Northern Lights

Northern Lights Aurora Borealis
The Northern Lights

I am a busy, busy guy.  There are so many toys to make and so little time to Christmas!

Mrs. Claus has been by my side forever.  She is as beautiful and special to me as the Northern Lights! Mrs. Claus understands how busy I am.

She does, though, ask for a little time each week.  Just the two of us.  Time that does NOT involve dolls or robots or stuffed animals!

Every week we plan a fun night together.  Sometimes we play cards.  Sometimes we go for a walk. One time we painted mugs. The best part was filling them with cocoa later!

Tonight we had a quiet night. We sat in our camp chairs and enjoyed the sky. There are a TON of stars at the North Pole!

Suddenly we saw green bands of light pulsing in the sky. It was like green smoke streaking above us. They would fade and pulse again, like they were going on and off.

What’s wrong with the Northern Lights?

Kissy the Elf ran past us, heading for the woods.  She had to help Clumsy with a “problem”, she said.

Within a few minutes, those amazing green lights were bright in the sky again.  This time they stayed bright for a long time.

When Kissy returned, she had Clumsy the Elf with her.  He was all wrapped up in cords.

“Ah, I guess that’s why the Northern Lights kept going out,” I said.  Clumsy just gave me one of his silly little smiles.

Now that the Northern Lights were staying on, they were BEAUTIFUL!

I love spending time with Mrs. Claus every week.  And I love the quiet and the beauty of the Northern Lights!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. Sometimes I can’t think of what to do with Mrs. Claus. What should we do together after Christmas? You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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49 special messages to Santa about “Northern Lights”

  1. Heres a list of some places you guys could go to together :D!
    1:A beautiful paradise Island or beach
    2: Canada or Alaska!
    3: romantique France
    4:Go on a gondola in Italy and get pasta there etc.
    5:Go sledding or Ski’ing together
    6:Go to the GREEK ISLES
    7:Go to KYOTO, JAPAN (one of my fav places)
    8:Hawaii! 😀
    9: Go to The Seychelles
    10: Go to the Mallorca,Spain
    11: Go to the The Taj Mahal
    12:Go to the Salar de Uyuni (Worlds largets natural mirror)
    13: Go watch a movie together at the Sundance Kabuki Cinemas, San Francisco, Ca.
    14:Hit the Slopes in Aspen, Colorado
    15:Experience Natural Beauty in Australia
    16:Tour the Riverside Hideaway of Guangxi
    17: Go to the CARIBBEAN
    18:Take a Walk in the Clouds in Chachapoyas
    19: Go too Split’s Diocletian Palace
    So there are some amazing places you guys could go too!

  2. take a nice walk and then drink hot cocoa ,play cards ,and display fireworks while The Northern Lights in the background. I bet it would be beautiful. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :0 :0

  3. you should get her a reindeer to play with!
    or spend more quality time and get more elves to help! me and my family would like to become elves and help out! 🙂
    could i please please please have a laptop for christmas? thank you Santa Claus!

  4. I’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights! They sound beautiful! (did I spell that right?) Merry almost Christmas everyone!

  5. I think yall should go to Alaska because it’s cold up there and you’re used to the cold.There are also polar bears up there but were you are living it’s down there.

  6. Santa,Come to NH Manchester because there will be a BIG party.I think.Or take her to a nice resteraunt like Applebeez or something.I hope you two have fun!See ya in 5 days!

  7. Dear santa i believe that know what to do with mrs claus after christmas well i think eather you take her to her favourite shop and get her something she really likes because she deserves the best!
    Or take her for a nice trip in your slay if you do take her for a trip on your slay make sure she is wrapped up warm!

  8. You should go to Sydney to see the New Years fireworks the are very pretty and they are near the the habour wich is a wonderful place
    Hope you like it

  9. you know th elves are actually the ones that make all the christmas presents and you just sit in a sleigh and carry them once a year so im pretty sure that you don’t really do anything apart from eating and getting fatter <3 can i please have an iphone 5 for christams

  10. Sounds kind of nice santa I gat a idea you shold take mrs santa to a restaurant and watch a movie take her to ssee the sun set than maybe u should take her home and wathc tv with her good luck I hope u text me back santa clause

  11. Ideas for fun times together…i love to go for walks, play board games, make new recipes oh and my fav thing is to play music and dance around the room!

  12. Ly so much Santa and I know you been busy and I will always believe in you even if I’m an adult or grow up and can’t w8 for u to come to my house this year just make sure not to wake my guinea pig cuz she makes alot of noises.She makes wheeking sounds when she’s hungry and I hope u can bring her and our Rabbit Bella present so they won’t fell left out and I’ll promise to be extra good this yr :)hope to hear from u love Karla

  13. hello santa i have been rally hard to get the cool toys your elfs are making i cant wait and bye the way i will leve you the most scrumtios mice pie and millk how are the reindeers is ruldolfs nose still shining to make ligt for you at nigt p.s hope you fit down the chnimny.

  14. Dear Father Christmas

    We think you could do any of these things with Mrs. Claus…
    1. Stroke the reindeers
    2. Go on a cycle ride.
    3. do some baking
    4. make a snowman
    5. Go on a riendeer ride!

    We hope you have a lovely Christmas. We have all been working very good!
    Love from

  15. I think it is a nice idea to spend at least a couple hours a day with her. That would be so nice! Even though you are busy. I can not wait till’ christmas! You are busy i know so i really do not think you will be able to read all the letters i send you so goodbye!!

  16. It is a wonderful idea to spend at least a couple hours a week just you and your wife. I try to do the same thing. When I spend time with my loved one I watch tv and read the bible. I love reading the bible with my family and talking about how blessed I am. During the same time I make sure she knows how much I love her she is my life.

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