Christmas Bedtime Stories for children and elves and reindeer

Time for Christmas bedtime stories with Santa!
Time for Christmas bedtime stories with Santa!

Every night, before bed, I go to the reindeer barn.  Every night I read the reindeer all the great messages and emails you write us.  It is their Christmas bedtime stories and it is something we do every night now!  Even the elves come to listen.

Yes, the elves and reindeer are nestled snug in their beds, while bed time stories about your day are read!

Every night, everyone gets nice and comfy.  The reindeer nestle together on their straw beds.  The elves nestle together with their hot cocoa.  Mrs. Claus comes too.  After all, she likes Christmas bedtime stories too!

She brings fresh carrots for the reindeer.  Then she brings nice warm cookies and hot cocoa for the elves and me.  She even brings those fancy imported marshmallows for our hot cocoa!

When everyone is quiet and nestled snug in their beds, I get ready to read.  I sit down in my special chair.  Then I put on my special glasses.   Then I start to read.

Before I read a message, I always say who wrote it.  Whenever I say a name everyone always shouts out “Nice List!  Hurray!” or “Oh, oh, Naughty List!”.  After the elves say “Nice List!  Hurray!”, they all do “Cheers!” with their little elf mugs of cocoa.

I better not tell you what the elves do after they say “Oh, oh, Naughty List!”.  Maybe you can guess 😊 .  What do you think they do?

Christmas Bedtime Stories

Then everyone gets quiet again to hear what you wrote.  They love to hear about the fun things you do at Christmas.  Everyone really loves to hear about the fun things you do with your family.  They love to hear about how you share the spirit of Christmas.  But mostly, they just love to hear about you!

Then I ask the elf who was watching you today to stand up.  The elf tells everyone all about your day!  Then the elf tells us what good things you did.  Finally, the elf tells us if you did any naughty things (Oh! Oh!).  The elf even tells us if you did any silly things!

Every time the elf tells us a good thing you did, the other elves all do “Cheers!” with their little elf mugs of cocoa.  I better not tell you what the elves do if you did any naughty things!  (What do you think they do?).  If you did any silly things, then we all laugh!

Sometimes the little reindeer and elves fall asleep.  Sometimes we laugh too hard and wake them up.  But, after I have read all your messages and emails, they brush their teeth.  Then, we tuck them into bed.  We give them a big kiss good night.  Their Mommies and Daddies give them a big kiss too.  We always leave the star on top of the Christmas tree on for them before we close the door.  Nighty, Night!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S.  What special messages do you have for the reindeer and elves before they go to bed?  What do you think the elves do when they hear someone is on the Naughty List?  Scroll down to leave your message for me or to see what others have written!

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21 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Bedtime Stories for children and elves and reindeer”

  1. Santa i love to hear about the elves and the reindeer and Mrs.Claus. I would also like to know more about you.
    Santa i think when the elves see a person that is on the naughty list they try to figure out a way for then to get back on the nice list.

    Santa i do not like the cold weather
    I want it to be warm again.

    Santa i wished i could come visit you in the North Pole.

    Sincerly Ada

  2. I think when everyone hears something bad they aka the elves try and come up with a way to put the person back onto the nice list knowing it is getting closer to Christmas.

  3. Dear Santa
    I would love you to come to my house and give me my present in my bedroom.

    I would love to have a bunny rabbit and some bunny toys .

    I would also love to have a car with a button on it and they speed along .
    A red and a green one I would love too.

    I enjoyed hearing about the elves ‍♀️


  4. im so happy day heare i im stacy in a big house paul fist one at heare july 7/ 28 tue happy brith day 37 year old send me a card in mail box mr santa claus love you
    thanke you much fun day put me in nice good list wite family tan house

  5. I really like PlayStation 2 games Winx club, because I was hoping to get it 2 years in a row but I didn’t get it. So Santa needs to bring his a game.

  6. What do the reindeers do when you read them I letters. I mean I just want to know because I get very curios to know because I would like to know a lot more about you and your world. I mean right now I only know that you read our letters and on Christmas eve you go in your sleigh and use your magic to go straight down our chimneys and put coal or presents in our stockings.

    Could you please reply to this because I would like to know more about your life and the north pole.

  7. I’m. Go to. At work pai Santa Claus. See you in. At North Pole I hop you. Send me. A. Letters. For Paul. Shaw. mn55079 mn55079 street .

  8. I want Christmas card santa claus coming over Christmas eve night dop off gift all forpaulshawhouse 55079 put on or map address own one 1 homes with family vary good man it yaer sorth shore chrnch for Christmas dec 24 20019 want time coming at night weed r going stop by my house santa claus on Christmas eve messge paulshaw elf rog wite talk to me now gift santa claus rog box talk to me nowgift / bule rog box talk to me gift tal me now weed reed the your letter santa claus love you mrsclaus elf rindeer best santaclaus santaclaus magical power watch for paulshaw northpole walking talk for paulshaw gift thanke you paulshaw

  9. What I think is that when the elves tell you that the kids do naughty stuff, they put the kids names on the naughty list and then the elves prepare the coal to cool the coal down and gift-wrapping the coal.

  10. I want to tell them to behave and to work hard. I went to a party today and almost got a gift certificate to one of my favorite restaurants, but gave it up, because someone else wanted that gift. So instead I got a lot of chocolate. I’m not suppose to eat to much junk food, but I’m happy to get my yearly supply of candy. Now I hope my dad don’t eat it all on me.

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