Christmas Eve is tonight!

Christmas Eve is tonight!!  Christmas Eve is tonight!!  My calendar says Christmas Eve is tonight!

Oh no!  I am not ready yet!  Where are my warm red Santa undies?  Where is my red Santa suit?  Why are my warm red Santa undies and my red Santa suit hanging in a Christmas tree?

And why did someone put my sleigh in my bathroom?

Why are the elves laughing?  Why is Mrs. Claus laughing?  Why are the reindeer laughing?

Oh, those silly elves!  I think they played a trick on me again.  🙂

Christmas Eve is not tonight.

But Christmas Eve is just one month away tonight!  That is just 30 sleeps!

Just one month from tonight the reindeer and I will be flying to your house to bring presents!  One month is not long at all.  I do not know if I can wait that long.  Can you?

Should I tell you what you might be getting for Christmas this year?  Well, this Christmas I think you will be getting…

Oh, sorry.  The elves say I can not tell you yet.  I guess we will have to wait until Christmas morning now!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

That is ok.  I like surprises.   They are fun.  Even if they are silly surprises like thinking today was Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!  (well, sort of  🙂 )

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you like Christmas surprises?  Has anyone ever put your red Santa undies in a Christmas tree?  (You can leave a message for me by clicking here.  Or, scroll down to see what other people wrote!)

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79 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Eve is tonight!”

  1. Santa I love you and Rudolf ohhhh i cant wait for Christmas to come only 15 more sleeps omg help santa instead on stopping time make it go faster then stop it on Christmas eve
    I love you loads tell rudolf I love him to
    xxxx love sophie

  2. hi santa you are the best guy EVER you are the best i love you rock 2 things rock on and rock-n-roll rock on boy

    do not get hurt in any way when you are dilivering present and dont get stuck please send me a video

    reagan brooks

  3. yes i love christmas just as much as you do and i hope to see you on christmas eve.well i cant i will be asleep o well.i hope you forgave every one after that trick.well see you in 85 sleeps


  4. ok so santa i thought one year i was like 4 years old and i though chrimas was weird but now i dont becuz my brother dosent think ur real and he called u a name andi cant say it insells u ask me but im lisning to my prens and they say that u r still real and my mommy is 38 and my daddy is 40 and i told my brother u were real cuz iu gave my daddy suff for chrimas last year and i said do u think that dad would buy him self stuff for chrimas and he said yes but i said no he wouldet so did myt dad on chrismas he was supriesed to see u gave him stuff and he was happy :)!!

  5. please elves tell saNTA THAT HE SHOULD BE VERY PROUD OF ME



  6. i think u should believe in santa the ones who dont believe and say that santas fat when he loves to eat alot of cookies and drink alot of dont
    say bad things about santa cuz i will be very sad and so will santa.santa is the best and nicest guy on the earth at the north pole and in the whole wide world.


  8. dear santa on christmas eve can you give mr a reindeers hoff print. my dog chico wonts yo see you really bad. well im going to leave you milk and cookies on christmas eve. when you come to my hous can you read the letter i wrote you love franche

  9. Well, Santa-like you said on your e-mail, I’m on the santa blog. I’m a tad nervous about the blogging.

    Well, I have to go Santa!

    See you on Christmas Eve!


  10. no I have not had that done, but I have ahd my sister eat your cookies on Christmas Eve! LOl! But I still know you existed… it was just deep down in my heart and my gut.

  11. santa your so silly the elves get so worked up about christmas coming soon that they decided to pull a prank on you can’t wait for christmas Jaclyn Renee Tiller

  12. i cant wait until christmas day because you get all the nice big presents i hope you get what you want santa.

  13. no i can not wait at all i always excited about crhistmas i hope this year we remember to sprinkle our magic dust outside so the raindeer know were to land see you in 25 more sleeps ps do you whant plain milk chocolet or strawberrie milk love ‘annalyssa

  14. Thats so funny! What silly elfs. Well dont get to caught up because Christmas is still a far way to go. This Tuesday I can finally eat a chocolate from my Advent Calendar. I’ve been looking at it for a week waiting to taste the yummy chocolate. You proboly feel the same way waiting to eat all those yummy cookies. 🙂

  15. You are sooo silly santa but wee all love you exeped the silly people that dont believe in you they think that there mums and dads buy the gifts and just wrap them up then there children are in there bed but that is not true beabuse you are real and you are funny and so are the elves.. we all love you

  16. Hey Santa I love Christmas allot the lights are pretty and the songs and decorations just pretty much EVERYTHING about it is good well I hope you have a good nights sleep,
    Love Sarah,

  17. Santa I really really love Christmas You are so sweet, I like how you put ho ho ho in red and a Smiley face, well bye!!!
    sincerly, Sarah,

  18. please santa please get me a wii

    Reply from the Elves:

    The best way to make sure your wishes get into Santa’s book is to email Santa. They go straight in that way! If you put them on this blog then someone might forget to add them 🙁

    Merry Christmas!

