Short Elves in Tall Christmas Trees

short elves and tall Christmas trees
What happens after short elves are in tall Christmas trees!

Can I tell you a story about my short elves and tall Christmas trees?

Well, here I sit at the end of a big day.  I’m in my big, comfy chair enjoying a big tasty mug of hot cocoa full of big, fancy, imported marshmallows.

I even have a big plate of warm cookies.  They are fresh from Mrs. Claus’ oven!  They smell so yummy!

Outside, the elves are changing some light bulbs.  Some of the light bulbs burned out on our Christmas trees!

Oh, it’s great fun to watch them!  Elves are very short.  So, they use very long sticks to reach the top of the tall trees.  Of course, the elves made all the sticks look like very big candy canes! HHHOL!

Oh, they are trying to change a light bulb at the very tippy top of a very tall tree.  It looks like it won’t light on one side.

A Stack Of Short Elves

Now they are standing on top of each other to reach it.  What a silly, wobbly sight.  Elves standing on elves!  But they are… oh no, wait!… yikes…  oh, I can’t watch… <CRASH>.  Yes, those crazy little fellas fell.  Now they’re all covered in snow.

Knowing them, there is going to be a snowball fight any second!

Oh yes, I see Clumsy the Elf.  He’s hiding behind a Christmas tree.  He has a snowball in his fuzzy little elf mittens.  He’s going to throw it at… oh, oh, he missed!  That silly Clumsy the Elf.

Now there are snowballs zooming all over!  HHHOL!

Oops!  I laughed too loud!  The elves heard me.  Here they come with their little elf mittens full of snowballs.  I better go now.  I have to make a lot of snowballs in a hurry!  This is going to be fun!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What fun things do you like to do in the winter? (You can leave a message for me. Or, scroll down to see what others have written!)

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35 special messages to Santa about “Short Elves in Tall Christmas Trees”

  1. I think Santa is the best and he’s wife is a best at cooking and your reindeer and your elf’s are funny. I have been a good girl this week and I’ll be leave you a present when you come and you all are amazing then jo my dog, my two dog’s are soft you can pat them when you come and you guy’s are my favourite people ever

  2. Dear santa claus thank you for the letter you gave me from northgate I have been trying to be good all year Please please Just let me know if I’m on the good list santa claus XXOXOXO



  4. Dear Santa,
    Sorry if you are getting tired of the messages that I have posted though 1 more thing how do you get rudolhphs nose to glow please replie
    Lots of love Emily

  5. dear santa, i love you can i have a picur of the grinch
    for real he stol your choclat s and mrs claus
    love your only love alyssa stephens xoxoxo xoxoxo

  6. Dear Santa

    I can’t believe I’m talking to you,you are the best person person on land thank you for bringing my and my sisters president for us I love what you bring me all the years thank you, thank you so much I hope you like the letter I sensed you on my iPad you read can you find me on my gmail and you are my Christmas spirits send pictures of your elf and radis +you and miss clause thank you love from Hayley❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️

  7. Hi Santa,
    I can’t believe that I am able to send you a message.I am really happy that I found this website. Because my elf had to carry all of the letters that I sent to you because I sent you like 3 letters all at once a few days ago.Could you please replie to my letters as I haven’t heard from you since I got my elf on the shelf which was in 2012.Dont forget to get a lot of sleep before Christmas Eve.I think I sore you landing on someone’s roof last Christmas Eve.WOW I HAVE TYPED ALOT!! Though I’m so happy that I can message you. Can you please right ,e a letter with a photo of you? If I was an elf on the shelf I would be bad because I like to talk and I can’t stay still.

  8. can i have your email account, i loe you and your reindeers sometimes its sad because my friends dont believe but i do and i always will

  9. dear santa I love you and you elves sooo much I canta wait till Christmas you know theres only 6nights till Christmas and could you through in one more present my bday is the 27

  10. Dear,Santa and the elves I am about to get a present for my BFF’S and I will give you one to.And I will all ways believe ❄️⛄️


  11. Hi santa!! OMG I CANT BELIEVE I AM MESSAGING YOU!!!! I love you so much! I have one of your magical elves! We named it Elsie ! I cant wait til christmas! BTW’S I will leave you a mince pie or 2 and a carrot for Rudolf and maybe 1 for all your other reindeers!! I love you so much I will never give up believing in you! You are my christmas spirit! I LOVE YOU!!:) 🙂 🙂 lots of mince pies,
    BETHANY xoxo

  12. My name is Kaydence and I’ve been trying to be good but this other boy is being mean to me. I am trying real hard Santa. I would like one of your elves for Christmas . I want Buddy. If not I’d like some surprises.

  13. Hi Santa! I really love to ready emails more than love to read mine. Also I’d like to ask you a question, I’ve always wanted to know what ho ho ho means. I wish you a merry christmas!


  14. To Santa,
    please can you send me a picture of your Reindeer and
    you with Mrs Claus.
    I also want a letter from Rudoloph.
    Thank you

  15. dear santa,
    you are my Christmas spirit. I love you santa. thank you for sending me a letter. say hello to mrs clause and the elves, and for Christmas I want to see you for real life

    from samaya

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