Christmas is Saved by a Grumpy Elf and his brave friends

Christmas Is Saved! My Magic Key Is Safe!
Christmas Is Saved! My Magic Key Is Safe!

Christmas is saved!

I was getting VERY worried, but the panic is over.

Scunner the grumpy elf and his friends arrived with my magic key first thing this morning.  The magic key they found is the one I use to deliver presents.

Boy, do they look tired. Mrs Claus made them all breakfast, but poor Glaikit ended up falling asleep with his face in his porridge.

I am so grateful to them all.  They had a big adventure.  I cannot believe how many places in the world they visited!  I cannot believe how brave and smart they were too.  They were “awfy” brave and smart I thought!  HHHOL!

“Santa, can Birly and Glaikit stay for a wee while?” Scunner asked between yawns.

“Of course they can Scunner.” I couldn’t help myself. I leaned down and hugged him as tight as I could.  After all, I do love my grumpy little elf! 💖 I am happy he is home safe and sound.

Scunner started sneezing almost immediately.

“Santa, I’m allergic to your hat!” he wailed.  Then we both laughed.

I watched him as he climbed into bed.

“What should I do with the wild reindeer?” I asked.

“Her name is Haggis” he mumbled. “I’ll take her and Tumshie home after Christmas.”

Christmas is Saved! So It’s Time For A Nap. 😉

And then he started snoring. I looked in on them all and they were all asleep.  There was Glaikit, the daft and brave elf.  Birly the sweet and brave elf was sound asleep.  They and the clever and brave Professor, had all saved Christmas.

I should make sure they all get special presents this year.  Christmas is coming soon.  I am just so happy that Christmas is saved!


Santa Claus

P.S. What do you think I should get them for saving Christmas?  You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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32 special messages to Santa about “Christmas is Saved by a Grumpy Elf and his brave friends”

  1. Hello,Santa! I’m Faith. I dunno if you like it but you should ask Grumpy Elf and his friends what they want. Ad also, can you write back to me? Thanks!


  2. Santa I know I am on the naughty list but am trying my best to be on the nice list I don’t ask much for Christmas all I want is 2 things to be with my love one who lives in mobile alabama and to have some money. My family is poor and we don’t have money for gifts this will be over 5th Christmas without gifts all I ask is for a miracle that’s all.also love you Santa and Mrs Claus and the elfs and raindeers.

  3. Ms. Claus should bake them a big gingerbread cookie (after christmas night, we see all the cookies there. do you really eat them?)

  4. They should get a day off and get to see everyone sleeping to say thanks,and Santa I’m leaving chocolate chip cookies out.

  5. dear santa i’m looking forward to seeing u, i’m glad i made to the nice list,but anyway i’ll leave some cookies and milk, and tell clumsly its okay not everyone is perfect:):)

  6. Hi, Santa! I hhope you forgive me for making a crossover of you and Claude from Black Butler! (Kuroshitsuji) I called him “Santa ‘Claude'”! Get it? “Claude” insted of “Clause”? Yeah. Sorry. 😛

  7. when i got my elf he came with a book that said what his name was and stuff like that it said that he was the first elf on the shelf!

  8. Hi Santa I think u should give the elves new machines and what a lovely heart u have that is very sweet!!

    Have fun xxoo c u soon

  9. Austin
    , I’m Going on the way . The other side , but the best . The other side , but the best . The other side ,

  10. You should get my elf on Christmas eve. p.s. he does not have any more magic because my sister’s have touched him.

  11. Maybe you could make them a trophy (with plastic or some light material, not gold) with a little stone or something base with a plaque that says “You Saved Christmas 2014” with the elves names on them

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