Santa Trackers Needed!

Wow!  Have we been busy!

Mrs. Claus was busy at the North Pole.  The Christmas elves were busy at my Santa Claus Workshop.  The elves at the Nawdy N. Nice Elf Detective agency were busy checking who was being naughty and nice.  The reindeer were busy at the reindeer barn with their reindeer games.  And I was just plain busy everywhere!

I was so busy I think I forgot everywhere I went to.  So I need your help!

There are many Santa Spotters around.  A Santa Tracker I really like is the one the elves made for me at  The Santa Tracker is new!  You can tell where I am any time of the year using it.  On Christmas Eve, you can even tune in as I tweet back and forth with Elf Control!  The new Christmas Eve Santa Tracker works a bit like my “Santa Tweets” page.

But, we need your help.  I need everyone to send me a message to let me know where you saw me and what I was doing.  That way we can check to see if the new Santa Tracker works properly!  Tis the season for Santa sightings!

Will you do that for us?  Will you be an Official Santa Spotter?  It would be a big help to my Christmas elves and me!  Rather like a Christmas present for Santa Claus!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

Make sure you ask your friends to help too!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Leave a message to tell the elves where you saw me and what I was doing!  Or, scroll down to see where others have seen me!

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276 special messages to Santa about “Santa Trackers Needed!”

  1. one mile paul house gift to me top tree put on paul good men it year nice list put in or book note for mrs claus
    tan bighouse fist stop here is yet ear me or
    send me a card in mail box.
    magical power broom sticks harrypotter fly in sky .gift paulshaw
    we the letter to you I hop you thank ful you happy hand on or heart veary happy paulshaw

  2. house dorp off gift thanke you thankful doing santaclaus 2020 dec 24 Christmas eve night im on goodmen nice list paulshaaw happy send in the mail mail paulshaw Christmas card

  3. I saw you start in the south pacific, then go to New Zealand, and stop at Australia. Also, I saw you on the tracker travel to India, where my family lives!

  4. How is Mrs. Claus doing and can I please have a little private meeting with all of you guys at the north pole something going on is happening it’s making me very sad people at school are bullying me I don’t know what to do because I amsmall and I had braces but I’m out of that phase so now I don’t have any braces but I would love to have a little chat with you because that would warm my heart up with Christmas cheer

  5. merry Christmas santa can you come visit my family its very important my mom and dad does not belive in you but I do and always will I love you santa merry Christmas hope you can make it I will be waiting by the chimmey waiting on you to come down please you are my only hope please santa please call me pleae you are my only hope

  6. Santa my friend kepps saying that your not resl but i do i saw you at that thing rember when we did a family picher and i haven’t seen at my house yet you wrote on my list ill see you and ill come to your house but you never did but im not sad santa it is ok i still love you do much and ill se you when you leave me present p.s. can you face time me please if you cant just text me p .s. i lov we you so much

  7. last year i sawe that santa ate my cookies and milk and the milk glass cup and the milk was gone last christmas i was suprised but i havent seen santa but would like to track him christmas eve

  8. DEAR.santa i love christmas but my best friend dosent. should i be hid freind or not?

    Of course you should be his friend!

  9. I saw u in the Nawdy N Nice department seeing who is naughty and nice. ……gonna find out whos naughty and nice…….

  10. hey qetsia its great that your on the website IM SO EXITED I WANT TO SCREAM NOW AHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHH CHRISTMASSSS

  11. hi santa I tried it and i saw you in dublin can you explain us how it works better im kinda stuck please help me i know you will

  12. Santa Claus is at the Nawdy N’ Nice Elf Detective Agency right now.

    He is watching to see who is being naughty in Smethwick and who is being nice!

    Oh, Oh! The Naughty Alarm just went off! Someone who lives in Smethwick was being naughty

  13. ok santa my mom said she’ll help u and the elves out too by tracking u ,your welcome from the carter family

  14. i come on this website everyday so i always track you. it seems like you and your elves are always close to where i live though.

  15. This is exactly the kind of present I want to give you for the jolly day of Christmas, so, Angel here, reporting for duty!

