Glaikit the Awfy Elf and Santa’s magic key

photo of Santas missing magic key
photo of Santa’s missing magic key

I have been getting VERY worried about my missing magic key.

Without my magic key, I will not be able to get into my friends’ homes and deliver presents Christmas Eve!

I hope this latest email from Scunner the Grumpy Elf has good news in it.

An Update on Santa’s Missing Magic Key

Dear Santa

The Professor fixed your sleigh and we started our long journey home. I felt like crying and Glaikit looked so sad. We had lost your key and worse, we had lost poor Birly.  Tumshie was so tired, but brave and he pulled us back North.

We could see Africa below us and I wondered if we should look there. The Professor said that it was such a big place. Even if they were there it would be impossible to find them. On we flew.

Oh Santa, I felt so bad. It was all my fault. If I hadn’t been showing off, the key would never have been lost. Now Birly and the reindeer were missing too. I felt as though I had ruined Christmas.

The Professor was trying to think of ideas. Some way that we could find them all but without his laboratory we were stuck.

“If only we could call her phone.” Glaikit said.

My cousin Glaikit, he’s awfy CLEVER!

I had my cell phone with me. Santa, I hadn’t used it since we started looking for your key. I brought it out and switched it on. There was a signal and I dialled Birly’s number.

It rang and it rang for ages.

“Hello?” She finally answered. “Scunner, is that you?”

My heart leapt. I was so happy and I asked her where she was.

“I don’t know. It’s hot and there’s a castle and I can hear music. I saw a huge mouse the other…”

We had lost signal. A castle, music and a huge mouse? Where can she be?


This is wonderful news!

Santa Claus

P.S.  Where do you think she could be? You can click here to tell me or, scroll down to see what other people have written!

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101 special messages to Santa about “Glaikit the Awfy Elf and Santa’s magic key”

  1. deal Sam
    Error iPhone 13 iPhone case iPod hey I phone case and I want IPod case and want me up two puppets for my iPhone and my iPad so thank Sina

  2. Oh no I think it’s in Cinderella s castle beacause the fairy forgot to shrink a mouse and the magic that was with the shoes for them to stay is with the mouse too

  3. Are you okay? This is Elizabeth Dawson from Fresno,California. Is been long time for myself. I did read this story. Please let me know. I get worry about it. He safe out there when Santa Claus is coming to town. Thanks you
    Love,Elizabeth Dawson from Fresno, California
    P.s I nineteen years old now.

  4. I hope you have a merry Christmas to night we are making reindeer food,and cookies for you.XOXOXPOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOOXoxoOOXOOXOXOXOO

  5. Hello santa I just love sending massages to you it is so fun PLEASE tell me why my friends do not believe in you it makes me sad they do not have any Christmas spirit PLEASE tell me why we’ll bye

  6. Santa is in Florida!!

    Santa, I want an iPhone, a sewing kit with instructions, some 3DS games that I like, and the nicest brother in the world!!

  7. Santa you are so nice chaming and somtimes even funny you are the best Santa ever I love you good job doing your work

  8. Birly is in Walt Disney World at Cinderella’s Castle.

    P.S. Please tell Birly where she is so she can find a hotel to stay at. If she does not have any money she can work at the hotel to earn money so she can pay for her stays at the hotel.

  9. She is in Disneyland in Florida. I got it in like 5 seconds.
    It’s in Florida because it’s really hot there, I went to Disneyland before. There’s tons of music and there’s this castle with huge mice I hope you read this letter. What I want for Christmas is an Art Kit, a new phone (my old one broke). I also want you to convince my dad to move to NC before the houses get too expensive. I also want to tell you that I believe in you and don’t tell my friends I typed this. PS I’m typing this on my new Chromebook my dad bought me. I love him!

  10. I think she went into a castle. Some witch must have put a spell on her so she turned tiny! Then she saw a mouse, since she was tiny to her the mouse was HUGE. I hope you get this letter. Anyway I’m not a little kid. I’m just have a huge imagination. I want a art kit for Christmas. That’s all, by the way I’m typing this on my laptop.

  11. Dear. Santa. Claus. Have. You. Been. I. Can. Waiting. For. You. Come. Christmas. Eve. I. Been. A. Very. Very. Good. Girl. The. Years. My. Mom. Birthday. On. Christmas. Eve. My. Dad. Is. Been. Good. The. Years. Santa. Help. Me. Name. My. Newborn. Baby. Doll. Boy. I. Have. A. Two. Friend. Name. Is. Aida. And. Taylor. Love. Your. Friend, Jennifer. Eddy. P.s. my. Dad. Sister. Sharyn. Nickname. Me. Jenna. Reba. Mcentire. Jr.