    The Elves

    P.S. Thank you for saying the magic word. 🙂

  19. Oh Santa!!! You jolly old man!!! I am so excited for Christmas!! Some of my friends sadly don’t believe in you but I know that you are real because you have given me the best gifts ever!!! I love you!!! Oh and you should watch the Santa Claus movie!! IT is good and it shows that you are real!!

  20. Yes, Christmas Eve is in 30 days.It is on December the 24th.And yes I still love Surprises from Santa Claus even thou I am 34 years old now.I still believe in Santa Claus too even thou I am 34 years old and getting married in 2010. I Love You Santa Claus,
    Rebecca Alford

  21. Santa~ I am so excited about christmas this year. We already have everything decorated and the tree up and stockings hung. I am really looking forward to seeing you on christmas eve!Love Shelby

  22. i wrote a song for you and everyone at the north pole!!! Angels are singing,Christmas bells are ringing. Christmas is here! spread the holiday cheer! December 25, is a day to prayyyyy! to God and say thankyou for santa and his sleigh!!

  23. I really really need a PC oh you know that mini computer that you can fit in your desk well I just really need one and just saying that if you don’t get me one well I guess that would be ok!!

  24. santa santa santa how oculd you get tricked by those elvesand mrs.clause i think for christams i should play a trick on you and say that i have stale cookies but they are really fine!!! wait now i cant because i just told you noooooooooooo!!!

  25. how many reindeer do you have in all? How do you fly all the way around the world in one night? How many elves are there? Do you have any other pets? How long does it take to pack your bag?

  26. santa the stalker is mean his name starts with a b thats all he has told me he txts me all the time and calls and emails me i am afraid

    Reply from Santa:

    hapy – do not delete the txts or emails. Then call the police. They take these matters very seriously and are there to help you.


  27. That is so funny just get a mini calander and keep it in your pocket so they cant trick you,so if they trick you and say that on the night of christmas eve is tomorow you wont be fooled,

    You are very smart i know it

  28. Hehe naughty elves! 😛
    I’m so excited about Christmas!
    Can you make something in your blog about which reindeer are boys and which ones are girls? I know Vixen must be a girl because vixen means female fox or some people in the medieval times would call girls a vixen. For example “You little vixen!” 😛

    But I’d love to know which other reindeer are boys or girls. 😛

  29. Nope i cant wait!!
    I miss everyone in the Northpole!!
    Christmas is the best time of the year!!
    It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and i have already started decorating!!!
    I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! Especially decorating… oh and did i mention i also love the messes the elves leave for me!!

  30. you are so silly santa you thought tonight was christmas eve!i hope you are not inbarrest i hope you have a nice month making toys for boys and girls well for nice ones that is!!!well other than that have a merry christmas well today is not chrismas in 30 days it will and i well my brother and mommy will leave you a yummy snack!!!

  31. i want to have gone on a sleigh i never got to see my dad in new york but now i have another dad and i’m happy about it

  32. hi santa i heard about the elf’s that played a trick i swear i had nothing to do with it today i thought november was over but i have to sleep 5 more times for it to be december and then i have to sleep 30 more times !!! well i will have to wait

  33. You are so silly Santa. I can’t believe that you fell into the elves and Mrs. Claus playing a trick on you. I am super excited for Christmas this year! I love surprises too! I always get butterflies in my stomach before I get surprises. Ha Ha Ha. I can’t wait to send you an email later when it gets closer to Christmas. I will also write a letter to you again this year. So I hope to hear from you soon!

    Love, Brianna

  34. 안녕하세요
    저 인형이랑 음식이랑 지갑 갖고싶어요
    전 한국에서 살고요
    주소는 비~밀~

  35. I didnt know Santa Claus what THAT easy to trick! 😀 Those elves and reindeer are just seem like to much fun! And I CANT wait! It seems like Christmas is 1000 days away!

    Merry Christmas!


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