The Santa Claus Christmas Blog is back!

Santa Claus Christmas Blog is here for another year!
It’s time for the Santa Claus Christmas Blog!

HHHOL!  It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!  So, MERRY CHRISTMAS my friends!

I am so glad you found my Santa Claus Christmas blog!  My name is, well, Santa Claus.  Maybe you’ve heard of me?  I am a big, jolly guy.  And, I live in a mystical, magical place full of elves, reindeer, snowmen, and of course, Mrs. Claus!

Yes, I have been on the Internet for a very long time.  I have been reading your emails for a long time.  I have been watching my Christmas web cams seeing who is naughty or nice for a long time.   HHHOL!  I guess I have just been around for a very, VERY, long time!  And now I can say I have been writing my Christmas Blog for a long time too!  So, welcome to “The Santa Claus Christmas Blog”.

I hope you have fun reading about me, Santa Claus, and all my friends and family at the North Pole.  I am looking forward to sharing some of my special secrets with you.  (You promise not to tell anyone, right?).

Funny Stories on the Santa Claus Christmas Blog

I have lots of silly and funny stories to share with you on the Santa Claus Christmas Blog.  After all, I have been around for a long time.  I have had lots of silly, funny adventures!

I’m really excited about something new on my website too.  The elves set up a North Pole webcam so YOU can watch ME now!  I hope you’ll check it out.

You could also say I know a bit about Christmas and the Christmas Spirit.  The Christmas Spirit is a wonderful thing.  More than anything, my hope and wish is that my blog will fill you with the magic, love and wonder of the Christmas Spirit.  That is one of the best presents I could ever deliver, even if it was only in a Yule blog!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Are you getting excited about Christmas?  You can click here to tell me how excited you are about Christmas.  Or, scroll down to see what others’ have written!

P.P.S.  If you would like to send a letter or your wish list to me, make sure you use  email Santa so I can send a letter back to you!

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630 special messages to Santa about “The Santa Claus Christmas Blog is back!”

  1. Hi my name is Rachel I am so happy I can’t not want to see my family soon
    We are going out with my staff and my family I will be so happy to see my family

  2. To want Claus my family is come down to Florida to see me soon
    I go to the red apple school it lots of fun the bat man came to red apple school
    I like my group home they take care of me
    I want t.v for Christmas I am so happy to talking on the phone
    I get a new daybed with my money

  3. First of all merry merry Christmas and wish you a very happy new year to you santa claus it’s the holiday season to all of us it’s the time of family coming together sharing the happiness and making a big celebration feast for every person in family I really really wish that I meet you in your home town for christmas celebration next time love you santa claus

  4. Hey Santa hope you can get this letter tonight I know you are very busy but me to but I Had time to talk to you I am excited about Christmas because I think that it is soooo cool that I get to host Christmas AND one big thing about my family that I live with is that the day before Christmas the Christmas tree is empty but the next morning the living room is full of stuf it is amazing and crazy cool but it would be cool if I got to ask you how you feel about Christmas so I was going to ask you no I really shouldn’t you know what I will anyway Santa I was going to ask you what is your number AND what are your parents name merry Christmas to you

  5. Root. Beer. Pop
    3ds. Games. mn55079. Nice. List. On. Paul. Puppy. Girls. Gift. Life. Size. House. Ok. Find my. House. Santaclaus.

  6. I am about to jump out of my skin with only 5 more sleeps till Christmas!
    On a 5 star rating I would be over 5 so maybe 10 out of 10!

  7. Santa please help me this Christmas seeing I have no home to spend Christmas with could you please make my wish come true I’d like a laptop ereader and money as well love you Santa clause merry Christmas to you

  8. Santa im excited for Christmas because i love Christmas all i want this Christmas is Lynyrd Skynyrd concert tonight for Pennsylvania next April the shows in also i would like a Eletric Guitar and Supercross the official video game for Xbox1 that’s my Christmas wish list for this Christmas from your friends Patrick

  9. Its EmilyLewis I’m very exited for Christmas 1month away
    So I’ve been having fun playing today.I hope my Christmas wishes come true about Toys and shiny shoes too.Well all be having fun playing in the snow so come and join us its soo much fun.Xxx

  10. hi santa my name is samuel i have a new baby niece and it will be her first christmas this year she will be 6weeks old on christmas day so please could you leave her something really nice. im 12 years old and i am really excited that you are going to be coming real soon please write back;
    samuel from ripley united kingdom

  11. Hi man

    good luck with making and wrapping the presants dudeoo ! Hardwork init.
    How many presents to go millions i guess?
    happy christmas santa!

    FROM you best writer

  12. Dear,santa
    For christmas(even though i am a girl)can you please get me a WWE seth rollins action figure?That’s all I really want because I know you can’t get me everything.And more boys and girls need toys too if they were good,then they deserve it.XOXO LOVE YA.

  13. santa i cant whait to see what you,and my family broght me and put under the tree. santa please please tell me your adriss and phone # plaease.:'( 🙂 🙂 😛 😀 😛 😀 🙂 :'( 🙂 😛 🙂 ;D ;* :* tehe bye for now 😉

  14. tehe santa did you know that i am your bigest fan are my hero because you send presants all around the world and you are relly nice and i relly hope i see you this chrismas and i hope you can leave me pichures of you so my brother will believe in you.oh yea santa do you know what i want for chrismas and do you know where i live?did you want to know why my mom put the tree so close to my room?well i dont know for sure but i think it is for me to here you say what would katherine like and if you bump the wall by acodent i can hear you tehe.well i got to find some carrots to make sure tyler my brother didnt eat all themso i have enough about 24 small carrots and if not well i gess i will give them some cookies and water and you some cookies and milk with some chocolate kisses too.
    🙂 see you soon 😉

  15. hey you now how exciting i am i tryed to find my phone and try to call you who is the bad boy on my street i love you more tan anthing

  16. Hiya santa,
    i’m really looking forward to christmas!!
    i really cant wait i just love christmas!x
    and i’m so grateful of what you get me every year eve if i dont show it i really do LOVE christmas and i love you santa!xxxxxxx

    Love you lots and lots like jellytots! xxxx

    from deanna xx

  17. Hi Santa,Its is Sophie Paige Mallek.I live in Casa Grande,AZ (Arizona)I am your #1 fan.I love you so much!I would like to go on a sleigh ride with you santa and to be an elf.I would like to have a turtle and its supplize.If i get to be an elf i could watch them and you could give me a phone that only calls you and then I could tell you if they have been naughty or nice.As soon as one of santa’s elf’s gets this message give it to santa as soon as possible.Love,Sophie Paige Mallek xoxoxo

  18. Dear santa hey what you doing you must be so busy making toys for the little chrilden miss you.
    p.s can i have the biggest the bestest pressy in the world.

  19. hey again! do you know how i said my brother and sister are here? (you problay don’t) but anyway i’m happy because they gone to camp yay!!! a whole day without them just me mum and dad g2g sally my friend is annoying me

  20. hey it’s me again i’m into bratz and barbies and earrings DEFINTLEY EARRINGS!!! sorry about that i’m just so excited about 2 months away caude on may the forth g2g gotta to go!!

  21. my christmas was awesome it was a mix up aswell i have one sister her name is savarnah and a brother named ben they are both 12 years old but turning 13 this year and i am 9 years old and turning 10 this year



  23. Dear Santa, How do you feel the two nights be for your big flight? I can’t wait for Christmas day. I wounder what I am getting for Christmas? Daniel


  25. Dear santa,i changed my mind!So accually,i do have a present for you!So,the reason i’m so exicted for christmas is,i can’t wait for you to see your christmas present!It’s something you and the elves can play at the northpole.Plus I have something you can collect every year!Hope you like it! Your friend forever,Alexandra and………MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!@

  26. I love Christmas lots but most of I love you and all the elves and everyone. Please enjoy my mince pies and carrots I will put out on Christmas.