  16. santa please let one of the elfs email me because i would love it PLEASE .and i want money for christmas do you mind

    😉 😉

  17. hi santa how are you i cant wait christmas 2011 to come fast i love this holiday since i was little girl kiss misis claus and rudolph from me ill wait for you to come visit my home and deliver the presents under my christmas tree i love you

  18. Dear Santa,how are you doing.Are you excited for Christmas!Have I been good this year,I hope so!

  19. Isaw you play hockey in Essex on the 12th of July 2011.Did you enjoy it? Well I hope you did.
    From Jack

    PS can you send me what wanted in my last email please (for Christmas)

  20. santa flew by before so i left the reindeer food outside nd made a trail to my door. i hope he sees the special glitter we left i have been a great boy this year.
    see you in the morning santa
    love jamie

  21. I saw you twelve minutes after the clock reached midnight. You were preparing to land on a roof. Merry Christmas!

  22. so you know youve been to my house ill put a bow on my stocking so you just renember red bow stocking merry christmas santa !
    :):D :

  23. You can count on me Santa Kurohsi! I live in Shibuya, so I will check around this area! Safe travels <3


  24. hi santa i cant wait till chrismas!!!
    me and my sister are planning a spechil surprise for chris mas eve love ben

  25. Santa you are in Vancouver! You are so close to me right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE might be going to Vancouver today! Hope to see you!

  26. Santa Claus is at the Nawdy N’ Nice Elf Detective Agency right now.
    He is watching to see who is being naughty in Vancouver and who is being nice! The Naughty Alarm just went off! Someone who lives in Vancouver was being naughty!
    Vancouver is very close to where i live! Uh, Oh! I hope it isn’t soemone i know!
    Santa, I would give you a Christmas favor anytime! I’m going to check the tracker again….

  27. Wow! You’re on your sleigh, on your way to Chagrin Falls, Ohio, right now? You’ve een in Chagrin Fals for a LONG time! I bet Chagrin Falls is a very interesting city and elves have to watch carefully there and that’s why they are in Chagrin Falls for a long time. You are one cool dude.

  28. i now were you are.your in the north pole. you just sent some elves to hentson
    to check hows being nice.i now that i
    didant go on the tracker i have magic

  29. i would love to be apart of it and i will but you got to watch to because some times we cant see you and i will do it ill try to stay up if my mommy and daddy let me.

  30. i saw santa claus at uniontown and some elf’s to see if some kids were bad or good and some elf’f at brownsville to if some kids were good or bad

  31. Dear santa all i want for Christmas is to be just like you please i wish you gave me call of duty black ops have a good life.

  32. First you were in your sleigh, then you were looking at your magic snowglobe,last you were watching for naughty and nice kids.

  33. hi i saw you with my family twice once in the mall giving out sweets and at a christmas party giving out said hello and asked if i had been good.

  34. Santa was at my school on December 17, 2010. He was visiting children and giving out candy Christmas trees to all the kids. I got to shake his hand and got my picture taken with him; 1 with him and my grandma and 1 with my whole class.

  35. You were up north on a motorcycle.But you didn’t have your suit or hat on. You know, you should always keep your suit on. Mrs. Claus and the Elves worked very hard to make it, and work hard to keep it clean and in good shape every year. You should show your pride in them. Merry Christmas!!! <3

  36. The last place I saw Santa was Warwick Mall. two years ago i’ll get back to you and tell you where i see him next.

  37. i saw im in weston wv last year because i saw ruldophs nose so bright but i will tell you this year where he is in weston wv 26452 !!!!!:) what state is the last state and then heads back to the north pole !!!!!! :):):):):):):) happy and smile ps haylea

  38. Hi,Santa! My whole family saw you last year sitting on top of a truck with your sleigh and reindeer! Then you waed at us!

  39. Hi, um so iwas on Youtube today cause i was sick and i was looking at videos about people filming you. And of course they were all fake, BUT, two were real!!!! did you know that people have been filming you!!! AND, people are like making FAKE videos to make fun of you i mean COME ON PEOPLE GET A LIFE!!!!!! sorry but people really have to much time on their hands…. so i hope you know that people have been filming you for like the past TWO YEARS!!!!!!!! so yeah i am telling you that cause you might have never been to youtube cause you are ( well i bet) almost always on the move and at work just so the Christmas spirt can go on….

