North Pole “Thank You” Day

Thank You Day helper elves in the kitchen
Thank You Day helper elves in the kitchen

It is always good to say “Thank You!”

If somebody does something nice for you, you say “thank you!”  If something good happens to you, I know you say ‘thank you’ then too.

A long time ago, some grown-ups made a special day just for saying “THANK YOU!”

We have many things to be thankful for at the North Pole.  Mrs. Claus is so happy to have helpers in her kitchen.  I am so happy I have my elves and reindeer.  That is why we like to have a special day too.  A special day to be thankful for all we have!

Our special day starts with the elves playing games outside.  It is fun to kick a ball in the snow!  Sometimes the ball even goes in the snow goal!

Clumsy the Elf tried to kick the ball but missed and fell!  “Ouch”, he said, rubbing his behind.  Did that stop him?  No!  He got right back up and brushed off the snow.  His next kick was a goal!  Everyone laughed.  Clumsy said, “Well, at least I did not end up with a turkey on my head this year!”  Everyone laughed even more.

Thank You Day Dinner

Mrs. Claus and her helpers got up early to make a yummy meal.  Time to stuff the turkey!  Kissy the Elf stopped by to help.  She made gingerbread cookie stuffing.  The elves love gingerbread so much that they ate all of the stuffing!

After, Clumsy the Elf helped set the table.  He did a good job but he forgot to set a place for me!  It was OK.  I sat with Mrs. Claus!  Wow, we were hungry!

We ate, got tired and took a nap.  Eating a big dinner can make you sleepy!

Do you know what is so nice about this day?  We all get to play and work together and then eat good food with people we love!

And we know that Christmas is coming soon!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What do you like to do on a Thank You day?!  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what others’ have written!

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61 special messages to Santa about “North Pole “Thank You” Day”

  1. I love to eat the hot turkey on a cold winter day it makes me warm and cozy somtimes we just have for the sides are green beans mashed potatos and canberry sause i cant wait for chistmas or thanksgiving,

  2. Dear Santa Claus and Everyone else,
    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and My dad is a pilot so he won’t be here. But the rest of my family is vegetarian so we will probobly just eat the sides. Thanks so much this explained a lot!

  3. Dear Santa thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you, the Elves, Reindeer, & Mrs. Claus, as well as our Heavenly Father do year round. You help children to grow up believing in magic & miracles! You all also inspire people to be they’re best selves as they should be, you remind them of that. You bless us with the gifts of family time, smiles, as well as love which are things that are often forgotten in this day & age! You remind us all that the true joy is in giving not receiving. That it is the thought that counts. You bring out the best in people of all ages even at the worst of times. Thank you all for helping the world celebrate the birth of our greatest gift of all our Savior Jesus!

  4. Thanks for all the gifts i really like all them i sometimes donate my toys to people who can’t get any every year about 7 weeks before Christmas i give away toys to the needy

  5. i’m thankful for you Santa and Daniel my real name is Daniel


    Just kidding i dont care if your nam is Daniel and mine is too!

  6. Santa Claus thank you for delivering gift to all the chilren around the world and you even gave me presents when I was a baby. Well I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

  7. Santa Claus thank you for delivering gift to all the chilren around the world and you even gave me presents when I was a baby. Well I wish you all a Merry Christmas

  8. I like to try to raise some money for the children in Africa and send it through worldvision. that’s the way I like to help

  9. thanks for presents, my family and the best brother i could have. my mum said he asked you for a present for me when he wrote his letter to Santa, does that mean i get more presents?. Oh i also say thank you to all the helper people who help people who don’t have lots I gave my toys and old clothes to them cos i don’t need them any more.
    (as dictated to mum)

  10. What I would say thank you to is my (way funny) cusens, Katie,Ben, Joushua, Amilia,Charlate, Ethan, Avrey, Rebeca,Colen, and,Edan .

  11. Hi, Santa! I wish I could see you right now! We are decorating for Christmas right now, and my sister was coming up the stairs with bells’ and I thought it was you coming down the chimney checking on me, and I have to admit, I got a little scared!

  12. hi santa keara here i would like to say a big thank you to the following plz …. the reinders because they do so much work to make us happy,the elfs because they make all the toys 4 us and its so exciting waiting 4 u to come and thanks 4 signing my letter i left 4 u on christmas eve thx so much to everyone at the north pole 4 me i really appriciate it thx Keara

  13. I love Thank you day because you get to Thank everyone and be giving to people that you know!!!Thank you Santa for all the presents that I got and all the letters from you! You mean my life to me, you will always be in my heart love you all so much!

  14. hey santa i’ve been pretty good 4 a long time. i’m 11 and i believe in u with all my heart. i no it’s good 2 say thank u, and i say it when i’m supposed 2. Sorry for getting onto the naughty list!

  15. hey santa y is there even a thank-u day? it seems kind of weird to me. i mean, I’m good and all, but, seriously. I’m 10. that’s 4 babies. my parents told me i’ll get a cell phone 4 christmas b/c my bro has 1 and he’s 13. so if they can’t get it, pleaz get me 1:)
    i also emailed u, and no i’m not married yet. hahaha so funny(not). but what i really want is a chinese or vietnamese baby sister b/c i love being around babies. 2 days ago at my church i was helping my mom at the nursery(that’s worthy of the Nice list:), and i was helping her take care of the cutest baby in the whole church. my mom left a lot so technically i was the 1 taking care of her but i got 2 hold the cutest baby in the church! pleaz give me all i want 4 christmas. it may seem like i’m really mean, obnoxious, and rude, but i’m not. I’ve just been pretty good all week.
    BTW i’m a girl.