    Lots of love Samuel Rees

  27. SANTA!!! I accidently (on my email to you)said i wanted and 18! I meant a unicycle with 18 inch wheels! I can’t believe I made the mistake, and please read this!!! =D

  28. I forgot to let you know that i will be at my grandparents house in Shallowater remember were you left my toys and goodies same place be carefull

  29. we hope that we can email you every day!:)it would be kool if we could give you cookies right now! we would put our awesome email adresses out, but we wouldn’t want some kid from china emailing us!!!+, we wouldn’t even understand what it says! ho! ha! he!

  30. you should give mrs.claus a david yurman mommy loves them! Today I baked cookies with my mommy. we are making your cookies on x-mas eve so they are nice and warm and freash! love’ Grace p.s. I wont forget to make your cookies. p.p.s. i would never give you smelly socks!(wink)

  31. i’m dasia who you sent a letter to
    remember.i am so happy that you and
    me are going to have a good
    christmas.oh yeah i forgot i also
    want you to have a happy new
    year.what is the northpole.for
    chritmas can you take me to the
    nothpole please.oh sorry i have to bye and merry christmas.
    love dasia

  32. hello santa what is christmas like in the north pole? how do your ranideers fly? how dose your sligh fly? has anyone seen you befor? how dose your magic dust work? dose ruldulphs nose actuly shine a red light?

  33. Hi santa you told me to check out your blog so i am! My mom is at the docters with my sister cady mock. She is not feeling good so can you wish her the best of luck?

  34. Hey Santa. How are you? I hope good. I just wanted to say hi and my brother William does too. I just wanted to say you are my hero:)

  35. Hi im kylie I wounder what it would be like to be you!!! how is your raindeers,also how are your elfs. I can’t wat 9 more dayshow mant raindeers do you have? is your hat really magic?I love you more then 200 times. I love you/christmas. is it fun to be hi in the sky.

  36. Santa have you ever taken someone to the North Pole because I was asking if you coud take me to the North Pole and when you come to my house wake me up and I was asking if you could take me to the North Pole so I could see the elevs and see you and could you take my family to the North Pole so we could see everything there?

  37. dear santa, I think that u are always the best! for all the good. & some are bad for just really for them a break so that feel really bad oky bye!

  38. Heyy Santa!
    Thank you for your reply from my email 🙂
    Hope you have a safe flight on christmas eve and give my love the rudolph and the gang. 😉

  39. hay talking to remember me u wer talking to me on email santa cluas .com.So just wanted to say hi and thank u for the email

  40. im so glad the blog is back!!
    Were so excited to see santa, alough we wont see him!!!! hard luck ay:-(!!!

    We hope santa bring us everything for christmas however im sure their are a lot of childeren that need things..
    Thanks so much santa, & miss claus & the raindeers..
    we love yas muchlyyyy!!!

  41. my dog said hi I can tell by her bark because she was barking at u i think she wants to go around the world liike u shes only a pup shes 2 years old so seya!

  42. dear people pleas check santas safety tip to write a letter pleas dont put your lastname its very dangrouse this is a caution if u dont know what it means then to bad because i dont know eather o well sak your people next to u k?

  43. dear santa I think your story was amazign my bff everte otld me that you like coco instead of milk well better that milk you know chrismas is my grandmas b-day im so exited for chrismas I even wrote a poem

  44. Hi Santa,
    I hope you are feeling good on Christmas eve, and then Christmas day. You have lots of work to do Santa. I am really excited for Christmas. I think I have been good this year.

  45. I’am so excited and so energetic on christmas,I just wanted to start enjoying my christmas days with my parents or with my friends.

  46. Hi santa! Once I woke up on Christmas night and I heard slay bells and something walking on the roof, I think it was one of the reindeer!

  47. Hi santa! I REALLY like christmas. I am looking forward to it aswell. I hope you have a lovely christmas aswell1
    P/S: I believe in evryone. (You, Mrs Claus, your elves, reindeer and anyone else.)!

  48. Dear Santa,

    I love you and mrs claus and the elf. I wonder if you like pop i might leave you some. I have got you a lovely card.

    Love from Olivia x

  49. dear santa, i love you and mrs. clause and the elfs. i wonder if you like ch. milk. i am leaving you some. i made you a gift. love cheyenne

  50. i’m so excited for you to see the treats i leave you. i’m not about to say your not real. i know you are! love you santa

  51. My kids are all grown up but we still make cookies every year. I have a 9year niece who I help take care of.So atless I still have one small child to see the light in her eyes christmas morning. I just love all the lights people have up. And how nice people get this time of year just wish they could stay that way.Thank you for all the joy you bring to children old and young.

  52. Dear Santa, I’m ready for Christmas this year are you ? Do you know what I want for Christmas ? I want an Xbox 360, 2K 11 NBA for Xbox 360 NCAA 10 Basketball game, Yorkie Therier dog, Illinois basketball jersey 21 with last name on the back Love, Lane


  54. Santa,

    Sounds like poor rudolph has a cold and needs to stay home this year. Poor Guy hood Mrs. Claus can fix him up fast give him so hot spicy soup that will cure anything. A week from christmas can you believe it. I have gotten all my christmas shopping done for my family and still working on my friends presents and today there is a christmas party at the local Arc friendship club I help with wow where has the time gone! Santa will you make sure that next year you will leave me more presents that I will enjoy as I will be 26 years old in September of next year. I have been working on knitting and crocheting as I have finished all my swim team hats for Special Olympics and I am working 15 hours per week that should keep me out of trouble now santa I think you would be surprised how I have been working everyone loves me!

    Ashley Rose Johnson

  55. Thank you Santa. I am sorry if I got a rotten potatoe. I will try to be good this year. Thank you for all the presents that you gave me and yes I am very excited for Christmas. I do want to hear more about Clumsy the ELf.

    Love, Jenna

  56. Santa how old are you? I am 9 years old and I will be 10 two days after Christmas.I am in Primary 5 my teacher is the beatful Miss Low.Santa do you have any childen?Are you looking forward to Christmas?Santa when is the best time to put up your Charistmas Tree?
    I Love You so much!!!!
    I do also mean your elf’s,reindeer’s, snowman’s and Everyone eles!

  57. Hello Santa Clause You Should Know Ive Been A Good Girl Because You Have Just Phoned Me Haven’t You (Wink).Now I Would Like To Wish You,Mrs Clause,The Elf’s,And I Can’t Forget Rudolph Merry Christmas Everyone Have A Really Good Time And I Hope You All Get Things That You Want For Christmas Cos Thanks To Santa And His Elf’s I Have Thank You Santa And Elf’s x

  58. Hi elves at the north pole how is mrs claws doing guess what elves
    It snowed in Coventry RI except it stopped after 5 minutes

  59. hi i’ve been nougty so sorry hope you forgive me. hope you have a nice travel to my house.

    love heart love heart love heart my sister is could Rebecca

  60. dear santa i like your blog so mutch,it is very intresting blog for childran! i love you so mutch,i have smoll sister,her name is nino,she is 6 old, she to love you so mutch!she is saying:dear santa!i love you so mutch!happy marry christmas to you and happy new year to!i and mziko hope thet you will come in our house and you will give us gifts! i want phone.good_buy dear santa !

    the best wishes nino and mziko

  61. Hi Santa
    I am 18 years old and I want a ipod touch and horse fleece blanket and clothes. I miss you and Mrs. Claus and reindeer and elves I been really good

  62. Ho Ho Ho hello santa

    I hope the elves can make all the toys!
    I almost forgot how is Rouldolth?
    I hope i get to see you on christmas eve.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho!


  63. Did you no i am really emsited about christmas santa claus and for christmas i would like hello kitty tattoos please thank you

  64. dear santa.YoU SHOULD know who i am its me kyle. I have been counting down the days till christmas icant wait to get some of my gifts i been wanting please let me know if i need to remind you what i want this year goodnite i love you and mrs. claus. P.S. YOU KNOW IVE BEEN A GOOD KID.

  65. Hi Santa it is me anthony.I am singing a song about you in L.E.R. I know you were really nice, funny, and joyfull. I hope you can put me on the nice list this year please. Best wishes Anthony.

  66. Santa te quiero mucho, gordito lindo! Feliz Navidad a Todos!! I know you are really busy, but don’t forget about me.I really want to go back home…

  67. War Eagle!!! Santa, what football team do you like? My team Auburn Tigers are playing for the National Championship! I sure hope they win! Do you?