  40. Hi Santa, it’s me again rosy!! I am very happy you liked my poem and I hope Rudolf and Mrs clause and of course you air are well. Thanks for letting me know about my promotion l, am extremely grateful to be head of the trackers. Keep in touch!
    Yours truly

  41. At 11:45pm i heard you say HO HO HO Merry Christmas. It freaked me out a little but then i knew it was you! {:

  42. Hi
    I saw you at the mall and at a tree lighting ceremony. I hope to see you christmas eve…Love,
    p.s. I will have plenty of cookies and milk for you:)

  43. Hi Santa,
    You work hard all year, only for one thing from us, so I’ve written you a poem :

    Santa why,
    Do you try?
    To make us happy,
    When we’ve done bad?
    You tell us a tad,
    ‘Better Luck next time’!
    Santa, sir,
    When Jesus died,
    Was crucified!
    He came to us to help,
    To stop crime!
    He left when it was all good,
    But God saw in Heaven it hadn’t worked!
    We’d carried on,
    No thank you?
    Diciples tried to explain,
    He’d come back again?
    And on the 25th of December he did,
    But still it didn’t work,
    The same happened again!

    Santa, sir,
    You weren’t invovled,
    But you came anyway!
    May I call it a bribe?
    You told us to be good,
    We ask why?
    You tell us we won’t get presents,
    On Christmas day although Jesus was our gift anyway

    Thanks Santa, and I hope you and your friends have a Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!



    Yours truly,


  44. dear santa
    How are u hope u are well thankyou for takeing the time to reply to me i know u are very busy at this time of year.hope rudolf and the gang are well and are ready to go on xmas eve. tell the elfs i said hi and they are well i know they are working really hard they will be glad of a breake take care love to you and mrs clause love katrina xxxxx

  45. Santa, when I was in art class, everybody saw you peek in and check on u. It was like the door flew open and closed quick to check on us. The teacher stuck her head out the door and yelled, “Thy are doing a great job” It was awesome

  46. This is ANOTHER Lauren! I think that santa just needs a pair of binoculars… and a broom… To help clean out the dust before he goes down! Good luck this year, santa, just remember to look out for midnight-working chimeny sweeps… and always carry a waterbottle with you on christmas eve, so you can put out the fireplaces, if they’re lit, just put on goggles or a gas mask and tip the water down onto the fireplace!!! Anyway good luck!!!

  47. i saw you at k mart and i think you were looking for stuff that me and my bro wanted for chridtmas

  48. Dear Santa,
    Hi Santa I am so excited for christmas! I hoped you have a great christmas and dont get your beard all dirty from going down the chimnies this year!

  49. dear santa thank you for the presents you sent me last year i hope you liked the milk and the cakes i baked you last year and thank you for the chocolate snowman you left in my stocking last favourite present was the hannah montana bedroom set my bedroom was realy nice when it was all set up. i would like this year a phone wii games. ds games. and surprises

  50. Santa, !!!!!YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!!!
    I didn’t tell in the letter, but i want everyone to have a very good christmas 🙂

  51. I saw Santa at the mall.At fist I thought it was a fake.BUT HIS BEARD WAS REAL!!!Father Charlie and I both think it was him.

  52. You were at the Naughty N’ Nice elf detective agency checking on someone in Homestead. Your naughty alarm went off because someone in Homestead was being bad. (I think it was my sister!)

  53. I saw Santa at the mall in Kentucky he was asking a young girl holding a puppy what she wanted for Christmas.

  54. I just emailed you santa, haha santa! I didn’t really expect you to give me money for christmas, lol. I want you to buy something really nice for Mrs. Clause With the money. lol i forgot to mention that I want to get really good grades at school. And I want everyone to be happy and have a fun Christmas. byee!!
    P.S. maybe you could Ms claus and a diamond neckalace. The ladies love there diamonds;

  55. We Saw Santa at the pet store in Mississauga Ontario taking picture with some lucky dogs and cats!

  56. I will never ever I cross my heart hope I dye if I break a promise that I will never stop beliving you you rock!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I forgot to tell you I Love you

  57. Santa Claus is in his sleigh right now.

    He is on his way to Manistee to ask the elves who has been naughty or nice.

    So, if you live in Manistee make sure the elves see you being nice so they can tell Santa!

  58. Ok,i saw you in vancouver !

    Just Kidding , i saw in des moines at the bass pro shop!