  16. i love thank you day we all get on the floor and talk about wot we are thanfull for in my thank you day and thank you santa for all the stuff you give the good girls and boys in the world we all thank you evry budy in the hole world mery chrismas

  17. i think christmas is my first favorit holiday.expelci when you bring my presents.and i know that some people are on the naughty list and that makes you fell not good.

  18. I love to have people over at my house on ” Thank You ” day, because then we get to have fun as a family. My cousin and I make videos and send them to people. My great uncle LOVES to tease me.(in a funny way)My grandma is just the sweetest thing. She lets me have her piece of pie usually. YUMM! It is just fun to be with family on a day of Thanks.

  19. Hey just wanted to say you rock and do not give up trying to make all those presents and I have a better idea then leaving cole for bad kids maybe just a note saying try to be better and if that dosen’t work just go back to no presents and cole!

  20. Thank you SO much Santa! I love all you’re presents that you give me.

    P.S. Tell Mrs. Clause, Rudolph and all the elfs at the north pole Hi for me!

  21. On Thanksgiving,I like to eat a BIG dinner and then go outside and play. My favorite Thanksgiving taste though,is PUMPKIN PIE! (Usually,I eat at least 3 pieces!)

  22. In Warrenton we have Thanksgiving I am thankful for a lot of things like my family , my friends , my toys , and my school,and Jesus,and God.

  23. Merry Christmas Santa! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!Thank you for making and buying toys for us!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

  24. santy i got your letter back i know a pupy is too much to ask for but i only want a samsung galaxy s wifi and i never seen a saty in my hole life because when he was putting presents under my christmas tree i was asleep :*,,,,,,and i love you

  25. clumsy the elf does sound clumsy but elves need to be clumsy sometimes a bit like when they send themselves through the wrapping station

  26. I love saying thank you and being polite because if someone see’s me being polite like my buddy at school they copy me cos once she said that my hair was nice and i said thank you then one day i said i like your boots and she went thank you! When yu are being politeand saying thank you it just puts a postive feeling out and makes you happy and everything then everyone will be polite! I love you Santa and thank you for putting this comment on 🙂

  27. if this is santa i wont a puppy for chrismas and i wont to see you in person
    i love you father chrismas and people say your lot real because they dont know about you. oh do you know some of my friends jamie ranny and meredith woldron
    chloe pagon and leah gelesbe and leea gibson and jessacia macky

  28. thank you Santa for taking the time to be on this site it helps to keep Christmas alive.

    sending an email to Santa is the start of our Christmas Celebrations and we do it every year
    once again Thank you and we look forward to hearing you Christmas Eve

  29. Happy holidays!! I am thankful for Santa and all his elfs because if we didnt have them there wouldnt be any Christmas! ):

  30. Hey santa in your letter you told me to write on this website any way I was so thankful to be around the people I love and other things to be for.And I’m thankful for the true meaning of christms and the elves also you.

  31. Have a very wonderful “Thank You Day” Two days ago me and my family made two great big snowpeople in our yard. We named one Happy and one Holly!


  33. Hi, Merry long time untill Christmas! We love Christmas! It happens to be our favorite holiday! Thank you Santa, for making our Christmases so memorable. Like the one where we got fake coal. Hey, where do we send letters so they get to you?
    You rock!
    Shelby and Logan

    Send your letters to me at!

  34. This is Bitty from Arlington Heights, IL. I like to have a nice big meal with my family and friends. We eat turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, apple sauce, green bean casorole, steamed broccoli and coliflower covered in crackers and cheese, cookies, pie, and cake. I am very thankful for having such a great family, friends, having a roof over my head, food to eat, and i am thankful for God, saints, and angels, and i am thankful to have a Santa Claus. 31 days until Christmas! I can’t wait! We put up all of our decorations and tree! I love Christmas. Now it is time for black friday shopping! I can’t wait for you to come of Christmas Eve! I LOVE CHRISTMAS AND YOU SANTA. Thank you for all the hardwork, toys, and joy you and the whole North Pole bring. Without you Christmas wouldn’t feel right. It is also a time to be thankful for our savior Jesus. He is the reason for the season. Happy Thanksgiving Santa and the North Pole!
    PS I saw Aurthur Christmas Yesterday! That is my most favorite movie in the whole world! I also saw you at the mall almost 2 weeks ago. and took my picture with you! I was so excited. I will send you a Christmas List by December.

  35. Dear Santa,
    Alot of kids say that they dont believe in santa but I do and I always say if you dont believe you wont recieve. I believe and I recieve. 🙂 Love,Cierra

  36. Dear Santa,
    What i like to do on a thank you day is to spend time with my family and give thanks to the people that help me and my family.This is what i like to do on a thank you day and i hope you do too.

    love always,

  37. surina from atlandta georgia, i want to thank you santa you make christmas so bright whetherv your good or bad thats why i want to thank you if it wasn’t for you their wouldn’t be a christmas.once again thank you and p.s i got all a’s and b’s =) =~0 =~)

  38. i got a bike today for my birthday and i cant ride it until the 14th december which is my birthday and i said thank you to the man in the shop

  39. DEAR SANTA. Santa you are are one of my favourite things about Cristmas.pleas give me my presants that I ask for this Cristmas.if you cant give me all my presants that is fine.I wont mind.I will still try my best to be good.thanks for the message on my mam and dads G-mail last year. say hi to mrs.clause and the eleves for me.hope you have a good Cristmas.yours sincerely kayley p.s. merry Cristmas bye muh gulp love you.

  40. hey santa I just want to say thank you for coming to my house and making every christmas special and tell everyone at the north pole I said I love them and have a happy thanksgiving

  41. I like macaroni and cheese .I like to play outside . And I like to play base ball . I am thankful for all my family . And I thankful for all my toys from Santa and that my mom makes food for the reindeer . And I thankful that Santa loves all the children in the world .

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