  68. Santa, Have you gotten to meet your new Elf, Ernie? He showed up at our house a couple of days ago. He is watching us to be sure we are good and reports to you each night. Please send me a email back.

  69. Hello Santa…
    I am so excited about Christmas. I am really hoping I get an Ipod Touch. It seems like it is taking forever…Can you make the days go faster? Thank you Santa!

  70. I am so ready for Christmas! I can’t wait for your arrival! I think i’ve been very nice this year but mabey you could check on that! I love this website because we can e-mail you and learn a little bit about you.. santa yourself! I’ve been counting down days in my assigment book till we get out of school and for christmas eve! hope to see you soon!

  71. santa you are so so funny you tell such good storeys and how am you and misses claws getting on? write bk lots of huugs and kisses georgia x x xxxxxx


  73. dear santa its me Amber thank you for my letter i will show everybody at school tomorrow i have dancing later and i’m worried because i’m not that flexible and every one else is plus i’d like to be able to write more in litracy because i dont really write that much so if possible please help me this christmas

  74. I have never read your blog before but it seems soooo cool and i will read it all.
    i also wanted to say i love you santa and carn’t wait for you to come too my house.
    I have got too go now so bye and love you tuns hannah.

  75. Hi santa it’s Tess again I sent you a letter from
    I was just remembered about my Letter that I sent you .
    All so it is ok if you check the list of norty and nice


  76. hey Santa it’s Kasey again! You were talking about the “Grinch” earlier and right befoer i emailed you i watched “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” i really liked how good it turned out in the end. Tell EVERYONE inculding the reindeer to have a wonderful Christmas. Tell Ms.Claus MERRY CHRISTMAS. Goodbye Santa and thank you so much. Wait do you know what i look like?

  77. hi santa
    i am getting extremly worried about holly the christmas fairy she hasn’t been since november please tell me she is still coming. i really need her help i don’t have much money for some of the things i want to get her like a wolf calendar so please santa tell her how upset and worried i am about her and please tell her i need help again this year.
    please tell me you have told her or if she will at least help me agian this christmas.
    from stay

  78. hi Santa very amazing blog i love it
    how is north pole and how is the elves and Rolph. merry chrismas santa i hope u have a special sparkling chrismas with mrs claus tell her i said hello and all the elves i still wanat to meet my legands eva pope and Elisabeth sladen and daivid tenntent and tom baker he was the 4th doctor. doctor.who i wish i could tell u about doctor.who love Nicola xxxxxxxxx

  79. i just adore christmas. Reciveing presants are the best but giving people them are good but it is FANTASTIC that your coming t my house(only 19 more sleeps untill christmas)I LOVE YOU SANTA

  80. santa i love you so much and i so glad that your blog is back!!!
    i know i’m quite a big i’m almost 15 but i still believe in you and i still have a christmas spirit!

  81. dear,santa,
    thankyou! the reason why I am saying thankyou is because for puting all people
    smils on there faces.Even for babies.I have a babby couson named Lechiana.I cant wait to see her smile on her face.
    well thats all I have to say.
    Merry Early Christmas!

  82. I just ador Christmas! Even though I do recieve lots of presents, the best part is giving them to others. But, most of all, Santa, I am excited that you are going to come to my house. (only 20 more days)P.S. I absolutely LOVE you, Santa!

  83. I just my elf on the shelf.I really want a trip to sea world ,Ipod touch i also want a stamp year book please santa I really appreaciate all those gifts santa i love you santa.

  84. santa mrs.claus and elves and all ur reindeer i wanna thankyou alll for making me have a wonderful good christmas and for all of you putting effort in for me to have a good and wonderful time on christmas espically santa and you reindeeers i wanna thank santa espically because he takes his time to talk to me and tracks down everyone of us children it must be really hard for him and tough to get them what they want so thank you very much santa and i wanna espically thank santas reindeer cause they take all there muscles and energy to travel around the whole world and fdly that sleigh and help get santa to every house so people have a good christmas so thankyou reindeer i will never forget any of you i will never forget the reindeer,theelves,mrs.claus,and santa i love you all have a good christmas eve ad christmas every on in santas workshop eleves mrs.claus,reindeer and most of all santa have a wonderfull timelove u all sincerely,MARYSSA

  85. I am super excited mor happy than I’ve ever been! When r you coming to Smiths Falls, ONTARIO, CANADA
    Love always

  86. I love Christmas it’s the best time of the year. I enjoy shopping for my six grandchildren and my children even though I can’t buy much for them due to financial difficulty

  87. Hi Santa Im very exited about Christmas this year.I hope I get some presents.

    p.s I know that you are real.

    p.p.s I have a question how do you clean a raindeers nose? bye bye

  88. Hey santa i am 10 years old and i am so exited for christmas because christmas means a lot to my family.


  89. Oh its not long till christmas I can hardly wait all the decorations are up. I think its extremmly nice that santa, the elves and mrs claus go through all this trouble for us to have an amazing day so i will leave something refreshing out for you on christmas eve to say thankyou for your hard work all year round so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  90. Hi Santa its only 20 days till Christmas and I am very excited p.s.I have a new baby brother and it will be his first
    Christmas so be careful what you bring him
    he will be only 10 months ! p.p.s his name is Oliver.

  91. I am,




    :>) :>) :>) :>)=snow-man!


  92. hey santa iam 11 years old i am lokking foward for christmas i would love a purple camera a black wii a x box 360 nfor my brother a pink laptop for my mom thanks for everything
    p.s.your my new bff

  93. dear santa,
    please dont go down our chimney because it is blocked behind a wall. but we will leave you your magic invisible key in our mailbox for you. take it with you for next year.
    thank you santa
    love shay

  94. Hi santa I am so glad I am writing on your blog. I can not wait till christmas It is so exiting I have already stated my advent calendar. I hope I get all my presents.

    Merry Christmas!

  95. Hi Santa Its Meg again ho ho ho i didnt know that san antonio is one of her favortie places! well im sorry you had to get rid of your other phone and your welcome for the treats and i have a dog silly i said a pillow pet thats a dog see its a stuffed animial dog thats also a pillow!

  96. I got your e-mail Santa Ik wand a picture of your elefs.
    I got a elef on the shef he is wonderful I love the site.

  97. im really excited about chistmas because i like opening all my presents on christmas day. i hope you get home safely and the reerdeer.and i hope all the snowmen,elvs,reerdeer mrs claws and you have a nice christmas. we dont want christmas eve spoit like 2 years dont want spot like two year ago the reerdeer evls and you hand the coulor of the rainbow spots so mrs claws had to give all the presents and she thought she missed some people to give presents but i got my presents 2 yesrs ago take care Caitlin

  98. Dear Santa Claus I forget to tell you this:
    “MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too”, and Santa 1 more thing please let me be good every single day of my life because i am good every day and i am not begin naughty!!
    HO HO HO!!

  99. im very excited santa and even though im almost 12 i still believe in you! thanks again santa!!! please,please,please try to find me in mexico!!

  100. Santa, can I be your helper and be an elf to help you? I would really like that.
    Sign here ________

    I really want to be an elf. Please Santa can you get this message quick?

  101. I love your blog and i cant WAIT for christmas! And i am so happy that lucille is here! And by the way can you make a pink ripstick?

    love lydia

  102. i love you santa i hope you love me too! i really want to see what the others wrote bye and remember i love you ooops i mean i will always love you!byeeee byeeeee

  103. Dear Santa,
    I think it is wonderful that you make a Christmas blog. Have fun and I wish you a Merry Christmas.

    P.S Excuse the terrible punctuation and I almost forgot I got third for butterfly at the swimming Carnival yesterday.

    Thank You

  104. I am going to visit you at Bentleyville, Santa. I will be wearing a hot pink jacket. I will tell you what I want then. I love you, Santa. Bye!

  105. I am so excited for Christmas. i remember when you took a picture on my camera and hid my camera in the tree.
    I love all of your elves and you.

