The Monster in Santa’s Workshop

Santa's Naughty and Nice Book
Santa’s Naughty and Nice Book

With your great suggestions, I decided to try Scunner on another job.

I wanted him to double check the naughty and nice list.  This is a VERY important job!

I made sure that he was in a room that had none of the things he was allergic to inside.  I showed him the printer.  I showed him the green pen for nice and the red pen for naughty.

‘I have to make sure that all the nice children get a visit Scunner.  You have to be accurate.  A lot of children are counting on you!’

‘Aye Santa, it’ll be no bother at all.’

He put on his glasses and set to work.  He started printing out pages and matching them to my book.  He was being very careful.  All the Nice children got a great big green checkmark.

Scunner was doing a great job.  So, I went to the workshop.

Jumping Jingle Bells!  The elves in the workshop were in a funny mood.

Kissy the Elf told me that they had all stayed up late.  They watched a scary film about an Egyptian Mummy.  Now they were all tired and they were all a bit scared.

I was a bit upset.  The elves need their sleep so they can do their best work.

The elves all said, “Sorry, Santa”.

I can never stay angry at my elves for too long so I told them it was okay.  I also asked them not to do it again.

Everything was fine until after lunch.  I was sitting in my office and I heard Kissy scream.  My heart jumped and I ran from my chair.  Kissy and Clumsy looked very frightened.

‘Santa, there is an Egyptian Mummy in the workshop!’  Kissy said.

‘It was moaning and walking about like this.’  Clumsy started to demonstrate.  He stretched his arms and started moaning as he started walking.  Silly Clumsy, he didn’t look where he was going and fell right into a present.

Before I could laugh, I heard a noise.  I saw a small figure.  It was wrapped in white and wandering about outside.  I am going to go outside right now.  I will tell you what it is tomorrow.

Fingers crossed.

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What do you think it is?  Have you ever stayed up late to watch a scary film?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


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112 special messages to Santa about “The Monster in Santa’s Workshop”

  1. That was pretty funny when kissey said thay watched Egyptian Mummy.It was also pretty funny when Kissey was scared and had nightmares about Egyptian Mummy.

    Clumsy started to moan and walk that was pretty funny.

  2. Sorry about all the exclamation points! Just one this time. Now I am really going on Webkinz!!!! He He He!!!!!!! … !!!!!

  3. O and I forgot to say HI! And you should get Webkinz because they are fun to use!!!!!! … !!!!! Bye

  4. If you r scared of the Grinch you r crazy. I think it is the elves standing on each other to be bigger and dress up scary to scare other elves! Now I have to go check on my 41 Webkinz!

  5. hi santa i relly want to no what it is. if you cold can you leave a raindeer?if you cold can you leave roludof? love u

  6. hi santa it is karrie i raely badly whant in elf if you need you can send eny of them don to whach me pleas you can even send down clumsy the elf

  7. Oh I am so sorry Santa.:[.Call monster hunters if u have some.p.s.I want a new pair of boots!p.s.s.Monster boots.p.s.s.s not real monster skin.

  8. dear,santa,
    all i want for christmas is a pure white border collie pup with two blue eyes can you make my wish come true.from asia

  9. branden micah 🙂 🙂
    fleck sa 2:00
    beach ball 42
    santa 12:00
    dad 🙂


  11. I think it was the egyptian mummy, like Kissy and Clumsy told you about the movie they watched. I never remember staying up late to watch a scary movie! My mom never lets me. After all, I don’t want to end up on Santa’s Naughty List!!!

  12. myname is meglina and ihtink it isa elfrappd upin pottypaper beecus my brohter didhtat bee4 andi didnot likeit beecus heskard me

  13. Are you ok in the northpole with your elfs are you poly or fine do you need help feding the radies and fling your slaye.

  14. yes,scary ghost movies these people went around and tried to find ghosts in strange cities they heard about

  15. hey santa i hope i am on the good list because i help with the sick, on thanksgivig i feed the homeless, and on christmas i give gifts to the needy,such as: clothes, shoes, food, and much more. i know i can not provide for everyone but i give as much as i can to help people out.

