Christmas Olympics – Day 7 – Dancer’s Big Day

This is Santa Claus, reporting to you live from Day 7 of the Reindeer Games Olympics!

Did you know horses take part in the human Olympics?  They do a sport called dressage.  You say it “DRESS-aaaage” (it rhymes with massage).  It is just like ballet for horses!

Dancer wanted to do it too.  He wanted to win a gold medal.  Today was his big day.

Lots of people ride horses.  Disabled people ride too.

Did you know that some people ride reindeer?  They are very lucky people.  A disabled elf rode Dancer today.  He was a very good rider.  Dancer was sure they could win a gold medal.

Dancer knew what he had to do.  He knew every step.  Dancer thought he knew better than his rider!

The crowd cheered them on.  The judge watched closely.  Then Dancer got nervous.

Oh no!  He forgot what to do!  But his rider did not forget.  He showed Dancer the way. Phew!

Dancer and his rider made a great team. Dancer did his very best ballet steps. His rider made sure he knew the way. What a splendid performance.

Dancer’s rider gave him a big hug and a carrot at the end. Dancer felt very proud. It felt good to be part of a team.

“A hug is better than a gold medal,” he thought.  He gave his rider a big reindeer lick … SHLURP!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.    Sport is for everyone. Do you know any other sports disabled people play? Do you think a hug is better than a gold medal?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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30 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Olympics – Day 7 – Dancer’s Big Day”

  1. Hi elves and Mr.and Mrs.Claus. I hope everything is going to be safe in the North Pole and on Santa’s trip around the world. I wished I could see Santa but I will be asleep like I’m supposed to be. 🙂 I hope Mr. and Mrs. Claus have a great Christmas, and the elves too. Merry Christmas! 😀

  2. What about wheel chair basketball. And yes a hug is always better than a title belt (wrestling) or trophy or medal especially when its from someone you love.

  3. i love you i hope you will have a great christmas just like iwill. thankyou for all my gifts even though they are not here yet but i bet they will be great just like you are and will always be like that santa your quite a gentle man are your raindeers well fed you might w ant to hold down on the sugerplums my freind so you can fit into the reese.

  4. I love every single reindeer in the world! Even if they get rained on. I have a baby doll that is dressed up just like you Santa but it is a girl. Her name is Rosette but I might change her name to Mrs. Clause. I love you santa and tell your wife that I love her too! I got a Christmas story that is only about elves and I only saw you once. xoxo

  5. disabled people also play basket-ball!They do it in wheel-chairs!
    P.S. i saw you today at the mall!!!!!!!!
    I love you santa,

  6. i love you elfs you are the best workers and i have an elf on the shelf i have two of tem thier names are Samantha and Samul

  7. Sport is not just for normal people,it is also for the disabled people and dancer is not only proud of his self,I am too!

  8. Hi Santa when you go in to some ones house do there dogs bark at you because i got a new dog this year and he barks at everyone

  9. I think it is far than just having normal people play because that preson could of had been very good at any sport and it takes sport to a new level so I em going to sit in this spot and say more disabled people in sports

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