Santa’s Surprise Supper

Sometimes I like to do something to make Mrs. Claus feel special, to thank her for all she does.  I had the perfect chance to surprise her the other day when she was teaching a gingerbread cookie class at the shop.  She would be out of the house for a few hours, so I decided to spend that time making a surprise dinner!

At first things went well.  I mixed up a tasty-smelling meatloaf and stuck it in the oven.  Things were going so well that I thought I could start mixing some cookie dough while the meatloaf cooked.  I mixed a few things together, but the dough was just a sticky mess that stuck to my hands.

I had been so distracted with my cookies that I had forgotten the meatloaf until Clumsy the Elf came rushing in.  “Something is burning!  Something is burning!”  I looked around and sure enough, Clumsy was right!  He had seen smoke coming from my window and had rushed in to see what was happening.

“This is a mess!”  I cried.  “What will I do?”

I had no idea what a good cook Clumsy was until he began to help me fix my messy meal.  He added a bit more flour to the goopy cookie dough and fixed it right up!  He then helped me mix up a brand new batch of meatloaf, adding a few things I would have never thought of like red and green peppers.

Mrs. Claus was so pleased when she came home to such a great meal.  Thanks Clumsy!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you like to make things in the kitchen?  What do you like to make?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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109 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s Surprise Supper”

  1. Ho ho ho. Hi santa. What are you up to today? I am going to my friends house today. I guess your getting ready for the big night. I am excited. James has been silly. He raisered some of his hair yesterday. Will you take one of his peasants off him for my mum. Do you believe in me? I am sad for unmount because my friends keep saving your just for little children. I disagree. Well did you know it is high school for me next September. I wish myself luck and my friends. Do you wish us luck? I wish you luck on Christmas eve. Shi does the rest of my family. We’re going too have a massive Christmas dinner. Would you join us or not? I hope so. Good luck. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  2. i like making things in the kitchen too, i like making anything, espically cupcakes and cookies for school fetes, like a summer fete and a christmas fete, where children get tickets to see santa, last year, i got number 1, and santa was on a double decker bus. it was fun, i like maing things in the kitchen.

  3. dear santa i bet your workshop is huge i wish one day i could visit the north pole your friend franklin joe browning

  4. I like making spagetti bolgonaise because when my mum broke her hands I had to help her with everything like cook but her hands are better now so she is back to cooking nice food! Yummy!! Merry Christmas and say well done to Clumsy from me

  5. dear santa iwill make sure iam in bed at christmas eve night your friend franklin browning

  6. dear santa you are the best iwill leave some carrots out for the reigndeers i have some milk and cookies for you hope you stop in your friend franklin joe browning

  7. dear santa merry christmas and a safe trip i just wish you could make a trip to my house but i sill believe in the christmas magic and in you but like that man on polar express sais seeing is believing your friend franklin joe browning

  8. dear santa christmas isnt just about presents its about christ our lord your friend franklin joe browning

  9. I love making stuff in the kitchen,Such as Cup cakes,Shortbreades,Gingerbreads and Rice Crispy cakes. Love From Rebecca xxx P.S Merry Christmas Santa!

  10. I love making stuff in the kichen and I will make you home made cookis this year love Oniosa P.S meary christmas santa

  11. dear santa are you goin to the land of misfit toys this year your friend franklin joe browning

  12. dear santa how are the reigndeers doing have they been preparing for the long trip around the world i wish you could come to my house your friend franklin joe browning

  13. Merry Christmas SANTA,
    Hey whats going on in the North Pole!!!!
    Santa, I would like to get better then come up with you to the North Pole to help you out.And then I could come home by you dropping me off at my house.So just PLEASE come and get me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m telling you the truth. LOVE:Angela Michelle Hess

  14. i love to bake in the kitchen. i bake all sorts of things. i like to help my mom make chocolate.

  15. Dear Santa,
    I like to bake pie and this year I might even leave you a piece instead of cookies. I just want to know if Jack my cat is on the nice list. It’s okay if he’s on the naughty list because sometimes he scratches me.

  16. i never would think that clumsy could be a cook,i thought he was just a clumsy elf but i guess everybody does have a secret talent!

  17. I love to make Sants and Mrs. Clause shaped suger cookies. One year my family made Christmas sugar cookies of them selfs. We did that for our Christmas card. The cookies were really yummy.

  18. I like baking cookies, muffins and cakes! But i bet they arent as good as yours or Mrs Claus’! <3 xx

  19. We just made gingerbread and sugar cookies! We also like to make a restaurant and sometimes I serve like a waitress would!

  20. Hi Santa I like to help my mam cook the dinner and i have my own set of utensils to help stir the sauces and mix the veg.
    Thanks Santa goodbye

  21. i love christmas because all the christmas film are on the telly. we get to put up the christmas tree too.