  16. hi Santa!is kissy always like this?And tell the elves not to stay up and watch a scary movie!Its not a good idea!

  17. i think it is scunner because he might have got the tipper runing to fast and got wrapped like that.

  18. i think a elf was so tired that he taped him self up (not on perpose) and was groaning beacuze he was tired im just gessing!!!!!!!!!!!! iD smile

  19. I think it is just other elves winding you up santa they are probably trying to scare kissy and clummsy.
    (P.S-Make sure that dose’nt happen again!)

  20. i want a elf on the self i have ask you about it remember i sent you a lettter my name was audry i want a elf on the self

  21. i wached transformers as a family movie
    i got scared because a girls doll became a ugly thing.
    by the way i want a taylor swifts concert ticket for ohio akron
    more than all my other presents.

  22. I watched a mummy film too!! It also was scarey and creepy!!
    There were two other movies too they were good

  23. wow you must of been Very upset with them…. were they falling a sleep during work? hope u have a very merry XMAS

  24. I think it was Scunner. He must have got himself all sticky and then he fell into a pile of paper. I hope you find out soon Santa!

  25. I have a feeling it was Scunner wrapped in computer paper. And no I have never stayed up late watching a scary movie although I have stayed up late to do paper work that I forgot to do. I am not very organized and forget to do my paper work a lot of times until the last second. Need to get better at that.

  26. im new and i would like a kitten for christmas please santa thank you! its because my old kitty dies because he got hit by a car and he broke his leg so he had to be put down 🙁 he was called lucky because he only had one eye :-1

  27. i was very sceared and when i hoped out of bed i got sceared of my own shadowso i jumed into my mums bed

  28. that is funny but i think its just an elf trapped in a bunch of wrapping paper haha silly little elves i wouldnt be scared

  29. Santa, I know you love to give presents, but I remember every year, I give you one. Any Ideas of what I could make you? Love you!

  30. First of all,it was probibly scunner who made the other elves wach the movie.And i think it was scunner who scared them.

  31. I think it might either be Scunner or an elf that whatched the mummy movie, and wanted to scare Kissy and Clumzy. 🙂

  32. ones i wached a horr movie it was so scary i stayed up intele one oclock in the morning ooopps i wached dawn of the deid i had night mars and it didint go away intele i was eght and then stuped me wached a movie just like it ecsept the zombies just could run then i had the night mars again

  33. Oh, well i think it might be a snow monster! Maybe i am wrong, but that is ok! Thanks for your good story!

  34. maybe those elves should not watch scary movies at night or anytime of the day. because if they watch that movie again well you know what will happen!

  35. well i think it was scunner rapped in papper form the printer oh and i wached a movie until 11 at night and i saw things for the rest of thr night i bet it was that 😉

  36. onces i sade up to 1 00 am in the moring and i though tere was someone in the house but it was my mom out side reading her book. i think its a elf playing a trike on u love you santa!

  37. hi santa i know you are really busy what time do u actually get home from all the houses i hope u don,t drink too much whiskey or elses you will not be able to delivary the presents to the kids so i would advise u no too drink too much whiskey

  38. Well, once I stayed up really late, I whent to bed at midnight, OOPS ;)I watched The Lord Of The Rings,It was really scary :0 , But I liked it!I think that the thingi that the elfs thoght was was a mummy was just probebly a pile of paper or somebody trying to scare poeple by dressing up as a mummy!Anyways mummy’s are only in Egypt……………! 😉

  39. Well, once I stayed up really late, I whent to bed at midnight, OOPS ;)I watched The Lord Of The Rings,It was really scary :0, But I liked it!I think that the thingi that the elfs thoght was was a mummy was just probebly a pile of paper or somebody trying to scare poeple by dressing up as a mummy!Anyways mummy’s are only in Egypt……………!;)

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