Email from an elf – Santa’s grumpy elf sends an email

email from an elf
Email from an elf at Buckingham Palace

An email from an elf.

I love reading and writing emails to children.  I never thought I would look forward to reading an email from an elf!

Scunner, my grumpy elf, sent me another email.  He’s trying to find my lost magic key.

Keep reading to see his email from an elf…

An Email From An Elf

Dear Santa

We got to London. Jing’s I’d forgotten how big it is. The city looks beautiful. There are Christmas lights everywhere.

When I brought Birly here in the summer she had wanted to see Buckingham Palace.

So we flew past Big Ben and over Tower Bridge we headed towards Buckingham Palace. It was very early in the morning and was very quiet. But I know that there are soldiers and everything keeping guard. So we had to be careful.

I asked Birly to drop us off and hover above us in the clouds. Glaikit and I went looking for the key.

We looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. Then Glaikit, he’s awfy daft, whispered.

‘I see something Scunner’

The next thing I knew he was holding up a bright red rubber ball.

‘Does that look like a key?’ I asked him and he smiled and giggled.

‘Naw, but listen.’ He shook the ball and it made a jingling sound.

Before I could tell him to be quiet this wee dog came running towards us. It looked a wee bit like a fat fox from the front.

‘Put the ball down Glaikit.’ But it was too late. The wee dog had heard the noise and was heading right for us. It was one of the Royal Corgis.

I took the ball from him and threw it as far away as I could. It was no use. The corgi was still chasing us.

Birly must have seen what had happened because she came swooping down from the sky. Glaikit and I ran towards the sleigh but the Corgi managed to get hold of the bottom of my troosers.

Tumshie started galloping and then climbing and as we took off my troosers were ripped away.

The last thing I saw was the wee Corgi shaking and playing with them.

Thankfully I had packed three extra pairs. So, I’ll be fine. We’re going to Paris next.

PS Can you ask the children of ideas where we can look in Paris? Ask if any of them have been there?

Santa Is Worried About His Elf

I am still worried because I know how big London is. I do hope that he finds the key. What will be in my next email from an elf?

Santa Claus

P.S. Have you ever been to London or Paris?  Where would you look? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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74 special messages to Santa about “Email from an elf – Santa’s grumpy elf sends an email”

  1. I want a elf on the shelf pls

    Merry Christmas Jeffy!
    YOu never know when an elf might pop by! Keep an eye out for some elfish mischief!

  2. dear santa clus december 5god special friends they are going toobee sinnning some christmas carols at the lutheran home in arlington heights your friend andy

  3. Dear santas elfs I sure can not wait intel christmas this year and also for santa to come too my house. What I really want for christmas this year from santa this year is a dog. Because I really love dogs so much! and I would also want a cat too and also a ginnie pig. Please make sure to ask santa too see if he can get me one of those for christmas this year so he can come too see me too give me a visit at my house later on on christmas eve later on dering christmas eve night. But we need to get threw thanksgiving first then we can talk about that what eles that I would like for christmas from santa this year as well. merry Christmas & thanksgiving at the both very same time and a happy new year. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. hi santa just wanted to wish you a merry christmas from me. but instead it is christmas in july. merry christmas in july!

  5. Dear Santa,
    We hope you are not to tired from all the extra work you have.
    Could you please email us the elf on the shelf’s email address.
    Thank you for taking the time for us.

    Thank you
    Stanley and Nancy xx

  6. Hi. Santa. Cauls. On. Fire. Truck. From. Nicole. CatAldi. Santa. Cauls. Be. Good. Nicole. CatAldi. Santa. Cauls. Where. Are. You at. Right. Now. Wedding. Ring. A. Rdieo. Disney. T. Shirt. Disney. Watch. For. Christmas. For. Nicole c. Santa. Cauls. Be. Good. You. For. You. From. Nicole. C. Sam. Street. 15. My. House. Santacauls. On. Truck. Stop. Buy Fire. From. Nicole. C. Be. Good. Santa. Cauls. From. Nicole. C.

  7. Hi. Santa. Cauls. Be. Good. From. Nicole. To. Santa. Cauls. Wedding. Ring. Rdieo. Disney. Watch. Christmas. Necklaces. Disney. Watch. For. Christmas. For. Nicole. C. Disney. T. Shirts. Disney. Hats. Disney. Back. Bag

  8. Hi. Santa. Cauls. Be. Good. From. Nicole. Santa. Cauls. On. The. Truck. Where. Your. Do. At. Santa. Cauls. A. Picters. With. You. From. Nicole. C. Santa. Cauls. Be. Good. You. For. Christmas. Wedding. Ring. For. Christmas. A. Rdieo. A. Disney. Watch. For. Nicole. Me. Necklaces. Disney. Jhon. Cena. Santa. Cauls. For. Christmas. For. Nicole. C.

