Wild Reindeer & Santa’s Magic Key – Read the story now!

Wild reindeer
Wild Reindeer

Wild reindeer are not like my magic reindeer. But that doesn’t mean they can’t run fast!

Scunner my Grumpy elf is still trying to get my magic key.

He emailed me again today.

Read his message below!

An Email From Scunner About Wild Reindeer

Dear Santa

We have just been in Finland and GOOD NEWS! We found your key.

The bad news is we lost it again.

It was cold when we arrived, nearly as cold as the North Pole. I had to give Birly a wee cuddle to keep her warm. Glaikit said my face got as red as your suit.

During the summer we had come here to meet some wild reindeer. She had wanted to come and meet yours but I had thought you might be angry with me. So I brought her to the forests of Finland instead.

It didnae take us long until we saw a herd of wild reindeer. Our reindeer, Tumshie, seemed to get awfy excited when he saw the wild reindeer. His wee tail was wagging and he was making an awfy happy sound. So we landed.

The wild reindeer didnae seem to mind us.

“Look, at that reindeer’s antlers?” Birly said. The key was caught on the left one. It had grown since we had been here and I don’t even think the reindeer had noticed. All we had to do was get the key free and then I could come home.

But Glaikit, he’s awfy daft, doesn’t know how to approach reindeers properly. He started running towards the poor beast.

“You’ve got our key!” He shouted.

Well, the poor reindeer took such a fright that it began to run. I saw the key glow a wee bit and the next thing I knew the reindeer had taken off.

Och, well we had to run back to the sleigh and get Tumshie to take off as fast as he could.

I can still see the reindeer and we’re chasing him.

I should have your key soon.

Bye for now


Oh dear, I do hope they’re all right. Do you have any ideas how to calm this poor reindeer down? I hope they can track him so they don’t lose the key again.

Santa Claus

P.S. How would you calm a wild reindeer down? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!


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19 special messages to Santa about “Wild Reindeer & Santa’s Magic Key – Read the story now!”

  1. Hey so what you need to do to calm a wild reindeer is like a wild horse. Get it to a enclosed space and then either run it till it will trust you, or talk to it calm it touch it pet it.

  2. dear santa,
    i hope that you will have a jolly fun christmas i am going to have a sad christmas because my grandma had to go to the hospital because she broke her leg. if you haven’t seen the letter my ELF ON THE SHELF gave you my #1 thing on my list is a purple apple computer [laptop] and please dont get me a desktop because it will just take up all of the space. i <3 u
    love dearly,

  3. Give him a carrot and try to be more quiet and gentle. Also get rid of Gaikit this is the second time he has messed up. If you ever want to get that key back Gaikit needs to try to stop helping.

  4. Hi Santa my sister saw you at the head starting in coweta
    And my sis loves to open presents and loves playing in snow.


  5. I have one! Attract him with carrots or reindeer food!
    If that doesn’t work then do something that reindeers like to do so he will come then u slowly reach out and grab the key… (When he is on the ground!) *wink*

  6. Dear Santa,
    I can’t wait for Christmas this year! I will be sure to leave you some cookies and milk. Maybe even some grass for your cute little reindeer’s! I have one question, what are you giving me for Christmas! Thanks Santa!

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