Christmas Olympics – Day 9 – Snow Rowing

Today was snow rowing day in the North Pole Olympics.

There are no lakes at the North Pole. It is too icy!  The elves row on snow instead.

Two elves make a rowing team.  They sit in a bath tub boat.  They use candy canes for oars.

Kissy and Mouse raced Scunner and Clumsy today. What a race!

Kissy and Mouse were in the lead.  Then Kissy dropped one candy cane.  Their boat started to go off course.  Scunner and Clumsy took the lead.

Then Clumsy broke one candy cane!  Now THEIR boat started to go off course too.

Kissy and Mouse were rowing straight towards Scunner and Clumsy.  Scunner and Clumsy were rowing straight towards Kissy and Mouse!


Kissy flew into the air and landed in a snow drift.

Clumsy flew into the air and landed on top of a Christmas tree.

Mouse and Scunner flew high into the air.

The crowd gasped. Where would they land?

What a surprise when they landed together in the same boat!

They were both still holding a candy cane.  They decided to be a new team!

They started to row towards the finish line.  Everybody cheered and clapped.  They were going very fast.

Mouse and Scunner crossed the line to set a new snow rowing world record. HOORAY!

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus

P.S. What sport would you like to set a new world record in? You can click here to tell me about it or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

30 special messages to Santa about “Christmas Olympics – Day 9 – Snow Rowing”

  1. dear santa how long does it take to get around the world in one night by the way snow rolling sounds really fun i wish i lived at the north pole because the snow is stopping and starting in england

  2. Hi Santa,

    What are the elves favorite sports? I know they love to working at the workshop with you. Are the elves like fishing then hold the fish? Did you and Mrs Claus love to go to the ocean and lay down for sun then warm? Haha I love the ocean in my life. I know the elves love to playing, dance, and sports just like the children.


  4. i would like to set a record for snow boarding league im a good soccer merry christmas to you santa and the elves and reindeers for the effort you put in.

  5. i would like to set a record for snow soccer league im a good soccer merry christmas to you santa and the elves and reindeers for the effort you put in.

  6. To santa i hope i get lots of prezants i look forwood to seeing you tomorro xxxxx

  7. Hey santa I think snow rowing would be very cool…you know what i am going to try that this summer!!!!!

    Hugs and kisses, holly!!!


  8. hey i have an elve at my house and we named it magic tell him to write me back on the paper in the stokin

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