  12. Don’t you see it!!!! she’s at Disney Land by Cinderella’s castle, proof: there are huge mice, Cinderella likes mice and Birly is tiny. The castle there most likely has music, I mean, its Disney, and the castle is probably pretty easy to spot, it’s huge (even bigger compared to an elf) find her soon

  13. natal drums ash rock 5 piece s hellpack
    musical friend
    571 zoar church road
    salemburg nc 283585
    north caithla
    santa doesn ,t live at the south pole previous december
    gray sparkle
    christmas go
    vic firth exertals bag 12.99
    skb large drums hardwre case 22.900
    control acoutics vds2x4 combo amp sound barier sheld
    thank of you dember 25
    homse cooks

  14. Hi Santa,
    Thank you for giving me presents! I don’t want anything for Christmas this year! You really make me happy! Merry Christmas Santa!

  15. I think there at Disney world with Mickey Mouse and his big house and the legs are small so that’s probably why they said that

  16. Please can I have a real phone for Christmas (please)
    and I’ve been a really good girl this year!


  17. Well since elves are tiny the “Castle” could be a house. And the music could be from the humans. And the mouse could have been Wanting to get inside because its cold.

  18. I think she is in disney world witch is in flordia orlando. I know that because I was the there and there was music playing a Giant castle, and the huge muse is either mickey mouse or minie mouse Where would the reindeer be are they in disney World tosanta or are they in disney land well tecnickly their the same thing exept disney world is way bigger than disney land but disney land has better rides and its older almost all my friends bin to disney land but only a few been to disney World my friend Madison been to both well i guess I better go 1 I talk to much and 2 I ran out of words to say well bye

  19. Dear,Santa i want the star wars first order transporter set from star wars the force awakens. plus i want a play station 4. with star wars battlefront.


  20. hiya santa i think she could just be playing just a tiny little game of hind in seek if not i think she might be in the kittchen

  21. She might be in Disneyland (the one in Florida though) I think you’re awesome Santa! By the way if you have been to Disneyland comment Disneyland.

  22. Hi Santa,I think she is at Disney World ,or at the castle in the Nutcracker. And for Christmas I would like an American girl doll ,and an American Girl Doll Dollhouse. Love, Alyssa. P.S Thank you for the gifts and toys last year and this years up coming Christmas’s gifts and toys!

  23. Dear Santa I want a whole bunch of stuff for Christmas but what I want the most is a Zoomer Zuppie I do not care what kind.Please write me back.

  24. Disney World or Disney Land I have been to Disney World before though so I’m not completely sure. I can’t wait till Christmas!!!
    Can’t wait I say again! Maybe Disney Land unless I go there I will never know. I wonder what it looks like?

    From, your every year nice list girl, Kayla

  25. Hi Santa,
    It is usually much hotter in Florida, and in Florida their is a Disney World. Which is hot, filled with music, and has a mouse.
    Hope this helps Santa!!!

  26. dear santa may i have a playstaion 4 with two playstaion 4 contrellers and a i phone 5c and a golden bmx bike plese god will blless you

  27. Dear Santa for Christmas this year I want a fetty wap cd jideana cd and I left something for you in your envelope and ps don’t forget to write me back and come by my house on the fire truck with Rudolph and don’t forget to give me a present underneath my Christmas tree pretty one in my room

  28. Maybe, it’s in Ms. Scott’s classroom! She’s my language and literature teacher here at, Pilot Butte Middle School.

  29. Dear Santa,I had head that you lost your key and you cant give out presents unless you have the key well I have been thinking and maybe you miss placed it and it fell some were now its underneath something.

    p.s I hope you find the key and my advice helped you too look also my name is Ariana Johnson Dont forget. Never lose that Christmas spirit that you have

  30. dere, santa claus how are you i want a playstayshin granthafoto ,mincraft,callofduty video games american girl doll, a flat screen tv, an i phone 6,a toy helicopter,colored pencils,drawing paper,and the old rams jersey. MERRY CHRISTMAS love alexz lynn vose

  31. maybe it is in a castle where a mouse is eating cookies and they are playing thanksgiving songs since thanksgiving is tomorrow. 🙂

  32. Hello Santa, i have read the story i would think that she is where you or the elf was last before you arived at the north pole

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