  9. Dear scoot I would like to meet that sometime can you please come and hang it anywhere on my desk or on my clock in my room when it’s time for my Nerf guns you can take my Nerf guns of or I will leave one on the floor and you can hold it when I wake up

  10. hello thre sant and your elfs myranda has misbehaved in school so many times and her mom said for me to send you a email about myranda okay santa and your elives

  11. dear stnick as santa clus how do you come here on december 5 your friend andy and my shoe iwouldlike abag ouf mickey mouse popcorn and amickey mouse prttzel and iwillleave you some fugee

  12. merry Christmas *̣̥☆·͙̥❄‧̩̥࿌ིྀ྇˟͙☃️˟͙࿌ིྀ྇‧̩̥❄·͙̥̣☆*̣̥ says:

    No he’s not happy with you telling him tlsVanessa ok /::::/ : / s 1 jdjb

  13. dear elf on the shelf tell santa clus that andy says it is ok tootake some doritos chips tooput into kids stockings your friend andy

  14. Hihihi i❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚾️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️

  15. Hi Santa for Christmas can you please tell Alistier that kadence acted if he loves me and tell ethen on my hockey team that kadence on your hockey team seaid do you love me

  16. Hi Santa my sister and I were wondering what your elves email address was so we can tell you if we have been good or bad please have a GREAT Christmas
    From Mia and Lilah

    Also what is your email address please

  17. Dear,jingles the elf,hi jinks i really miss you i am still proud of you for getting elf of the year.

  18. Hi Santa I did not know that frosty my elf on the shelf was a boy thank you for telling me that! I always thought he was a girl so we named her frosty. But I still love frosty the way he is . Tell him that I can’t wait to see him do more and more funny things !! Thanks SantaXoxo Alexis

  19. Hey everybody of Christmas. I wish that I could get a real werewolf boyfriend. Or real werewolf blood 217LB. But it’s seems that everyone is busy. Doesn’t have time to chat with me. So anyway I should let ya go. I really don’t have any real friends. Only one friend. & her name is heather. Is & she is deaf. But we haven’t chatted all at much. But I do wish that my dreams could come true. Ya have a real marry Christmas.

  20. I have been to London and Paris in Paris I would look Arch Di Triomph. And in London I would look at Kennsington Palace.

  21. I still believe in you although I am 14 and I get bullied at school because I believe in you and the others in my school don`t believe in you anymore.

  22. Hi Santa this year I want twilight saga anything and a wedding set a tux for ken and anything else that you would like to get me its ok if you don’t get me everything I want love you . Xoxoxo Keely

  23. I think you should not look but ask for people if they have seen a key. Since there so much people in London there must be so many people that saw it.

  24. Dear Santa Clause,
    Let me tell you how extra good I’ve been this year. I went to the breakfast with Santa and helped out through the whole thing and I’ve been extra kind this year to every one. I’ve made four friends through out the summer. And I’ve made presents for my whole family my mom bigsarah dad and my brother and sister. I love my family. My freind the lunch lady got me a present and I’m doing the same to her.
    Love you Santa.
    Your favorite angel. Allie

  25. Hey Santa I was wondering if you could get me a iPhone 6 Plus I have a iPhone 5s now but it’s not working so well and I have elf on the shelf named Mimi but the upgrades for the phones there’s only two and my sister is planing on getting a phone and me and my mom and my sister is getting my mom a new phone for Christmas and it’s ok if you can’t do anything for my wish but do what you can.

  26. Hi Santa you know I don’t know how to thank you muck more because what you have don’t to everyone in the world. you’re nice enough to give people presents! It’s fair when you don’t give people presents because they know now to not do the bad stuff! Thank you santa!

  27. Hi clumsy can you tell Santa that please could we have an elf on the shelf also I’ve been very good Santa said that I’m on his nice list

  28. Dear Santa, How you been up at the northpole. It has been cold up here ,but not as cold as up there. For Christmas I wan’t a chocolate pen, shimmer ‘n sparkal, easy bake oven, zoomer kitty, my friend cala, quick cups, spiral spin, clever keet, icecream maker, lava lamp, chubby puppies, speed cups, and led pencils for school. Can my elf bring me a girl elf just like mine. Thank you for everything when Christmas comes. P.S. I love your elves.

  29. ok i love you but rudolph and santa are my fav srry but i love all u i am even doing a report on you and am proud i will always believe and i do so thx and love you
    yours truly,
    santa believer1 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  30. ok i love you but rudolph and santa are my fav srry but i love all u i am even doing a report on you and others dont believe i do i truly do and am proud i will always believe and i do so thx and your number is 9512623062 thx for it and love you ps k blundell is no elf and is this you
    yours truly,
    santa believer1

  31. Sawaddee ka,Santa
    My name sirikorn , nickname ae . I was Thailand. Not good at English May write to Santa wrong and do not understand. I must apologize
    I know the web from the man I loved most . Simon Vézina He lives in Quebec, Canada.
    He said that Christmas is a day to be happy, and it is an important tradition of his.
    make I think that Christmas Day. And I miss him .
    I wish my love sent passed on Christmas Day. give To you. I just wanted to say I love you very Simon Vézina. Although we are not the same pair. But I will love you forever my breath.
    thank you ka santa

  32. Paris try the museum Louvre or maybe the eiffel tower. Tell Scunner I hope he finds the key soon. By the way tell him to try France. It may of fell out when going past France to Italy.

  33. My uncle told me he met Scunner the grumpy Elf once and how he is a clever wee Elf and that he will find your key.

    Try not to worry Santa.

    Im scottish and we don’t give up

  34. Hi,Santa just wanting to say hi and hoping
    I’m on the nice list!Also I talked with elf Benson.please right back.thank you Hattie.

  35. I have been to to London and Paris and I say that you should look at the Harry potter studio In London. And of you look in Paris the elffle tower. Carly

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