Christmas Oranges & Funny Reindeer Faces

Christmas oranges can cause silly deer faces!
Christmas oranges and silly reindeer faces! The elves saw this card online and had to add it. ūüôā

Christmas oranges can help you win reindeer games!  Who would have guessed!?

Well, today was “funny face” day in the Reindeer Games. ¬†Comet had learned all about a strange sport in England called “gurning”. ¬†People put their heads inside a horse collar and pull a face. ¬†The person who makes the funniest face is the winner.

Comet thought the reindeer could try pulling funny faces.  He got a holly wreath ready in place of a horse collar.

Comet was first to go.  He put his head into the holly wreath.  First he stuck out his tongue.  Everyone giggled.  Then he made his nose scrunch up.  Everyone laughed.  Then he made his lip curl up.  Everyone laughed and cheered for Comet.

Donner was next to go.  He put his head into the holly wreath.  First he made his ears go curly.  Then he made his eyes cross over.  And then he made his lips pucker up.  Everyone laughed and laughed.  But, oh dear! Ho! Ho! Hiccup!  Everyone laughed so hard they got hiccups!

Mrs Claus got Christmas oranges for everyone to eat.  The sweet juicy taste helped to stop the hiccups.

Blitzen was next to go. ¬†He put his head into the holly wreath. ¬†But, oh no! ¬†He still had the hiccups! ¬†He took another bite of orange to get rid of them ‚Ķ and then something happened. ¬†His eyes closed tight. ¬†His ears stuck up in the air. ¬†His nose curled up. ¬†His mouth opened wide. ¬†And his tongue waved from side to side. ¬†Everyone clapped and cheered for Blitzen. ¬†But Blitzen looked surprised. ¬†“Wait,” he said. “I have not made a face yet.” ¬†Everyone was puzzled. ¬†“My orange was just very sour,” said Blitzen. ¬†Everyone burst out laughing. ¬†And guess what? ¬†Yes, Blitzen was the winner! ¬†All because of Christmas oranges!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Do you like Christmas oranges?  What taste would make you pull a funny face?  You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have eaten er, written!

20 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Oranges & Funny Reindeer Faces”

  1. I love oranges. We call the “sports candy” at my house. The fruit that would make me have a funny face is lemons. Lemons are real sour.

  2. I always thought that it would be so funny to see animals fake funny faces…. and now that i pictured it in my head, i burst out laughing! My brother asked what was wrong with me!!!!

  3. what i like about chrismas cookys is htat i lik that there sweet and tasty and see yu santa it makes me hapy but wen i saw yu at the bazaar my broter didnit wantto com withh me


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