    P.S You look great for your age man

    I♥my peeps

  59. I saw you at the gym and also you were doing a 5k run (but I didn’t go there). Oh and I took a picture with you! : D

  60. im 120 years old i love barbie dolls and fishy and english dictionarys merry christmas to all in 2011 (if im alive) by from old grace from wasambigag in zimbarbway

  61. You were just leaving High River to make sure the elves were seeing if we were being naughty or nice.

  62. I saw you santa at the northgate mall I got my picture taken with you and there was alot of kids waiting in line for their turn to

  63. I haven’t seen you here yet.Are you still very busy? Can’t wait till Christmas!
    Good Luck!

  64. hi how is the north pole is it warm or freezing bye i want an ipod touch, cell phone and cool clothes tell everyone i said hello

  65. I saw you at mkeevers chemists the other day woohoo beans r nice on toast toes smell like cheese

  66. we need to widen santa tracker so everyone in the world can track him and make it more exciting for children to track santa on christmas eve

    thank jonathon kennedy

  67. Wow you are so like totally busy! It sounds like a lot of fun though!! I Hope you get it all done by Christmas!!


  68. hi santa! i’m really looking forward to christmas? are you? do you get tired on christmas night because you have to go to all the houses in the WORLD! i would be tired. i’m tudooring kids in my class! isn’t that nice? where doing story problems in the morning about you there’re fun! i hope all the reindeer an the elves are ok. i’m onna leave you and the reindeer cookies and rein deer food make sure you get thet

  69. Dear Santa,
    The Santa Tracker said you were at the north pole. But it did say the elves were at Plano and I thought I felt a hand that was smaller the any other hand I ever shook. I think it’s an elf hand. Well, tell the elves what happend.

  70. i saw you at the enterTRAINment place Mrs.claus gave me a cookie.i ask you for orbeez magic maker

  71. hi santa i looked at the letter that you sent me and was a prittey long letter. it nealy took me 10 minets to read it and santa i love you

    lots of kisses

  72. Hello Santa Claus!!! I saw you at Walmart taking pictures with little kids! I also saw you outside my window last night! Seriously!

  73. hey elves,
    I seen santa doing practice run last night. I seen him in the sky with his reindeer. I really hope I was help. I live in quesnel.

    Love you all

  74. santa i will help.but while your on your trip around tjh world…can i talk to you?p.s.i cheked with my dad.

  75. Santa, i didn’t see you anywhere because bad kids do that kind of stuff instead of being surprised.

  76. i know it has been along time but i wish you and the others a merry christmas to all and a happy new year iam really counting you and the elfs to make it to to my town down here in maysville ky it has been to long that i have not got any thing for christmas and i am hoping to get something this year

  77. hi santa MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy new years. say hi to the elves for me and mrs.clause. do you now i have my christmas tree up all ready.i saw you at the christmas parade. see you on christmas eve.


  78. Dear Santa, When you come to my house I mite sleep by the chimney is that o.k ? I hope so. Sincerly Landen

    please help and put Santa trackers on the blog!!!
    We need to know where you are

  80. hi santa merry christmas to you and the others i wish you and the others a happy new year thanks from matthew

  81. dear santa claus i hope everything is in order for christmas.i was woundering if the elves can make really cool toy guns.i love guns. well i cant wait for christmas or my christmas dinner my mam makes a really nice dinner. busy busy busy 17 more days cant wait godnight santa

  82. I saw you and your reindeer flying 2 nights ago in the fog. I think you were taking a test run to see if Rudolphs nose shines bright enough in the midnight fog. Happy Holidays!

  83. hello santa,
    me again!

    i promise to give you cookies when you come to say thankyou for seeing me xxx
    lots of love jordan xx

  84. i love you santa! i hope you like my christmas cookies i made just for you. say hi to mrs. claus and all the reindeer! also, thank all the elves for making my presents! love Gracie

  85. have a lovey christmas santa hohoho how is miss caus and the elfs i am a goood girl bye bye xxxxxxxxxx

  86. hi i am the person you just spoke to in emailsanta i hope you have been so so so good i have got you a present and card

    hugs and kisses

    love from

    JAZZ xxx

  87. this blogis sooooooooo cool i love this blog santa this is awsome thanks for making a cool blog

  88. Dear Santa, I hope that you find some Santa trackers soon! Have fun delivering presents to everyone!!! 🙂 I hope the Elves have fun making the presents and get a reward at the end!! And the reindeer’s are all ready for their big flight around the world, And that they get a big reward too! And Mrs Clause, I hope she is enjoying her self!! Send everyone my love 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  89. Hi Santa You are on your way to milnerton , I stay in Blouberg. Please come by and visit me. I would too see you. Ruzenka xx.

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