  106. I have 2 questions.
    1. do you have an elf named peewee?
    2. what is your youngest elves name?

    I am so excited for Christmas. i remember when you took a picture on my camera and hid my camera in the tree.
    I love all of your elves and you.

  107. santa I can”t wait for christmas to come P.S. I no a joke to hear it is pete and repete were on a boat who fell off repete get it cuz you repete it LOL TTYL Love Jenna


  109. Hi Santa!!!! I love you sooo much! I can’t believe it is almost christmas!!!
    And on another website, I e-mailed you if you could send me a present right now on my front chest in my front hallway. How come I never got it?

  110. Thank you for that wonderful letter Santa. I was wanting a real chef and a real made for CHRISTMAS. But I probably wont git that for CHRISTMAS. Santa will you answer one question? Will I get a real chef and a real made for CHRISTMAS?

  111. Hello Santa,
    I’m sooo excited and i really hope you are too.
    I wish you could come more than once a year though (wink)
    love from

  112. i cant wait to c if father christmas is going to get me what i really asked for which is a quad bike i hope he does xxx

  113. hey santa, are you having a good time at the north pole? Where i live its realy snowy and the snow is up to my knees! i had a realy good time making a snowman its snowing again!!!!
    from lulu 🙂

  114. I am so so excited. I can’t wait till its Christmas Day when I wake up and get my presents – its the best feeling ever – love you Santa xxx

  115. Hello Santa, I am wondering how your going in the northpole. I am not sure what I am going to get Im sure it will be good!

    love cass,

    Ps good luck for the trip
    Pps say hi to ms claus and the elves and reindeers for me!

  116. I hope you are haveing fun up at the north pole. It is very cold down here where I live. I tis about in the 20 or the 30s. I hope have a

  117. Dear Santa,
    I love you and your reindeers. I am very excited to see what you bring me for christmas. I have been very good.

  118. hello santa iam glad for christmas i hope you could bring me all my present have a good day and thank you for all my present last year thank you love you always and say hi to everyone on south pole

  119. Hi Santa! I’m so excited about christmas this year!!!! Thank you very uch for all the other gifts these past years! Hope You be real careful on your ride this christmas eve and don’t eat to many cookies LOL!

  120. Hi Santa Claus I wish I can see Rudolph & you, Mrs.Claus & all the reindeers you are a great Santa.Thanks for giving presents all around the world thats very very nice what are your children name.MERRY CHRISTMAS.HO.Ho.ho

  121. Hey Santa!
    i’m sure you can always remember me i got an A+ on your nice list so hophily you can remember me.
    And can you remember me santa claus i got a B+ so we wanted to tell you have a merry christmas and try to have a break because you work very hard for everyone and so do the elves. Is it fun there at the north pole. Guess what SANTA we already have some of our christmas lights up isn’t that exciting i can’t wait till christmas i we are going to have a great time and so is the rest of my family.
    K gotta go From Trent And Nicola ♥

  122. Hi Santa I am really excited for Christmas this year and you must be too, getting back on your sleigh again.Thank you so much for all the toys last year and the all the other years say hello to everyone in North Pole.!

  123. Hi Santa,
    I am so excited about you coming to my house on Christmas Eve! I will make you favorite cookies again this year. The kids in my class have been working very hard. They all deserve an extra gift. They are wondering about the elves, and where they can find them. Please ask the elves to introduce themselves. I will talk to you later!

  124. Hi Santa I am So exited for christmas!My friend Kimmy has a shelf elf and last night at dance it was watching me to make sure I was beig good it was cool!

  125. can we write back to you again now. you are also the best person in the world.i hope you can get me lots of interesting things .

    love jack

  126. heey santa i love you i think u are the best b/c u do everything in a blink of a eye lol well i cant wait till it is christmas i alreaddy sent u my christmas list for this year well u better keep working to finish all the pressents for around the would i love u santa ur the besttt!!! bye AShlee email {email address deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip below!} seeyeah

  127. Hi santa

    I’m ethan and I was Quickly looking through the front page of your blog and it looks amazing I can’t wait till christmas Eve and day. I hope to hear you on the roof

    Sicerly Ethan

  128. I got your reply to my letter, thank you!! I don’t mind if you eat some of the veggies i sent for the reindeer!! You should eat veggies because they are good for you!! I’m getting very excited as Christmas gets closer!! I hope I get a real kitten but we already have a big dog so I don’t think I will get one. Oh well, maybe next year!!!
    Thanks for listening,

  129. i no that sants seerelly you no that you can call me tonight i want to take to you to tellyou what i want for you to brigh me these year ilove you sants withallmyheart calljesscai at {phone number deleted by the elves. Read Santa’s Internet Safety Tip below!} thinkeyou sant writ meback thinkyou forallof they toys

  130. i dont live in england i live in indonesia and my mum booked some flights to go back to england but thats on the 14th of december and i am so excited because its already snowing in england and i cant wait bu here its tooo hot i still have the christmas spirit
    merry christmas
    from toby XOXOXOX


  132. Dear Santa,
    i love you. Santa i have a letter in my stoking pleas read it on Christmas. it says i want a phone and a pet. love,

  133. dear Santa,
    its me have you been?
    i love cranberry apple juice do you?
    i love you Santa Claus.
    do you love me?how are the elves?
    lots of love,

  134. hi santa im getting really happy can’t wait into christmas and thats one of my favort time of year to and i was wondering if i could saty up to see you and the reindeer?and i will leave milk and cookies and carrots for the reindeer.

  135. santa you are so awesome thanks for making christamas fun and great !!! without you it would just be like any normal day !!! so keep joly and keep bringing presents lol xx

  136. hi this is nicole here are the elfs packing all the toys for your trip and i just want to say one more thing before i go that your the best person in the world

  137. hi santa for christmas i would like a lg cookie mobile thats what i would realy like that and my friend abbie would like the same in pink and my’n in purple love marykate & abbie

  138. Hello Santa I am happy that its mearly christmas my mummy is helping me write this i have a barbie advent calender please for christmas can i have in my stocking some barbies and clothes Lots of Love Indigo xxxx
    PS:I am leaving you lots of carrots for all your reindeers and my grandpa made a cake for you !

  139. Hi Santa hope you are doing fine!!Hehe making those lists and checking em twice!!anyway can’t wait till CHRISTMAS!love Shevon

  140. hi my name is lauren smith i love your blog thank for inviting me to your blog i have had fun reading it is the best blog ever.

  141. hi santa, it is maddison, I love you lots and always will, ooxxooxxooxx
    ooxx thats how much I love you

    from maddison eccles

  142. To Santa I love you I wot anything for chrstmas from Trearnna or Tre love you Sante hesp and I really want a bratz big car of a playing car fo because I broke the steering wheel off so I wont another one lots for things for christmas love you sante I have a beer for you and a home made cookies I hope you like my home made cookies love you Santa.

  143. hi santa your blog is really cool let terri bindi and robert know i say a merry christmas from me send an email from Rhiannon

  144. Hi Santa, its me Richard 🙂 How are you doing??? Thank you for inviting me to read your blog!! How are all the Reindeer doing????

  145. Hi santa claus this is Olivia the one you wrote to on email santa. A friend of mine named Grace said you were not real and you can’t go to every house in one night cause its daytime in one part of the world and the other half is nightime but I don’t believe her because you can go to the half of the world that is night first then go to the second half of the world after.Please type me back LOVE,OLIVIA

  146. Dear Santa,
    Thank you for giving out toys every year! Thank you for that note tonight when I sent in my list. I love you Santa Claus!

  147. Hi Santa! Thanks for writing back.I knew the Reindeer would like the treats.I can’t wait until Jesus’s birthday!I would like an Ipod touch and a laptop.I think I’ve done a good job being good.heres an early merry Christmas to you! hugs and kisses Kayleigh

  148. i have been so excited we all ready have the christmas tree up. theres even presents under there.i am so exited.i cant wait to see you.

  149. Hi Santa!!! I am really looking forward to Christmas this year, I really hope I get the book I wanted, anything by Judy Bloom is okay. I love her books!!!! Our Christmas tree is already up but it is a little short and lopsided. Oh well it will do. I know i will be asleep when you stop by so tell all the reindeer i said hi, 🙂 I have a lot of wishes this year but i really want a frosty the snowman, I love them, they are so cute!!!! My sister Shelby said hi! She is older and is really busy so she told me to say hi for her. See you soon, bye.