  22. i like to cook pancakes,cookies,crapes, but i love you you cook wonerful presents
    and dinners i love you santa go santa!!

  23. ooooooooooooooh that is sooooo sweet you must be a great husband. I will leave you some cookies and milk for you and carrots a celleary and water for the reindeers! xox

  24. wow,santa you’re so generus(i hope i spelled that right)
    if i was mrs.claus,i would definetly love it!

  25. it looks like you had a great day with reindeer fun are you doing and feeling but we always know if you arent feeling good mrs.claus would take good care of you p.s did the reindeer have fun? i love you santa keep warm

  26. i love to bake this thing feels so magical your the niceist person a live santa!!! mrs. clause is lucky to have YOU xxxxxxxxxx love, megan!

  27. santa we love you and can you write on my present because my friends accept 2 don’t think your real

  28. i would wish to have all my family with me on xmas even my anutie marie she is my world to me xoxox ooxox

  29. i like cooking cakes with my mum she is the best mummy i have

    p.s (i think she is going to make a batch up for you and some carrots for the rain deers xoxoxoxo from mackenzie

  30. I like to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I might make some for you for Christmas Eve. : )

  31. im sure that mrs claus would have been very grateful that you had tried to cook for her ,but im glad that clumsy fixed it up for you and it all went well. I bet you never knew that your elves coud be so helpful.xx

  32. Dear Santa,
    Hello Santa you have just heard from me but I like keeping the chirstmas spirt so you will probley hear from alot!I have a Elf on the Shelf his name is Buddy and he is a boy I’m sure you know him!I hope that you like what treats we leave you and also the reindeer!I will always belive you!

  33. We love to bake Christmas Cupcakes, Christmas Chocolate and Gingerbread Houses.
    There really yummy. Infact Emily will leave some cupcake for you. Ruby will leave some chocolate for you and Connie will leave some ginerbread for you. When you visit our house on December 24th!
    xoxoxoxoxox From Emily Connie And Ruby

  34. Santa-thank you so much 4 writing me a letter! I luv you a lot..say hi 2 the reindeer 4 me! ( especially Comet)


  36. Santa you are sooooooo funny! You should ask Clumsy to give you cooking lessons so that the next time you try to surprize Mrs.Claus with a surprize dinner it won’t be such a “holly, jolly mess!” I think that while Clumsy is teaching you how to cook, then you and Mrs.Claus don’t have to worry about getting him out of the wraping paper machine and unwrapping him all the time. So, in the end, everything works out for everyone! Even the reindeer! They can eat the leftovers from you and Clumsy’s cooking lesson. Except if they are on a strict diet so they can be healthy enough and strong enough to pull the sleigh all across the world. But, if you make healthy things, like spinach pizzas, then it works out for the reindeer on strict diets. They can eat the leftover spinach. See you later Santa. Bye.

  37. hi santa i know i want a lot of stuff this year i will type in every thing i need to below ha ha ha my dad just told me not to well 23 days till cristmas ho ho ho merry cristmas.

  38. I am the first one to leave a comment=) I hope you are very happy. I was just laying in my room and then I remembered that I have to go to Santas blog and comment I love you all so much. I have been an awesome girl this year. Have a great christmas..

  39. so the cookie dough stuck thats happend too my nanny wants won tme i got gum stuck in my hair it was gross tho love you santa clous today some won across frome me said santa aint reall i said he is too in thin he said his parents drink bear with red neck santa i said dont say that you no i love you to death santa

  40. Aw! Santa, you’re so nice! I would’ve done something like that for my mom, but I can’t cook! So when we go to the store and buy a dessert mix, I always help her out. 😉

  41. santa i think that was very sugary sweet that you did that for sweet ol mrs.claus because you and her make a great bunch sincerlay in my heart kaylee

  42. Hi Elves I wish you a very merry christmas at the North pole I bet it is cold there and I cant wait till christmas with all my present’s santa has brought me and a happy merry christmas to u to elves and sants lots of love liam xxxxxxxxxx

  43. I like to make cookies, brownies and dinner like tacos and broccoli. I like to make eggs and pancakes too.

  44. iv bee wanting a xbox 360 whith games and meet you in person iv been wanting get saint row 3 for xbox360 ps tell mrs claws she is too young to be marrid

  45. who is clumsy write to me on my e mail that i gsve on my letter see you later on cristmast eve caint wate

  46. Hiya

    I am 11 years old and obviously my friends say your not real. But deep down i belive in you a wee bit.

  47. i do like to make things in the kitchen i like to make all sorts of foods that was nice of you to do this for mrs. claus and have a great christmas! see you christmas eve!

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