A trooser-less Test Flight!

new sleigh
My new sleigh is fast!

What a day this has been!  My new sleigh was finally ready for a test flight.

Scunner and Professor FumbleBumble have been working hard getting it ready.

Scunner, Professor FumbleBumble and I got up very early.

We harnessed the reindeer to the sleigh. They were ready and excited to go.  I patted them all good morning and climbed into the front seat.  Scunner and the Professor sat behind me.

‘Santa, remember that this is fast…’ the Professor began as I tapped the reins.


Wow!  We took off like a rocket!  My hat flew off as we sped through the air.  I have never gone so fast and I must admit it brought a smile to my face.

We had planned just to fly around the North Pole but before I knew it we were tracking over Canada to my left.

My New Sleigh Is Fast!

‘Santa, you’re going a little bit too fast’ the Professor said.

I turned to look at him and saw that Scunner was hanging off the back.  He was laughing and screaming at the same time.

‘Santa, I’ve lost me troosers’ he giggled.

I slowed down and turned home.  Scunner had managed to climb onto the new sleigh and I saw him pointing down.

We had already reached Scotland.  Scunner waved to the mountains and lochs below as we flew past.

Thankfully Scunner had on his long coat.  We quickly got him inside before anyone saw his bare legs.

To be honest, I think the new sleigh is a little too fast – we still haven’t found my hat or Scunner’s trousers.  So I will use the same sleigh as usual this year.  (I will keep this one for fun though!)

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Have you ever been in an airplane?  Do you like flying?  Where did you go? You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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40 special messages to Santa about “A trooser-less Test Flight!”

  1. have you pack new toys frr christmas

    this year hope are fit to fly
    arund the world this year
    and ihope rudolph gude you slegh
    hope to see ared glow in christmas eve night this year

  2. hi santa i am busy seeing my grandma today.well you are busy to. do think you could reply to this thank you from

    mollie xxxxx

  3. Hey,It’s me!So I have never been in a plane.I wil next year to go to Disney World in Florida!Santa,Can I use the new sleigh to get to Florida? *Wink* Have a nice time!

  4. I go on an airplane every summer to go to Toronto to drive to Parry Sound and that’s where my cottage is. I also went on an airplane to get to Disneyland. I like the treats on airplanes.

  5. Yes I been in a airplane a couple of times. A few years ago I even got to fly home to Germany wish I can see them all again very soon.

  6. I’ve gone to Florida before it was a very long trip the first flight was from Columbus to Charlotte it lasted four hours.Then the second flight was from Charrlotte to Florida again It lasted four hours.Then on the flight home it was from Florida to Washington D.C. It obviously lasted four hours.Then the final flight was from Washington D.C to Columbus Ohio finally we were home altogether it lasted 16 hours.

  7. Hi Santa,
    I tHink your new sleigh must have been fast cause i did not see you pas.P.s Lutin my elf on a shelf could have of told me that but i think its a little to long for him to write and he is the best elf on the shelf he is great

  8. i have been in an areoplane before and i like it but when we are landing my ears make funny sounds so i dont like it.

    I would love to go in your sleigh soetime santa!!!!

  9. well thats a good thing for you santa . In fact we just emailed each other. Also i want to know what the elves think of me putting them in my letter.

  10. I’ve been on an Airplane before. I was a little scared at first, but once the plane took off and was in the air I was fine. I went to Orange County to take a shuttle and go to Disneyland.

  11. hi Santa i email you yesterday. i would like to say that i like opening my presents on christmas morning and i’m really excited

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