolph and Dancer pudding.  THUMP!  They all landed in a big bundle on top of it.  Would the pudding now stop?  Yes!  It was too lumpy to keep going!

“Phew!” said Rudolph.  “We’ve stopped.”

What Kind Of Christmas Pudding Is This?

The reindeer all burst out laughing.  “I thought this was meant to be Christmas pudding rolling,” said Dancer, “not ‘reindeer rolling’!”

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you like Christmas pudding? Which Christmas food would you run fast to catch? You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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  1. ihpaul good man at home on my lap top
    5079 steert life side house it year
    for Christmas eve
    heare talk to you santa claus
    the elf on the shelf 2
    pet reindeer

  2. My elf on the shelf is being noughty. I was woundering if you could do Enything about it. I sent you a letter and you didn’t answer back I thought that you might have been busy so I sent you a nother note the next day and I found it in the garbage when I woke up in the morning
    And I left some food out for the elves to eat but they put it al over the table my mom did not après heater it. And I have dogs but I am afraid that they will tuch the elf on ax advent plus my mom had to tuch my elf to get him out will she be ok I don’t want her to not like me. And did you know that your one of the best gift givers in the world. I hope that Rudolph will not get sick for Christmas couse that would be bad ALSo ray of the other randeer.

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