  150. i just sent you a letter from the site emailsanta and on you note back you sent me a letter saying you have a blog your one more thing do you rember me

  151. hi santa you are so cool wish i can see you in real life that would be so COOL
    see you soon love you xxxx

    p.s good night hope you have a nice sleep tell the riendeer and mrs claus i said good night tooo xxxxxxxx oooooo

  152. I am so excited about christmas I can hardly wait!!! you are soooo amazing and i can’t believe you give presents to everyone in the whole wide world!!! I’m so excited cause i love all the parades and decorating the house and tree! i also love listening to christmas carols. we always put a angel at the top of the christmas tree!!! It is a tradistion!you are the best person in the whole wide world!!

  153. Dear santa; I am so exited for christmas I hope I hear you come down the chimny, well of coarse the fire place is a gass fire place and we will probobly already have it on! so you should take the frount door or evan the back door! OH!! OH!! or evan the mouse door OH!! OH!! wait a minute….. i forgot to tell you that i…… made you cookies!!!! oh and don’t eat to many or you won’t be able to fit through the mouse door of coure it’s only 1 by 2 inches!! oh and lay off the chocolate milk your going to get a big tummy ach!! that would be sad!!:( any way you have a merry christmas.BYE!!

  154. Santa Claus,

    You do not know how excited I am, im ready for another break even though we just got back!
    And a laptop for me and my mom!
    you enspire me totally!

    Thank you for all your work and support have a great Christmas and vacation and god bless

    Love you,

  155. Hi Santa It , is stevie i have emailed you befove i am sure you wout rember me i am the one that was talknig about my dad that i have never seen himj and my iphone ok so if you can email me and thankyou for that email x thankyou love you x

  156. Santa, I just sent you a letter and you sent me one back. Thank you so very much. I really appreicate it too. What I want to let you know also is that my birthday is December 31st. So I am looking forward to both Christmas and my birthday.

  157. dear santa
    wow christmas is nearly here hope you can make this a even better christmas than last i have a presant for you mince
    pie and beer and of couse raindeer food
    for there brilliant jorney

    P:S have a lovley christmas everybody!!!

  158. heyy santa i am 10 years old and i hope you are coping with all the other peoples lettersi hope they wern’t as long as mine was. i live in redruth cornwall, ihave lots of people in my family that will want presents from you!

  159. Thank you santa,you make me smile,you are the best i love you! and tell rudolph that i love him too!for christmas one thing i would love is: a robot dog i love them and my cousin has got one but he doesnt let me play with it so thanks and me and my sister will see you on christmas eve!!! xxxxx

  160. Hi santa! i cant wait till christmas because its my birthday on thursday and we are putting the christmas tree up one thing i would really really really really love is a puppy ive wanted one ever since i was four so thanks santa i cant wait to see you on christmas eve! xxx

  161. can you please come to my house tomorrow with some of your elf’s.of course you want to know what time?can it be at 5:00 because it is school and I don’t want to get told of and have no presents for Christmas!please can you come on your sleigh so I can see the Rudolf I will get some carrots for him! i will make some cookies for you Santa!I will go to bed early today so I wont be sleepy when you come!love from Erin-Leigh[your best friend]

  162. Santa there is this girl at my class and her name is Chloe and she is really mean to me what should I do?

    Reply From Santa:

    Keyta, I am so glad you told me you are being bullied. Remember, it is not your fault. You do not deserve to be bullied.

    I want you to tell an adult about this right away, just like you told me! Getting help to stop a bully is not being a tattle-tale.

    Find an adult you trust, like a teacher or a Mom or Dad. Tell them what is happening to you. You can even show them what you wrote here if it is easier.

    Sometimes bullies stop as soon as an adult finds out. They know what they are doing is wrong and they are afraid they will get in trouble.

    You can also call some people who can help you. They are really good at helping to stop the bullies.


  163. Santa i really really really want a puppy named max and go to the north pole tomorrow at 1:00 pm to help the elves and help you read all those letters can i pretty please go to the north pole to be a elf for the day i really want to go so bad and also thank you so much for all you do i really want a puppy named max for Christmas and i really want to go to the north pole tomorrow to help pretty please can i go to the north pole i have been very good this year and i am still behaving

  164. i am happy because i think your going to bring me to the north pole tomorrow and i think you are getting me a puppy named max i will love him and play with him all the time so i really really really want a puppy named max for Christmas can you please get that for me for Christmas Santa i have been behaving all this year

  165. dear santa,

    thanks so much for all the presents you give me! i can not wait till christmas. i hope you can make another awesome christmas!
    P.S. Merry Christmas!!(well almost)

  166. dear sanata im so excited because all my family ther acept my dad and but i really do love christmas and i wish i could see the northern lights

  167. i am sorry for what my older sister sent you. it was a mistake and a fat lie. i think she should go on the naughty list! i am staying up on christmas eve night so i can see you for the first time and your reindeer. my favorite reindeer is rouldoff. i would like to talk to you longer but it is a school night and my mommy wont let me stay up. sleep well santa and ill see you on christmas.

  168. i am very exited about christmas i put good treats out for santa. and for the raindeer to. santa brings me good presents .i like santa alout .i always leave treats out

  169. santa my friend and her mom got sick last they had chritmas in bed.:( I hope I don’t get sick on christmas!least her sister,brother,and dad were not sick.


  171. Dear Santa
    I love your site and I sure hope that this Christmas goes Great for you and the Reindeer and Could you Please Leave me a Brand New Magical Key for Next Christmas so that you are able to get in

  172. Dear Santa,
    I can’t wait for Christmas!! When you are there it always makes it special! Please tell Mrs.Claus, the elves, the reindeer, and of course you how great of a job you all do! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  173. Hi santa, I Brandon just sent a letter about 5 minutes ago to you. Anyway I can wait untill christmas I love that holiday. I want to know how rudolph is and how mrs.claus is. Your awesome santa. Please write back santa

  174. im sooo loving the snow like it is CLASS LMAO i am soo exited about christmas to get my wee presents from my mum and dad and santa(of course) lol
    p.s gotta say again the snow O.M.G LEAFLY !!!!

  175. I know you can’t get me much for Christmas I’m only asking for one thing i sent email to you telling what i want but that is stuff i don’t need i just want my family to be happy and this Christmas I’ll try to make my family happy you can get me presents if you want but i don’t need them

  176. dear santa
    i hope you are fine i know you are quite busy ,and sorry to disturb i realy like christmas blessing and i know that in this period of time you come and visit i realy love you thank you for your gifts you are going to send me

  177. hello its pop again its not long till Christmas I cant wait to get up in the morning and see the large tree with presents underneath it im so excited about my Christmas dinner as well mm mm it will be rumbling in my tummy as I watch TV
    please say hello to Rudolph the red nose reindeer and the others and say that im your biggest fa to Mrs Clause

  178. hi santa i am so excited about your new blog i think that it s really cool i cant wait to get my ipod
    thankyou for reading my message

  179. i am sooo excited………your the best thi9ng that ever happened…ecspiclly to thoes kids that cant afford a good christmas. You are the person that makes it all happen. I am going to makke you extra special cookies this year.

  180. i can hardley wait till xmas day as i know wot clothes i have cos every xmas yr my dad and mum allways lets me pick them just so they fit us and we like them so im glad about that but i dont exactley no wot pressents im goin to get so yes im quit exited sata but your deffently my number one as i love u so much santa did you like the food and drink u had for last xmas and the yrs be4 santa sorry if its too long santa but i do vry muchhhhh lov ya ok so dont u forget that ok but no one is vry nice to me but u know ppl are like that but u cant say there not as i would like u to know that ur MY NUMBER 1 love you santa claus… yasmin blades….. xxxxxxxx … xxxxxx and i will not be nasty to u ok as i do love u so much

  181. Hello Santa , I will be in Ireland for Christmas and I don’t have internet because it’s our holiday home. If I am out on Christmas eve in a hotel I will do my best to send you an email.
    Joseph xoxoxoxo

  182. i could through a cup of tea on me for christmas i have my stoking as well up i am eating candy stiks and playing in the snow

  183. Dear Santa:
    I wanted to tell you I am very excited about Christmas. I know we already talked through the computer but I would like to also receive a letter from you in the mail. I have a little baby brother also but he is only 3 months old and a very good boy. If you could also send him a letter in the mail we will be looking for them. Merry Christmas Santa my brother and I love you very much!

