Santa’s Other Reindeer – read about these silly reindeer here!

Daisy and Rosie - two of Santas other reindeer
Daisy and Rosie, two of Santa’s other reindeer

Did you know I have lots of reindeer that do not pull the sleigh?  Some people call them “Santa’s other reindeer”.

Well, today we had the first reindeer games tryouts.  There were many reindeer.  But, I can only use 9 special reindeer to pull my sleigh. Continue reading “Santa’s Other Reindeer – read about these silly reindeer here!”

Christmas Quiz

Christmas Quiz
The elves made a Christmas Quiz just for you!

I love quizzes. I love Christmas quizzes most of all. The elves are always asking me Christmas questions. There is only one problem. I am Santa Claus. I know everything about Christmas. So, the elves had an idea. They want to ask you some questions in their special Christmas Quiz. Continue reading “Christmas Quiz”

Fun Family Christmas Games

Fun Family Christmas Games
Fun Family Christmas Games! Santa Claus and elves decorating gingerbread men

Fun Family Christmas games are so… well, FUN!  Do you know what else is fun and exciting?  Christmas!

I am so excited.  Christmas will be here soon.  We love Christmas at the North Pole.  We love it so much that we have lots of parties.  At parties, we play lots of fun Family Christmas games.  Would you like to hear about some of our fun Family Christmas games? Continue reading “Fun Family Christmas Games”

Christmas Cookies Reindeer Games!

Santa with gingerbread cookie. Santa loves Christmas cookies too!
Santa loves Christmas cookies too!

The Reindeer Games turned into adventure games today.

It was Cupid’s idea.  She really wanted to try bungee jumping.  Her idea was called “Cupid’s Christmas Cookie Challenge”.

Continue reading “Christmas Cookies Reindeer Games!”

A new Christmas Game – Reindeer snowball shinty!

new Christmas Game - Reindeer snowball shinty
A New Christmas Game – Reindeer Snowball Shinty!

The reindeer invented and played a new reindeer Christmas game called “snowball shinty” today.  Blitzen had learned all about it in a book about Scottish sport.  It is a little bit like hockey played on grass.  The players have a stick and they hit a hard ball.

Blitzen thought he could create a brand new Christmas game using some things we have at the North Pole.  The reindeer could use big candy canes as hockey sticks and a Christmas tree bauble as a ball.  They tried using a snowball for a ball, but well, you can imagine how that turned out!  The first time one of the reindeer hit the snowball, it went SPLAT!  HHHOL! Continue reading “A new Christmas Game – Reindeer snowball shinty!”

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