Santa’s Halloween Idea


We have all breathed a big sigh of relief.  Do you remember me talking about Scunner?  Do you remember how he asked me for a tumshie?  Well thankfully we have found out what he means.

Scunner comes from a little Elf village called Gloombogle.  And in the part of Scotland where Gloombogle is, the word tumshie means turnip.

It was a relief to find out what he meant.

I asked Mrs Claus if she had any in her larder.  She came back with the biggest turnip that I have ever seen.  I took this to Scunner and when he saw it he hugged himself and laughed with joy.  I asked him why he wanted it.

“Och, don’t be daft Santa”, he chuckled.  “I need a tumshie lantern to scare away the ghosties and witches.”

It was then that it dawned on me.  It is only a few days until Halloween.  I had been so busy getting everything ready that I had almost forgotten.  We love Halloween here.  It gives us a chance to have a party before everything gets too busy.  Mouse the Littlest Elf even has a special name for Halloween at the North Pole.  She calls it “Hallowistmas“!

It was then I had an idea. “Scunner, would you like to organise a Halloween party for us all?”

I have never seen Scunner dancing since Hogmanay but that was what he did.  He danced in a little circle until he got dizzy.  Then he tripped over his feet.  For a little elf he has very big feet.  But even falling onto his backside did not make him scowl.

“Aye Santa. That will be brilliant.  Thank you very much.” He chuckled as he got up.  Then he skipped away.

I wonder what Scunner’s party will be like?  Will you have a Halloween party?  What will you do?

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What do you think Scunner’s party will be like?  Are you going to any Halloween parties?  You can click here to tell me or scroll down to see what other people have written!

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19 special messages to Santa about “Santa’s Halloween Idea”

  1. i love halloween but i like christmas more did you know that halloween is the holladay that is known for candy

  2. This year I did not go to my works party, but I got to spend a few hours with the girl I helped raise since she was small. We went out trick or treating. It was fun even thou I don’t eat candy.

  3. We had a Halloween party with all our neighbors. We had games, prizes, a bounce house, and fun!

  4. I miss YOU.
    i cant wait till halloween BUT i
    cant wvan wait till chtistmas see you
    soon LOVE
    and fiona

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