  184. I am like 99% excited because i hawe a REALLY,REALLY,REALLY good feeling about getting abercrombie clothes,i pod nano,i pod touch,wii,dsi and some other WONDERFUL GIFTS YOU GET ME!

  185. hey i wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year…… (get it) well this is what i want for christmas, a ipod, a laptop, and a dsI

  186. i cant wait till christmas when i open up all my preasents and have christmas dinner with my family and i cant wait to play with my presants and i cant wait until i start to open my advent calander so merry christmas to father christmas and mrs clause

  187. hey santa what up? my fav time of the year is christmas because it is a time where evrey-one gets to gether and the would is full of love, peace, hope and faith. your always saying merry christmas to every-one so i’m going to say merry christmas to you too santa

    lots of love bridie:)

  188. …Hi santa my name is Aliyah.I live in Joiet,Ilnois u probably knew that.i wanted to tell u that i am very excited.I just love christmas it is my very holiday.I JUST WANT TO TELL U THAT MY MOM AND DAD KNOW WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS THEY ARE GOING TO TELL U IN A COUPLE OF DAYS.HOPE U WILL READ MY LETTER BYE,LOVE Aaliyah

  189. i am very excited about Christmas it is the time of the year to be jolly and just to let you know i know some secrets of yours first i know that lots of people ask how can Santa get to all the houses in one night well i know the answer ms.Claus rides in a sleigh to with her team of flying guinea pigs and you go on your sleigh with reindeer just to let you know

  190. How old are you?? I would like to know what it is like living in the north pole,how cold is is there.I have never heard you on my roof and I will probably wont.

  191. hi! I hope that you dont forget me! and also my brothers and sisters and mom and dad and also my doggies Oh and my grandparents. Thank!!
    See you soon!!

  192. I am so excited that i put my Christmas tree in September. I’ve been listing to Christmas music everyday! I have candles EVERYWHERE that smell like Christmas trees.

  193. i am so excited! for Christmas we have these like glass raindear and keep saying to them cant Christmas time come earlier

  194. hi it is me i printed the page oh thank you for sending that letter to me you are sweet like yous wife home made cookies and milk i got a quweshten how can you give presents to every body in the world in one nite can you tell me pleas (: your best bud david laughton bye(: love you

  195. AAAGGHHH !!! I cant believe that it is so close to christmas !! The year has flown over as did the years long before now. I hope you have a very merry christmas.
    Lots of love Megan

  196. Hi Santa,
    i am so glad you started this blog its really cool and im really exited that its nearly Christmas , ever since November started i wanted to put all the Christmas decorations all over my house.

  197. I am too exited for CHRISTMAS.I usually can not eat on Christmas eve.Thank you for the very cool presents.I love CHRISTMAS.You friend,

  198. dear santa:
    i’m very excited for christmas it was my favorite hollowday of the year the world is fill with laughter and happyness all around. i hop mr. and mrs. clouse is feel great for the upcoming hollday.

    love kate

    ps what kind of milk do you like??

  199. Hey,Santa I have to simply say you are amazing how you get around all those houses in one night:O and ilove it how you have the time to even come to my house,
    and drop all my presents off I love you so much your such a jolly person.
    I wont forget to put my cookies and milk and carrots out for you and rudolph!
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  200. Hello Santa! Its me again.
    I carn’t wait til christmas, i’m so excited, i LOVE christmas! it is the best time of the year!
    ILOVEYOU! please bring me everything i asked for, and i will be very grateful.
    Thanks for listening to me, Goodbye!
    P.S i wont forget to leave you and your reindeers a treat!:D
    Love from Abby!:D

  201. dear santa i am so excited that i can exploed butt if i cant get every thing i will love you with all my hope and go back home until next time so hae a holly jolly christmas


  203. Remember the true spirit of Christmas, not the presents, but being woth friends and family, and having a good time. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

  204. Hi Santa its Summer merry Christmas I’m am looking forward for all my presents and i will leave some cookies and some coke for you and for Rudolf i will leave some carrots out. And I hope you don’t get to cold when you are flying around the world oh and once again merry Christmas

    .p.s a big, big kiss to you and a big, big kiss to Rudolf xxxxxxx

  205. The comments i have for you are:
    I have sent you aletter that i have written to you my self by hand adn a pen and i sent it to you. abotu 2 weeks ago and i hope you looked in the4 back of the envolope because thats where the write back part is.
    Thank you

  206. hey me agian the chick!
    just to let you know my mum and dad have split up as you may well know so i will have to do two letters for christmas. Anyway me and my mum moved out of my house 12 barford road so please do send my presents to my grandads or my appartment in york.
    love from lucy xxxxxxx

  207. hi santa i am really exicted about christmas with all the christmaqs presents and all the hapiness you see on ppl faces thank you reindeers santa m.s claus elfes and rudolfxxmerry christmas

  208. Hi santa I am so excited bout christmas i am already listerning to christmas songs and in a couple of weekends i am putting the tree up see you soon bye

  209. Dear Santa Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. Even though on christmas day its jesus birthday, Since mostly everyone gets gifts waiting for them under their tree it feels like that its everyone’s birthday.

  210. dear santa
    hi! my name is cassandra and im 14. my little sister is vanessa she is 8. well we are both excited for christmas. we are counting down the days hours minutes and seconds. cant wait. love you santa. tell everyone we said hiiii!!!!

    – love
    cassandra & vanessa

  211. dare santa you told me to visit so i did i heard that mrs clause likes barbies alot me to i almost play them everyday with my best friends well gotta go to sleep i love you sooooooooo much and p.s your my best friend forever i love you lot xoxoxoxoxo

  212. Hi santa as u know this is fransheska!how are the reindeers doing?i am happy that christmas is write at the corner and can’t wait to see on christmas eve one of the presents u have send me.i love you santa.ho ho ho ho ho ho!

    P.S:the reason i am asking for presents from you is that i live with my grandma and she is handikapped and it is hard for her to travel around to get me presents.

  213. I’m so exited about Christmas, that I’m already decorating my house and that every time someone brings it up Christmas I scream

  214. Hi Santa did you know that you are the best i hope you have a great Christmas and remember keep those elf’s away of any of those cookies you might bring home cause you might be too full to eat them all.Also maybe like last year i might leave out some carrots for the rain deer so don’t tell them yet they might get too riled up so have a good sleep tonight

  215. I am so excited we just cant wait I keep begging my mom to let us bake cookies for you but she says Know I think of christmas being tomorrow that is why I keep asking my mom about the cookies see i am so excited woah see I am so excited for you to come do you know what me and my sister do every christmas eve we write a letter we want you to sign it so we can see your hand writing but it never works you always write in glitter Bye that is all

    From the Mahone Family

  216. Hi Santa i am 100% super excited about Christmas this year i just wish it could atleast go a teensy weensy bit faster because i dont want to have to wait 29 days till Christmas but im very excited and i hope your doing good in the north pole right now and p.s.please tell rudolph,mrs.claus,and all of the raindeer and elves i said hi thank you for everything bye

  217. santa is the best guy i know he is funny,nice,and loves cookies like us!i sure love santa probly more than anybody him and god are my faves i sure hope santa dont get hurt going to every house in the world. I LOVE SANTA!!! !i have so many commets about santa but i cant tell them all a few days ago i turned something in to the school about santa calling me!! santa is so wouderful im crazy about santa!!!! … !!

