Christmas at DisneyWorld with a Grumpy Elf

Christmas at DisneyWorld
Christmas at DisneyWorld with a grumpy elf!

Is Scunner, the Grumpy Elf spending Christmas at DisneyWorld with my magic key?

I hope he can get it back to me soon.  It’s the magic key I use Christmas Eve to get into houses.

Keep reading for Scunner’s latest email…

Dear Santa

What an exciting day! We arrived at DisneyWorld really, really early this morning.  It was all decorated for Christmas.  

We parked the sleigh between a castle and, I think I saw this right, some flying elephants.  

We knew that Birly was somewhere in the park but didn’t know where.  So we decided to split up.  I went one direction.  Glaikit went in another direction.  Professor Fumblebumble went in yet another direction.  We said we’d meet up at noon.

I have never been to DisneyWorld at Christmas before.  I have never been to DisneyWorld at all before!  Can you imagine me, Scunner, at the “Happiest Place”?

Well, here I am.  DisneyWorld is huge.  It was really busy at first but as the day grew on it became even busier!  I looked everywhere for Birly but it was so busy.

A Christmas at DisneyWorld Meeting

So I went to where we were going to meet. The Professor was there but there was no sign of Glaikit.

I was getting worried because it is so close to Christmas.  We saw a beautiful lady walking past and she had seven wee men with her. One of them started waving at us and jumping up and down. He had very big ears. The wee man looked around and came running towards us.

“It’s me,” he said. It was Glaikit in disguise.

“What are you doing?” I asked.  He told me that he had to hide. “Everyone kept asking for my autograph!”  He then said he knew where Birly was.

He went behind some bushes and took his disguise off. Then we went to a ride called “It’s a Small World”. We waited for ages until we got onto wee boats. The ride was amazing. There were so many countries. Then we saw Scotland and on the top of a wee turret was Birly. She saw us and looked so happy.

Birly jumped into our boat and we got out. She had been hiding there for days.

I was so relieved.

All we have to do now is get the other reindeer and return your magic key before Christmas Eve.

See you soon Santa


Well this is very good news indeed!  Hmm, I wonder if they’ll bring me a Dole Whip too.

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you think it would be fun to spend Christmas at DisneyWorld? Do you think even a grumpy elf would like DisneyWorld?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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13 special messages to Santa about “Christmas at DisneyWorld with a Grumpy Elf”

  1. I think it would be amazing to spend Christmas in Disney land but whats even more fun than going to Disney land on Christmas is staying home for Christmas. spending time with family is whats really important on Christmas.

  2. i miss you Santa and i can’t wait for Christmas. Please gring toys for my dog Yuki and my gramas dog Fita too. See you at Christmas(Mabey).

  3. It sounds like your having so much fun I’ve been there and it was around Halloween time and happy holidays✌

  4. oh God Santa! i really hope Scunner finds ur key for Xmas (be careful u don`t wake me r my brother up cuz we have bunk beds)and u remember Egor my brother? well he won`t be here for Xmas but he WILL be here the 26th so u can leave his present were u usually put it and we will save it for him

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