Stinky Cookies – cookies may never smell the same!

stinky cookies and Santa
What Santa looks like when he gets a stinky cookie!

Christmas cookies aren’t supposed to be stinky cookies.  Christmas cookies aren’t supposed to be yucky cookies.  They are supposed to be yummy cookies!

But not if you have a clumsy elf helping!  Do you remember Clumsy the Elf?

I hope you’ll read my story below about stinky cookies!

Mrs Claus felt sad that I had to taste those yucky cookies.  So today she went back to the kitchen.  She wanted to bake some super yummy cookies.  Chocolate chip cookies.  I like chocolate chip cookies!

Mrs Claus was singing in the kitchen.  I knew she was making a tasty treat.  When I heard her singing I got very happy.  Mrs Claus’ Christmas cookies are the best.  She doesn’t make yucky cookies.  She doesn’t make stinky cookies.  Her cookies are the best in the whole wide world.

Cookies cookies bake bake bake.
Christmas cookies taste so great.
Cookies cookies bake bake bake.
Cookie time. I cannot wait.

She sang this song as she mixed:

🎵 First some flour, eggs and oil.  Then a sprinkle of chocolate chips.  And lastly a little vanilla and Cocoa powder 🎵.

Then into the oven they went.

Clumsy the elf came into the kitchen.  He was looking for something.  Mrs Claus asked what he was looking for.  He told her.  Earlier he had been in the kitchen. He was making his super stinky stink bombs.  He had gone for a walk.  Not a long walk.  Stinky bomb liquid gets very stinky if you are not careful.  He had put his stinky liquid into a bottle.  Now, the bottle was gone.

Mrs Claus started to worry.  Clumsy spotted the cookies in the oven.  He opened the oven door and…

Oh No! Extra Stinky Cookies!

The stink got out as soon as the door was open!

Mrs Claus had got mixed up. She had planned to use vanilla. She had used the stinky stink bomb liquid instead!

I could smell stinky cookies all the way across the North Pole.

Mrs Claus fainted from the stinky cookie smell.

Clumsy the elf ran screaming!

I hope none of the stink gets into the presents you wanted for Christmas!

It’s been quite a while now and the stink still hasn’t gone away.  And I never got to try the cookies! (Should I?)

Santa Claus

P.S. Have you ever smelled a really stinky cookie?  What is the worst smell you ever smelled?  Was it worse than stinky cookies?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see other people’s stinky stories.

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29 special messages to Santa about “Stinky Cookies – cookies may never smell the same!”

  1. There’s a room in a haunted house that I went to and it is supposed to smell terrible and it did! YUCK!

  2. Hi Father Christmas
    My mum
    Cancer on her boob And I’m getting anxious
    her being poorly I don’t want to do can you contact me of help us somehow been down the dump the power not swings

  3. I have never smelled a stinky cookie before.The worst thing I have ever smelled was a stink bomb that people were launching outside. I don’t know if it is worse than stinky cookies because I have never smelled a stinky cookie before.

  4. The worst thing I’ve ever smelled is mouse poop ( we had a lot in or trailer, the trailers gone now) the worst thing I’ve TASTED is my little sisters eggs, one word SALT!!!

  5. Santa this year the stinkiest thing that is have smell’t before is water i went to go wash my hands and the water did not smell very good but good thing that they had strong soap.

  6. Hi Santa the stinkiest thing i have smelled is probably when my mom cooks fish,and i don’t even think that it is as bad as those stinky cookies

  7. Hi Santa, its Piper hope you have a really good chritsmas night flying through the chilly night, im 10 years old. Hi Santa,its paisley have a merry christmas.i love 5 years old

  8. for christmas i want a real mermaid tail ,phone and selfe mic ,mini car/lamborgini ,torch my blazen dragon ,toy horses ,shopkins ,

    love kailynn

  9. i love you santa i know that you go t my chrismas letter already but i was just asking if you could come to my house before chrismas

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