  218. hi santa can you lov my new pant green home santa com out night gerry kelly bed room sleep com puk me up tak see brandon jesnesn bed room at mandy jesnesn loit brandon sleep over nixs weekings santa an week school week watch gerry work at boys and grls club satff watch sequim wa avfder school and avfder brandon hav to be good boy with gerry all this murth com up frldays my dad tak me home with my big wheelchar van for my work on tims now santa be watch all tims tall 5:00pm going home be thar sequim tall gerry sleep com in my big room all murth com up this week com up ok santa help now and brandon jesnesnesn be more nics to gerry kelly ok samta welcom over see gerry sleep on bed tims at 10:00pm tall 4:30am goiung home brandon going school day tims ok santa pleaes help out nics this to gerry kelly im santa help this yars help out now santa from gerry kelly will keep look for raindeer back yard fliying by see gerry room santa can mack cold in sequim thisb week com up ine day mak loit of snow ok santa mak mor cold in sequim wa ok santa

  219. I am so excited about Christmas. I put my own tree up today with a little house for you, Mrs. Claus, the elves, and the raindeer under the tree. I love you!

  220. I cannot wait until the wonderful celebration.
    Je voudrais,

    mango body butter,
    cherry carmex,
    Slogan Tee,
    green shorts,
    purple mini-skirt.

  221. hi,santa and mrs. Claus’i am sooooo excited for Christmas.i am so excited for Christmas i want to put my Christmas tree up right favorite hoilday is Christmas.xoxoxo xoxo hugs and kisses isabella

  222. hi santa i”m lily welch and i love christmas every day i put a note in a bottle it” a dayly thing so i do it i love chrismas becose i love to see my friend and family

  223. Eyy…..I love having christmas wih my family but i dont know if any1 of my grandparents are comin down as they live at least 5 hours away from us. but i still have my mum dad and my brother.:D and of course my friends.

  224. Hello i love you elves and raindeers and santa culas mrs.cluse that is all i wanted to tell you that because i know you were chkeing so i wanted to say that ok bye ooooo i am 9 years old almost 10 years oldi am francesca toso ok bye thank you love you byebye!

  225. Hey Santa! so how was rudolf and the other reindeer so far? Well, im getting set for christmas very soon and getting all pumped up. see ya later santa. Greg

  226. Santa I love you! Yor reindeer are THE BEST AND wonderful reindeer in the UNIVERSE! THANKYOU FOR ALL THE TOYS YOU GIVE TO ME! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  227. i santa you are amizing i love you so much sorry if there wont be much cookies i might eat them but i will put more for you love you all i want for chris mas is a phone its is a cosmic and with a zebra case and thats not all i wish i could tell you all of them but i might not have a noth to fit all of them well see ya later cant wait till looking forward to see the presents under the tree i love you bye!!!

  228. i ca,t wait till christmas and see what presents i get
    p.s. could you not leave the presents by the tree as the cats will eat them
    p.p.s. only 29 days untill christmas

  229. i am very exited can’t wait till chritmas to av my presant i av been very good this year in school and out of school won’t be long till you come take care love dafydd xxxx p.s thx for my letter

  230. Hey Santa, when you come to my house i want to ride your sleigh and tell my parents to ride it with me. Cant wait to see you and Roudolhp. Im going to leave you some milk and cookies. And some reindear cookies. I want to see Rudoplh and pet him behind his ears.

  231. well santa you see ilove xmas
    but im a bit to excited and i just want it to be around the corner any way a whole month i carnt wait tht long 🙂

  232. Hi Santa, I just got an A plus on the naughty or nice meter.Yeah!! I hope things are going smooth with the Zhu Zhu pets now. I can’t believe they were all running around the North Pole. Is Elfy at our house? I hope so, I missed that little Elf.

  233. For your Safty tip, why can,t you type anything about yourself? P.S Kieran is walking alot of steps.Once he walked 50 steps in a row! Believe me he did it all around the kitchen!

  234. S-A-N-T-A, I think u are a very nice guy. Tell me how did u start to exist?Who was your mothers name? What day were u born?P.S can I have a pup for christmas? Please write back Madison G. Wade

  235. Dear Santa,I am really looking forward to Christmas.I cannot wait, How many more days until Christmas?I know there are 29 more sleeps til Christmas. Please write back Madison G. Wade

  236. hey everyone im glad im talking on santas blog because he is the best he gives us presents and stuff im glad i believe in santa….

  237. Dear Santa,
    I love your blog and i bet you had to put alot of work and effort into this. I love you and Rudolph and everyone else in the North Pole!(:

  238. Hey Santa! I’ve been thinking about you making my toys and learned it is not about the pressents its about spending time with family.I also was wondering if the elves were making my dsi because I was wanting to tell them thanks but I’m not at the North Pole so will you tell them for me!your the best, I love you for everything you do to make us happy for faith young

    P.S. my two brothers,Kyle and Jared Young, both deserve great gifts too!

  239. santa I’m excited about Christmas because i’m going to recieve many gifts.But not only because of the gifts but because of christ’s birth.MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  240. well in the binging of november i started to squle about chrimas the the next day i begged my mom and dad to put the christmas tree and i keep on sleeping by it


  241. hi everyone how is buisness going on up there the things i would like for christmas are reebok zigs white/black/pure silver jubalani soccer ball and an xbox 360 controller thank you how was thanksgiving up there have some good turkey hope you all have the best day xoxo tony mcniff

  242. Hi Santa I could hardly wait till christmas I just wrote my list a few minutes ago. p.s. I hope you have a good christmas and I hope Jesus has a good birthday we all love you ok I have to run bye

  243. I love all of the things you do.I am so glad that your alive.I hope that you have a TERRIFIC Cristmas.I love you so much.

  244. I am so excited I can not wait to wake up that morning and see all the presents
    by the tree well got2go bye.

    p.s you are so cool

    p.p.s you no what your sooo cool

  245. All of the Elves in Z-ville are excited for the big night! We are getting are Christmas lists together and i am wrapping many a present this year! I am excited for Christmas Eve and day. My pop-pop would like a puppy for Christmas! A black lab with a white belly!

  246. dare stant you ar ethe best gods brithday it very nice it is is olse very nice to have chridstmas on gods brith
    p,s i love you as a stants

  247. Good morning! I’m so looking forward Christmas! I’d like to have many presents, but I don’t know, what I want for Christmas yet =) I’m from Russia, I like speaking English, though it’s a bit difficult. Christmas is the best holiday in the hole year)))

  248. I’m really realyy soopa doopa sorry that in my letter that I sent in the mail i cant believe this but i spelt claus with an E at the end soz soz soz soz soz

  249. i love this blog it is great i only found it about an hour ago and i love it my fingers are sore from tyeing but i dont care this blog is just to wonderful.

  250. hi santa christmas is nearly here i can’t wait i’m so exited one month to wait how will i manege to wait so long. i bet your very busy.

    good bye santa
    p.s i’ll write anther mesige soon
    from gracie

  251. santa we love that you had said that Gods birthday was very important.I’ll be sure to give you cookies but thats not all im going to buy you a present. thanks xoxox

  252. santa i am so excited for christmas i cant wait thank you for always delievering presents to good girls and boyes your the best we love you

  253. santa i love christmas and you and santa are we friends thank you what time are you dielivering my toy you my best friend ever

  254. hi santa cant wait until christmas comes its been a sort of good year but any who love ya give kisses to the reindeer love brianne

  255. Dear Santa, i am sooooo excited for Christmas. It is my favorite time of year also! This is the best time of year to share love and joy!

    P.S. (I LOVE YOU!!!)


  257. hey santa 2night we r putting up the tree and maybe even watchin a Christmas movie whoop whoop I hope u eat plenty of food on December 25th and thanks 4 giving me my elf and reindeer back

  258. Hi Santa,
    I just want you to know that I never stopped believing in you. Ever since I was a little girl, I made that promise to myself that I would always believe in you, no matter how old I am. I also never stopped believing in your reindeer, elves, of Mrs.Claus for that matter. I just thought that I would let you know that. Take care Santa, and I can’t wait to see what you will bring bring for Christmas.

    Bye Bye,


  260. I am soooo excited about Christmas! I love how it seems like everyone becomes nicer at a great time to celebrate God, which should really be all the time! Time flies by really fast!

  261. was up dude with the red trim(red is in this year not that I would know I always wear black)? I good. You know Im so pumped 4 xmas!!!! So r all my peeps!!!! Wish i couls say more but i gotta get offa my thin ice. peace peoples!!!

