Glaikit the awfy brave elf

Glaikit the awfy brave elf
Glaikit the awfy brave elf

My grumpy elf Scunner finally has my magic key.

If he can get it back to me before Christmas Eve, I can still deliver presents.  I hope he can make it in time!

Here’s the email he just sent me:

Another Letter From My Elves

Dear Santa,

Disaster struck.

We got away from DisneyWorld and went to where Birly had left the wild reindeer.

It was gone.

We had no idea where the wild reindeer could be. Birly has your magic key but we cannot leave the poor reindeer all alone so far away from home.

Birly had an idea. She asked Tumshie if he could find the other reindeer.

The next thing we knew we were in the air, zooming through the clouds. Tumshie was flying as fast as he ever has.  We had no idea why at first but it soon became clear.

There was a train below us. It was a big freight train. The Professor brought out his telescope and had a look. The reindeer was on the train. He was stuck in an open carriage with some horses.

“Oh, the poor we thing must have got a fright and took off. Maybe he got confused and landed their by mistake?” Birly said.

She was probably right. I snapped the reins and Tumshie started to dive. Och, I hope nobody saw us.

Soon we were flying above the carriage. The reindeer saw us and made a noise that sounded awfy frightened.

“He’s too afraid to take off,” Glaikit said. “He needs some help!”

A Brave Elf

I turned to see Glaikit jumping off the sleigh. He’s awfy daft but awfy brave too.

Glaikit landed on the carriage.  Then we saw him calming the reindeer and horses down. The next thing I saw he was climbing on the reindeers back.

“Scunner, there’s a tunnel ahead!” The Professor yelled.

We had to rise so that we didn’t hit it. My heart was in my mouth. We flew over the hill quite slowly. Then ahead of us we heard a sound.


Glaikit and the reindeer had taken off and were flying high in the sky. We joined them and the reindeer flew side by side.

We are on our way home!  Hooray!



I am still worried because I leave for my famous flight very, very soon. I hope they make it back in time.

Santa Claus

P.S. Do you think they’ll make it back to the North Pole before my Christmas Eve flight? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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23 special messages to Santa about “Glaikit the awfy brave elf”

  1. dear,santa how are you? santa i want to meet you. can i have your magical powers. like elfy i want to savannah to have them to. is my grandpa a elf? i want my mom and dad not to fight soo much. i want savannah and me to get along more.

  2. Dear santa
    I am really sorry if you don’t get the key back in time also please can i have a wish come true cause my grama died on my 3rd birthday i am hoping you can bring her back to life and there is a nover wish i am getting bullied by a year 6 year old i am wondering if you can make my dreams come true
    love you i believe in you santa
    love kayleese

  3. Dear Santa Claus
    I really want to meet you! I want magical powers from you
    I know that you have magical powers Santa and I want snow fall from you you can put it in my sock and I want make up kit and I want fruit punch lip gloss and cotton candy lip gloss and i want a talking soft teddy bear
    That’s all

  4. i saw all of the reindeers outside my hose so i gave them some carrots and mince pies can you come here to leicester. on alymer road.

  5. Oh no! Without your key you won’t be able to deliver the presents! Can’t you make another one? If you can’t, I hope they come in time!

  6. Yes I do.Remember if they don’t misses clause can help you im sure your elves can to mabe if they don’t Leave there presents outside of there doors .

  7. hi Santa do you know that Glaikit the awfy brave elf well what are you going to do on Christmas eve when you don’t have the magic key and we don’t have chimney so what are you going to do .well my grandma got a magic key and it said it would work for you to get in so if i leave that out for you on Christmas eve you can use it around the world if you want . well why is he brave and he has got your key ? so i can not wait for Christmas day have a good Christmas and a happy new year to you and the elves and Mrs Claus . SEE YOU IN THE SKY !!!

  8. I saw a reindeer sighn in Dudley when my dad when to go and get his wheels for the car did he go missing sataday 20 th December because there was a sihn saying lost reindeer whith gibbons x x hope you find him x

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