  262. I like it when you come on christmas eve I love you blog it is pretty cool. I have so much christmas spirt in me. I listen to christmas music everyday

  263. Im so excited for you to come to my house one we get our tree we will read elf on a shelf i im coming to the mall this week to see you or your elfs I love you from Colin

  264. hi i am Lauren but you can call me buggy well thats my nickname sooooi love chirstmas eve i like the part where i spend time with my you spend a lot of time with your family????tell me soon!!bie <3

  265. I love evrey thing you do.Excspecialy leaving presents under the tree and you giving all the nice kids kindness and love.

    P.S I do not have a chimney.So how do you get inside my house?

  266. Dear Santa Claus,
    I want to tell you how I can’t wait till its Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
    I am excited as “HECK!!” I can’t wait for you to come vistit my house and then in the morning I can see if you really came to my house or not because, first ofvol there will be no cookies or milk left, and second ofvol there will be a bunch of presents on the bottom of the Christmas tree. Santa I love you so much and my family and I hope you such a wonderful Christmas snd have a save trip around the world on christmas Eve.

  267. Santa,

    We forgot to tell you that one of your elves left a stick pin in Jonathan’s chair that you brought last year. If you need it, look in our sewing kit. Thanks, I left it open for you. Merry Christmas, we love you

  268. I am so excited about christmas and all of the presents, and i am so excited you get to deliver them! I love you Santa!

    P.S. Happy Thanks Giving!<3

  269. I am so psyched that Christ mas is coming! You Rock, Santa!! I promise to put Christ music on the present you are getting me ( I bet you know what I mean(wink!))!

  270. I love christmas! I hope you have a good chirstmas! I always get hyper on christmas eve! Love you Santa I will believe in u forever no matter what my friends say! Love Regynne

  271. I am SO happy Christmas is here!!!! On Christmas Eve, I am leaving extra cookies for Santa and Reindeer food and automatic elf relaxer lotion to help you elves relax. Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas.

  272. hi santa i just wanted you to know that i love chocolate cookies and nice fresh milk that what im giving you for a treat. i hope you have a majicle and wonderful christmas and am i on the nice list or the noty list. please say the nice list iv tried to be a nice girl and i have ben.i am so exsited for christmas to come. i have that wonderful christmas joy in going to give the raindeer sellery and apples and carrots you can have some to love always abbie doodles.

    PS your the best friend i could ever had but dont tell my mom

  273. santa ya kinda wat ryan said but ill do a mix of stuff but ill leave mostly cookie and milk (and the milk is in the ferige

  274. Dear Santa,
    I am writing this with my little cousin next to me. We are both very excited about Christmas. We hope you are enjoying you Thanksgiving and watching the Saint’s game.
    Cousin and cousin

  275. your blog is AWSOME! maybe you know a friend of mine? his name is Yhjhuhilhijj.
    he told me he was on the naghty list and his grade was stinker yeah, and he’s still at home crying. well bye anyway.

  276. i cant whait for christmas,we are going
    to get are christmas tree next week!
    i was sick today so i made christmas cards and snow flakes!I LOVE CHRISTMAS

  277. Hello Santa I can Not wit till Christmas for you to come i told you what i want for Christmas i was thinking if i should make a Christmas list or not because you see what i want anyway hahahahaha love you Mrs. Claus and The Elves

  278. Dear Santa,
    I am real glad your Blog is back I was very sad to hear that your Blog had been hacked into by a bad man?!.Well I am almost as exited about Christmas as most boys and girls are in the world.Congratulations to SANTA CLAUS!


  280. Hey Santa ,
    this website is soooo cool 🙂
    i HOPE i get a new camera (PINK) , American girl look alike , American girl doctor set 🙂 please i,ve been goood !!!

  281. Hey Santa!Why do cats say meow? Because their hurt!ME OW!It is like me ow! Get it? Get it?Santa ya like jokes? Well here is one for ya! Where do polar bears keep their money? ………..In snowbanks! Ha! Wanna hear another one? K. How do you divide the sea in half? With a seasaw!

  282. Dear Santa,

    I’m 19 years old and even though you probably can’t bring me presents anymore, I still love you with my whole heart, and don’t you worry – the Christmas spirit is forever alive and kicking inside me! It’s too bad we didn’t find out that I was autistic until I was seventeen – actually I was almost eighteen when we found out! I remember, the dual diagnosis of autism and Asperger syndrome was made right before Christmas, too:( but don’t worry Santa I’m not blaming you for the fact that I am on the autism spectrum. And I appreciate that when I was a child you never put me on the Naughty List even though December is definitely the hardest month of the year for me, no matter how old I get. And even last year, when I was 18, I STILL got no sleep the night before Christmas! Wish me a sleepy night before Christmas 2010 Santa Claus!:) xoxo



  283. I can’t wait till christmas I allready taste delishes cookies ant other food… And of course waiting for you and the presents. 🙂

  284. Heres a peom for you santa
    I like santa
    And fanta
    But I like santa better
    And by the way fanta is wetter
    All the prises you could get
    You could only pick a couple I bet
    We all have to go to bed tonight
    And make sure we swicth off the light
    I hope I don’t get a splinter
    Before winter

  285. hi,santa and mrs.santa and friends how are you i just can’t wait for xmas and my puppy that you promised me for christmas.
    love freya mcnamara

  286. hi santa its me agian are the elves working on my presents? well if they are good dont work them to hard thou. in your blog it said that your jolly well im jolly to we have a lot in comin how do get down peoples chimnys is it some kind of magic oh tell the elves im very fond of them tell that to all the magical creaters olivia

  287. hi I hope you can get me the presents I asked for. I am really into wwe and I hope you can get them thank you very much 🙂

  288. hi santa i cant wait till christmaas i dont think any one can i love rudolf the most out of all the raindears. i really wont to no what your favioute food is and drink plaese tell mrs claws that the ginch only tryes to stell her cookies because they are so nice and that he wishes that he could be as good a cook as her i am short maybe i could sneek in abecome a elf i would love it because i could see rudolf every day i wush i could live in the north pole wuth all my family and freinds it would be so fun xxxxxxxxxx
    p.s i would love it if you wrote back xxxx

  289. Im so exited I bet I could bound right over to the north pole and land in your lap santa.Glad to hear it’s all going well can’t wait till christmas day im sooooo exited.

  290. hi its me again georgia i came to have a look at your christmas blog i think its good so far.but anyway hows every one at the northpole today?are the elfs busy tonight?what are having for tea tonight? what are you doing right now santa.i cant wait till you to vist my house on christmas i cant you know i not feeling very well right now lots of love from georgia have a nice day evry one at the northpole

  291. I don’t mind if u have some of the reindeer food, that I left out. I hope you like the snacks that I leave for you on Christmas Eve! Thank you for everything you do.

  292. dear santa,

    i hope clumsy dosen’t mess up my gifts. i also wanted to know what type of cookies you would like on christmas eve.

    love from,


  293. dear santa . i am really excited . the christmas lights are really brighting up the place. i sen you a email . you asked me if it was a relly kitten . its a pretend kitten

  294. hi santa you are sooooo cool if i had a naughty or nice list you would certandly be on my nice list
    i hope you can get me what i wish for this year if not its ok


  295. Hi Santa I am sooo excited for Christmas and I’m so shocked that Christmas is exactly one month away. I love to go outside and play in the snow. I will talk to you soon.

  296. I am so exited for christmas because i get to open all my presents that have been left under the christmas tree. And also it is my birthday three weeks before christmas.

  297. Can’t wiat for christmas santa, we are soooooo xcited and fill with joy, hope u and the eleves are having lots of fun, and singing lots of songs, we are too at school,

    see you soon
    lots of love

  298. hi Santa Claus keep up the good work how many reindeer and elves all together hope you can count them all thanks


  299. Yay!! I’m glad you’re blog is back! A lot of kids love reading about how you’re getting ready for the holidays! Lets sit back with a cup of cocoa and watch christmas movies waiting till the night that we hear sleigh bells and jolly laughter in our dreams

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